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“Absurd” sequester debate

According to the Washington Post, the debate just got absurd with this…

Amendment to HR 993. Basically states that public money will not be used to transport the President to and from the golf course until the White House tours begin again.

My question is this: Why is that absurd? Why is it absurd for the President to cut back a little. After all, is that not what he asks of everyone else? Put your money where your mouth is, and stop golfing for a spell – I can’t afford to anymore. And for the WP… The sequester debate was absurd when the “super-committee” was FORMED.

– Me


Convenience Fee

Our local utility office (Owned and operated by the City Corporation) just began offering online payments. There is a convenience fee associated with this option. They are charging almost $10 to pay your bill online! Interesting they would tack on an additional amount given the benefits of less employee involvement, instant payment, and the green agenda being met going paperless. Something else I noticed on my bill was they are now double charging for water-sewer. The bill reflected water usage with a fee, but now reflects 20 gallons used, 20 gallons sewer, both being charged.

What if I water my yard? Does that mean I used those gallons for sewer? No, but I am incapable off providing this for myself, so the city does what it wants.

ANOTHER fee… Go figure. Wonder where that money is going since I am part of the TN Valley Authority (TVA) that paid out more than $94 Million in Christmas Bonuses alone in 2010. That seems fair, I should pay more after all according to our idiot President.

– Me

Interesting Comparison

Google Image Search “Katrina victims” and “Sandy victims” and take note what you see.


The first thing I take note of is the Katrina victims are all poor blacks in desperate situations – implying of course the Government’s downfall and failure. The Sandy victims are yachts and schooners washed ashore, flooded empty subways, and amusement parks and boardwalks flooded. The stark contrast is the South shows a Republican President ignoring the plight of blacks or African Americans or whatever the Hell they wanna be called now (colored people), and the North shows a Democratic President observing the damage of rich neighborhoods and a Caucasian beach community. The facts of the two storms are not eligible for debate – they are facts. Katrina KILLED a LOT of people, did way more damage, and displaced about 3 times the people than did Sandy.

Now, why do I make that comparison? The majority of the casualties and “stay behinds” of Katrina were poor blacks living in the wards of New Orleans. This is pure poverty, and these people did not have the money or resources to leave their homes. I do feel they CHOSE to live in New Orleans, and there is a certain risk with that choice, so no big surprise something happened. The majority of the problems in the North is people bitching about not having power and gas. That is a huge problem – it IS! The majority of the displaced or “stay behinds” of Sandy were not government dependents, and CHOSE to stay behind on their own accord – not for lack of resources. Comparison over, lets get to the meat and taters of this meal. . .

People from New York, Jersey, and that general area said why help the “victims” of Katrina? After all, they choose to live in a hurricane zone and below sea level, particularly in New Orleans. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, these very people who offered no sympathy are wanting some. I say no. There are crews out there trying to help with electricity and water, etc. FEMA is on the job (kinda) – just like Katrina. Let them do their job whether those results are good or bad, and be at the mercy of the government like the Katrina victims were. The smug attitude of the Liberal North has come full circle, and now they are the ones in want. I offered little sympathy for the Katrina victims, and will do the same for the Northern jack wagons. They knew they lived on the ocean, and they knew the subways were below ground and prone to flooding IF something ever happened. So… Fair is fair, deal with it – you CHOSE to live there.

– Me

Union Workers ONLY

What a headline! Only Union workers allowed here. Am I talking about a construction site that already has a contract? No. I am talking about utility workers in New Jersey! These people are out of power and the utility companies up there turn away crews from Alabama (Decatur and the Shoals) because they do not belong to a Union! This is not some conspiracy theory – this was reported by NBC Philadelphia and Huntsville’s WAFF here. Are you kidding me?

These idiotic Unions are stopping power from being restored because assistance does not benefit the Unions? What a crock of brown smelly stuff. If I lived there, I would be absolutely livid about this. Once again the modern day Union fucks things up for the common man. This is sad on many levels, and arrogant beyond reproach. I almost find this report hard to believe, not on reporting, but merely on merit. Wow, what country are we living in again? Apparently one where only Union members can work on a natural disaster rebuilding effort. Sour politics here…

I have an idea: Maybe the Union can use this disaster to go on strike and demand more lucrative contracts! Hold the electricity hostage, and don’t give in – they WILL pay eventually. Go get em Unions – you totally deserve more money, less hours, and better benefits… I just hope the people who live there remember that the Unions turned away much needed assistance for a quite stupid reason.

– Me

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy or SadNY haha (B/C New York is all sad now; nevermind) has flooded NY City and tore up most of the East Coast of the US. Here is the pressing question: Which countries are going to send aid and money to US to assist in this natural disaster? I would certainly take note of the ones who do not, and would reciprocate the good will if the need ever arose in their misfortune. First, Japan needs to cut a check and start sending medical supplies, followed closely by the EU and Pakistan. Palestine needs to get out their checkbooks as well, and should probably nudge the Kuwaitis to do so as well. I understand some nations such as Haiti are incapable of doing so, and I expect nothing from them, but the other countries need to start their engines and get the race going to send assistance the way we do for them when needed.

Speaking of countries not doing anything, what the Hell are we still mad at Cuba about? I Would like to take a slow bourbon on that beach one day, so what is the problem. Are we still mad about the missile crisis b/s? We aren’t even mad at Russia anymore and they were merely using the Cubans as a strategic location. I say we quit crappin in our backyard and get those delicious cigars this way! Who knows, maybe then we could help Cuba rebuild even though they laugh at us when we fall upon hard times (like the rest of the world).

– Me

Flip Flop

Watch Ed Shultz get beat up by Jeremy Scahill…

I love watching Shultz get “offended” and squirming when confronted with FACTS! Seems Scahill (Normally Left leaning but truthful) was the wrong guest to bring on to agree with Shultz this night! Too funny

– Me

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I could only imagine how terrible this must be for a woman. If you can spare some change do it here: Susan G Komen

– Me

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