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President Obama is meeting with Congressional Republicans showing a good faith “bipartisanship”. What sort of tard believes this crap? I just love (not really) how my local news channel is spinning this in Obama’s favor by stating that the Pres is desperately reaching across the aisle. Where was he for the last couple of years? I say tell him F*&^ off and do your business as usual. Anything else allows this jackass to play politics again with something everyone knows is not genuine. My prediction is this:

Congressional Republicans will spend a LOT of time with POTUS, and nothing will come of it. Then, POTUS will take to the air blaming the R for refusing to compromise, all the while refusing to compromise himself. Just stupid, and the Republicans should not be falling for it. The Republicans do not owe this man anything, certainly not the false impression that he is trying to be bipartisan – that is simply laughable.

– Me


Like OMG do this NOW…

Switch on over to MSNBC and watch our favorite idiotic lezzy Rachel Maddow waste an hour of “political interpretation” on how Mitt Romney “won” the election last night. Let me say there is nothing I enjoy more after three beers than watching this idiotic liberal stammer through eighteen-syllable words and unnecessarily difficult sentences, but damn this is just too much.

Go now before time lapses and you have to watch this in archive form. It is really classic. She pulled all the stops to ensure the Left that Obama is actually on track with other incumbents and not to give up on him, because Mitt just got lucky and Obama was in the traditional role of the incumbent – gracefully losing the first debate as all do, except George W of course.

What a flipping joke. How can you even take this seriously anymore? What I find scary is people regard this “opinion” as fact, and like I said in a previous post I refused comment on, the Left blindly excuses Obama’s downfalls and shortcomings. But why?

– Me

This Guy Simply CAN’T relate… He is Too RICH

Let me guess… You thought I was talking about Mitt Romney. Well, I was, but not exclusively. I find it so interesting people say Mitt Romney just cannot relate to normal people because he is super wealthy. I find this interesting because most politicians ARE WEALTHY. President Obama is a very wealthy man, and has been for some time. Don’t let that surprise you, the guy is not exactly from the ghettos of Chicago. He also profited from the lower class – actions which he now chastises.

I down no man for making money, after all, is that not the American dream? To become wealthy is the dream of every citizen of our country, so why do we act as though it is bad for OTHERS to make it? Why do we also act as though Romney is detached and elite while Obama is somehow not? They are both wealthy and elite – that is a fact. As far as relating to the common man: I do not want them to relate to me. I want them to stand for something, get gas prices lower, and leave me alone as an American. I want my freedom like when this country was founded. . . Stop passing thousand page laws and let me make my own choices. I am quite sure I can relate to me, no matter how much money I accrue.

– Me

Israel attacking Iran? You bet

Israel is stating “If they attack Iran, they will not inform the US beforehand”… I personally do not blame them. Our current government seems to sympathize with the Iranians and chastise the Israelis for some reason. That being said, I am quite sure the Israelis do not trust us right now, and it shows through the diplomatic decision to attack without prior notice. They are literally saying to the US: “We do not trust you with this information, so we will not tell you”. Another thing about the Israeli threat is this: I do not believe this is a threat, I believe this is coming soon, and this was the Israelis telling the world it is about to happen. Guess we will see, but when our government is hostile towards allies, then this is the diplomacy we get in return – serves us right.

On a personal note… The Israelis have no need to go through us for this anyway, and if they feel the need to bomb people to protect itself . . . Bomb away! Just don’t hold your breath waiting on Obama to back you up.

– Me

Romney does not care about the poor.

Wow, what a statement. It is amazing how the Left bitches if Obama is taken out of context, but refuses to put Romney’s comments in context to what he was actually saying. Oh well, I agree, The poor have a safety net in place, and if they are content to stay there, they can. I am also not concerned about them.I am concerned about the Liberal two-faced approach to politics, though. What a joke, and only a dumb person would not see what he was actually saying. Wait, arent most who vote D dumb and poor? Maybe there is a reason for that. . .

– Me

King Obama?

President Obama just gave a speech about streamlining Government…

Here we go again. Propaganda minister Obama is claiming there are multiple overlapping agencies, basically doing the same thing. Well, I agree with that, but let us break down a little more of what he is stating with that. The parallel and disturbing argument Obama makes is Congress is the problem and the reason for this (of which he was a member not long ago), and the President is requesting ultimate authority on departmental decisions.

He wants Congress no longer have anything to do with which agencies are able to stay in existence! Obama wants ultimate authority to inflate some agencies, and diminish others. Of course, this is not what he claims, but that is the result. Why would we trust a single man to this when we have a governing body for this very purpose?

I have an idea for making our government leaner and more efficient. Identify the agencies that are doubling the workload and adding to the confusion, and stop funding them. This does not require granting the President NEW POWER. This man is making a power grab utilizing an argument that Congress does nothing, and he has the knowledge and foresight to consolidate the government. I call B/S! A Liberal President would cut conservative agencies, and a Republican President will cut Liberal agencies – this is precisely why there is divided government – so no single person has ultimate power to DICTATE what is trickled down to the people they “represent”.

This is nothing more than a power grab, and this proposed downsizing should go through Congress – where it is open for debate, and left to the people through their respective representation (Not a President who does not speak for everyone). He not a King, and it is time for the people to remind him of that.

– Me

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