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Can anyone tell me why there is a need for prescription knee braces?

This really baffles me

– Me


Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I could only imagine how terrible this must be for a woman. If you can spare some change do it here: Susan G Komen

– Me

5 Hour Energy and the loaded question

Let me begin with saying I have NOT tried this…

The commercials are all over the place with the “we asked 3,000 doctors if 5 hour energy is right for you” but the trick is this: they say would you recommend a lower calorie energy drink to those who use energy drinks daily? Well, that is like asking a Dr if they would recommend a cigarette with no chemicals to those who smoke. Of course they would. The REAL question is would they recommend 5 hour energy [Period]. My guess would be not so much. It’s almost like trying to deny that Dorito/rat meat thing Taco Bell sells is gross. It is but damn delicious, too! You will still eat it, even knowing that it might cause your big toe on your right foot to fall off.

Let us stop with the small print and ask the questions already. 5 Hour Energy is NOT good for you, and if you dissect the question they are “asking” to doctors, you will come to the same conclusion – That Frickin Doritos Locos thing is AWESOME!

– Me

WTF is this?

This picture says a thousand words… I guess DHR will not get involved here, but what the Hell is this lady doing breast feeding a child this large? This may not be a crime, but it is very close to one. I’ll bet this kid grows to love breasts, though. He will be a titty man lol

This lady needs some serious therapy. Time should be a conspirator for this article as well.

– Me

Pelosi warned us

I just heard this lady from the Left of the comprehension sphere claim the contraceptive argument is not about Sandra Fluke, Democrats, or any of that, and suggested it IS about Limbaugh and employers providing contraceptive services. Employers? I was under the assumption Sandra Fluke was arguing for a Catholic COLLEGE to provide the services to STUDENTS. Did I miss something?

The argument seems to imply that every woman be provided this service free of charge as a woman’s health issue. Under that mentality, would a gym membership also be included, as few would argue being healthy and in shape is good for women’s health. How about every woman get breast implants to assist in moral, which will eventually boost health? That last one is a bit of a stretch – kinda.

Anyway, what a dumb argument. This makes me believe the Left is now shifting the argument depending on what is charged. This thing started with a law school student and Pelosi staging a Leftist MOCK Congressional hearing. Now, it is about employers somehow. Interesting enough, but I suggest this is a huge distraction to take attention off the fact that our newly minted health care law (we have to pass it to find out what’s in it – a stark warning from then Speaker of the House Pelosi) is FORCING religious institutions to accept the government takeover or go away. Maybe that is the bigger picture… Maybe the government wants the religious institutions to no longer be in health care, bully them out, and BAM! Rationing.

Time will tell, but interesting enough to invoke thought in those who use the grey matter.

–          Me

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