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Can anyone tell me why there is a need for prescription knee braces?

This really baffles me

– Me


First of many to come

My wife was explaining to me last night about weight loss based on a commercial about a new healthy sausage biscuit thingy. If I am not mistaken, this particular sandwich was around 350-400 calories. She immediately took note that there were no 6′ men on the commercial, as that would have served as a tasty snack for the massive calorie vacuum. No, only women, and none appeared even slightly overweight. To top it off, this was in an office environment that resembled a cubicle farm, so seeing thirty sedentary women who are all somehow in shape seemed a stretch. Now to the musing….

My wife took note that the only way to lose weight effectively is not to diet, but to always be in a state of hunger. She expanded her thought and concluded that once a person reaches the optimal low weight they can sustain, if you wind up full at any meal, you gained weight that day! Amazingly simple, yet undeniably true. If you want to lose weight by changing your dietary habits, you have to stay hungry according to her. I trust what she says is true and found it truly funny. There were more and have been, so I created the new tag My Wife’s Amusing Musings to give her funny and sensible voice somewhere to linger.

So, if you want to lose weight – just make sure you are always hungry and never full. Try it and see what happens, because it sounds about right.

– Me

Sexual Equality

I am so sick of this feminist women are equal BS. This argument stems from women holding combat occupations in the military, and not just passing through potential combat situations such as drivers or photographers and such. Let’s go for it, let’s experiment with this, but first, put women ON the same playing field as men. According to the Department of Defense (DoD) women and men have different standards on physical fitness capability. You heard that correctly. I will break it down with some EQUAL comparisons.

Male maximum body fat by ages:

Age Group 17-20:        20% Body Fat
Age Group 21-27:        22% Body Fat
Age Group 28-39:        24% Body Fat
Age Group 40+:           26% Body Fat

Female maximum body fat by ages:

Age Group 17-20:        30% Body Fat
Age Group 21-27:        32% Body Fat
Age Group 28-39:        34% Body Fat
Age Group 40+:           36% Body Fat

Male age 17-21 minimum pushup/situp standard: 53 pushups, 62 situps in two minutes

Female age 17-21 minimum pushup/situp standard: 28 pushups, 62 situps in two minutes

Male age 17-21 minimum two mile run time: 14 minutes 48 seconds

Female age 17-21 minimum two mile run time” 17 minutes 42 seconds

All this information is publicly available by clicking here.

Is this the equality spoken about that PROVES women are on an equal playing field? If anything, this should show the military’s blatantly skewed chauvinistic viewpoint. The only standard I could find equal was situps. The run allows women almost a full three minutes longer, almost half the pushups, and 10% more body fat without suffering the consequences their male counterparts would encounter for doing so poorly. That’s right, I said poorly. When speaking of a male soldier, you demand more of him than a female, it is clear in the physical fitness standards. Does this mean that a woman will not be expected to drag a wounded soldier off the battlefield? Does she get a pass like she does with the fitness standards? I am just curious how this is somehow equality, I honestly do not see it in the facts. I understand the argument, but lip service is not backed by numbers. Actually, the argument to keep women off the front lines are backed by the facts presented by the fitness standards. The military is not the place for social experimentation utilizing false claims and hypocritical standards.

– Me

Political Posturing

I was talking to my good friend last night and he ran an idea by me that is unbelievably true. In these fiscal cliff talks none could really argue that the politicians are posturing. That is the showmanship I was speaking of yesterday – the “conflict” of left and right. This is what supposedly separates the two parties.

The Left is staying one step ahead of the Right by having nothing really to lose with these new Bush Tax Cut talks. They can let them expire and then re-instate ONLY the ones they think will purchase votes – in other terms, keep only the ones for the middle class like child credits and mortgage interest up to $500K, etc. This will give the appearance that the Left is concerned only about those in the middle to lower incomes. They are fighting for you (talking point).

The Right is behind the curve because they are sticking to their moral compass so to speak by not budging on the tax hike on the rich. They claim this cost will be passed to the consumer (true) or the wealthy will simply take that money and not hire more people (Also true). The problem with this mentality is the way our political system works; they are losing the PR battle badly. The Left is posturing to be a hero of the middle class by directly attempting to influence that constituency, while the Right is posturing to their specific political ideology.

Those who pioneer business are a crafty type, and you can bet YOUR money they will find a way to keep their profits where they are if not attempt to increase. Any person would do this, and any person would find a way to make more money if they could. That is capitalism and that is how it works, you get better at making your product with less people and equipment, and you make more money. I have not once seen a business operate with the intention of making LESS money. It simply does not exist no matter how romantic it sounds to picket in front of Wal-Mart for profiting off of employees’ work. Of course they profit off workers, just like EVERY other successful business on the planet!

Sometimes it is better to posture AND stick to your ideological theories. The Right needs to get out in front of the Left on this particular issue. They need to get out in front not because the cliff is coming and we are all going to fall off, but because they are being pushed into a corner they simply do not want to be in. A corner where they have to choose between keeping tax cuts for the Middle Class or the rich. The decision should not have to be made, but that is the position the Left recently put them in. I don’t know if the Right realizes this, or if they are just politically unable to combat it, but they are being boxed in and need to get out or they will no longer be a legitimate option during elections anymore.

Thanks T; I hope that did you justice…

–          Me

Live. Strong. Livestrong?

I have given this Lance Armstrong a LOT of thought. This guy cheated and lied for YEARS. Every one of his “accomplishments” was due to cheating in some form or fashion. He should be ashamed to walk out his home now. All those who were inspired to do better by him now feel a sense of betrayal as they attempted to overcome hardships like their hero Lance. I feel bad for them, to know Spider-Man is just some dumb teenager is quite a blow.

Luckily there is a silver lining in this. Armstrong did champion cancer research and donated a good chunk of his stolen money to charities. That portion of his life is good, but in no way overshadows the bad. It’s kinda like a college football coach staying silent while his assistant rapes young boys, but wanting to stay a legend. Have your cake and eat it, too never made sense to me b/c what else would you do with your cake? Trying to have MY cake, now that boat aint gonna float. Lance Armstrong tried to eat his cake and yours. That is where he made a mistake, and he should absolutely hang his head in shame until his puny self goes the way of the dinosaur. I feel no pity for this man, and offord him no sympathy. Apparently Newsweek still believes in this fraud, all the while thinking Republican Men have gone crazy? That is crazy in itself: Give Armstrong a break America, b/c that is our new touchy-feely, uni-pony country where everyone gets a fair shake, and no matter the level of your cheating, it’s ok b/c you tried… Rainbows and hugs for everyone! YAY

– Me

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I could only imagine how terrible this must be for a woman. If you can spare some change do it here: Susan G Komen

– Me

5 Hour Energy and the loaded question

Let me begin with saying I have NOT tried this…

The commercials are all over the place with the “we asked 3,000 doctors if 5 hour energy is right for you” but the trick is this: they say would you recommend a lower calorie energy drink to those who use energy drinks daily? Well, that is like asking a Dr if they would recommend a cigarette with no chemicals to those who smoke. Of course they would. The REAL question is would they recommend 5 hour energy [Period]. My guess would be not so much. It’s almost like trying to deny that Dorito/rat meat thing Taco Bell sells is gross. It is but damn delicious, too! You will still eat it, even knowing that it might cause your big toe on your right foot to fall off.

Let us stop with the small print and ask the questions already. 5 Hour Energy is NOT good for you, and if you dissect the question they are “asking” to doctors, you will come to the same conclusion – That Frickin Doritos Locos thing is AWESOME!

– Me

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