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Love it

I took a brief break from watching or listening to politics altogether as a personal experiment. As I thought, my life changed none, and I am way more relaxed now. This was the first day I listened again and immediately heard something stupid:

Six attorneys are going to decide if a law a state made is legal or not. The six attorneys should stay out of the state’s business because that messes with the Democratic process.

The six attorneys being denounced as useless and in the way happen to be the Supreme Court of the US, and the law that was made legal was the gay marriage law. Now it gets interesting if you know how to argue.

The person I was listening to clearly had no skill in framing his position, almost to the point that he could not justify why he thought this way. I hate but cannot remember what radio talk show I was listening to when I heard this. This was a Republican Congressional member from the West somewhere, possibly CO or WY making this statement. He is suggesting that judges are participating in judicial activism, and they would never do that (sarcasm intended). The odd thing was he was defending gay marriage rights, which I care neither way. I say let them marry, who does it harm? Anyway, this guy was suggesting that if a state passes a law, then the Supreme Court has no jurisdiction which = absurdity. If that were the case, then there would be all sorts of oppressive laws out there (and that is a guarantee). It is the judicial branch’s job to check the power and Constitutionality of laws created by the legislator. If the dispute is not resolved at the lower courts – for you dummies out there, I am talking about the States themselves – then it goes Federal. That is the process and always has been. Is this Congressional member (someone who represents others) suggesting the Supreme Court should not exist or is only in existence to clear up Federal disputes? Once again, absurd.

Second, the democratic process – voting for something – is not a fail proof way of making laws. Remember everyone before you go off pissing in my drink, there used to be laws like this and if I remember correctly, women and colored people were excluded because of a law like this. The white men said they were the only ones who could vote, passed a law by popular vote due to the fact that only they could vote, and by popular vote, they won. Go figure.

For the record, where I am concerned, the “six attorneys” are very relevant although a small amount of judicial activism is unavoidable. Reason I say that is everyone has an opinion. I staunchly disagreed with Obama Care, but the Supreme Court upheld it as a tax. Granted this was sold as something and argued as something else, that is not what the Supreme Court took into account. They looked at the fact that Obama Care was a tax and said Congress could do it. Not being overly happy about that decision did not make me say the Supreme Court should not exist or that the twelve judges are somehow outdated or irrelevant.

I guess after being away from politics for a couple of weeks, and coming back today, I immediately picked up on something extremely stupid. A false anger and fake argument. I did agree with his overall assessment that marriage should be between anyone who wants it and meets a certain age (18 without parental consent). I just would have argued this differently and noted how many judges actually sit on the Supreme Court.

– Me



The Senate Leader Harry Reid (D) just made the comment that House Speaker Boehner let everyone leave because he is not concerned about the “fiscal cliff”. Let us not forget the House has passed bills already addressing this concern, to which the Senate refused to bring to the table and the White House promised to veto anyway. Sooo, let us not forget the House DID pass bills for this, so Reid’s comments are political and nothing more.

Now to our illustrious everyman President, who himself takes tax deductions while criticizing those who take tax deductions. I just confused myself a little. Mr Double talk himself, Obama, through his Left wing media outlets is trying to portray himself as the hero by CUTTING HIS VACATION SHORT TO DEAL WITH THE ISSUE.

Here is my issue. The idiots out there who blindly follow will never understand this, but I will try to explain anyway. Obama had PLENTY of opportunity to get this done BEFORE his Hawaii vacation. The Senate has actually broken Constitutional and Federal LAW by not passing a budget for the entire time Obama has been in office. Somehow, nobody EVER gets in trouble for this. The average citizen goes to prison for breaking federal law, but not the congressional members.

Harry Reid and Obama are liars, plain and simple. Reid tries to spin the situation as though he has been patiently waiting the Republican answer to a question that was never asked, and Obama is trying to play the hero on a situation he assisted in creating. The bottom line is the Republicans have no negotiating wiggle room, because the Democrats simply allow everything to expire and they get what they wanted from the beginning! Higher taxes, still no budget, military cuts, and MORE government.

The Republicans may as well just stay home now, because the Left is spinning EVERYTHING they try to do as wicked and evil. The Left won this fight, they won it when that Unconstitutional super committee was formed and did nothing. Now we are seeing the results from that! Couple this with the Left now trying to avert the Legislation process and give Obama fiat powers to spend, the Senate trying to do away with the Filibuster, and you no longer have the Republic you know, you have a quasi-dictatorship who is talking about removing guns from the people it RULES!

Think about it folks, Jefferson said this when speaking of freedoms:

When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.

No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.

Jefferson knew government was dangerous, and he knew the danger of power as proven in his above quotes. Now ask yourself, do you fear the government? Before you answer, ask yourself now why you follow speed limits, register your car, show up to court when your child misses 6 days of school, and file federal taxes every year. Do some honest self-examination, and I think you will find you are VERY fearful of our Government. This current word salad coming from Washington is highly toxic from both sides, but don’t be an idiot and think all of this is just happenstance. It was planned carefully and will affect you if you don’t speak out.

– Me

Sneaky Sneaky…

Out of control. That is really all I can say about our government. We are living in a big brother society and more evidence is rearing its head daily. Here is an interesting conundrum. You purchase a cell or home phone. The purchase is taxed with sales tax for state and local purposes. Were you aware that the city and county are also taxing you for using it? Most states tax the cell usage in a flat fee like $4 a month. Multiply that by the population of your state and that is a ton of money going somewhere…

Now to the local collectivism: your local government (city and county) may be charging you as much as 16% of your monthly bill. This is on TOP of the state fees for you being able to utilize the product you bought and were already taxed for. This is a scary trend because the government is testing the theory that they can tax us on purchasing AND using a product. So far, they are successful. Most do not even realize the fee is there or it is labelled something obscure on the billing statement.

This is a problem for this reason: You purchased the phone. You were taxed on money you made, and taxed on money you spent (which is in turn taxed as revenue for that business), but a little further down the path the cell phone company who you pay monthly is taxed for money it takes in revenue from you in the form of payments, taxed again when it pays its employees who are in turn taxed on that income, and then the government taxes you for usage! Amazing. So how are they able to tax you for usage. Put quite simply: Who is going to stop them?

To let you know how shady this practice is, Texas sued Sprint for putting a state tax disclosure on its bills which showed the customers the state was taking money from them. The state took issue with the tax being labeled a line item instead of hiding it in “misc. fees” or something similar. Call your local government and see how much money they are extorting from you and the other four million people of your state. 4.7 Million people in Alabama multiplied by the cell tax and that money is unaccounted for in the public eye because it does not exist.

Think about it, think about where that revenue goes, and then think this is just a  cell phone.

– Me



That is the powerball jackpot! Now some say this is a tax on the poor and a stupid thing to do… I agree, I also disagree.

I agree that most who will purchase tickets are probably lower income, and may not have the money to spend on this type of thing. I love the fact they are able to CHOOSE if they wish to purchase or not. It is their choice to spend their money how they choose. If these types spend their last dollar on lotto tickets instead of buying sandwich meat, then lesson learned. Go hungry.

Now the flip side of that coin: You can’t win if you don’t play. While the odds are vast – perhaps impossible. People do win this thing, I am quite sure to their surprise when it happens. My question is why are all states not participating in this? I love that Alabama tries to act holier than the other bible belt states by not participating. The lotto in TN funds schools and other public services, resulting in lower taxes and a highly funded education system. Alabama on the other hand sends its citizens across the border to play, while the school system is crap! Good decision Bama! We may be dumb, but no gambling here – makes no sense.

I digress. What is the harm in buying a couple of hope tickets. Dream about what you would do with the money, and play the game every once in a while.

The fear when purchasing tickets is never losing, you know you lost before you bought it, the fear is what if you win? While a miniscule chance is available, it IS a chance! Go win that money, just don’t count it until it is in the bank. It is also completely voluntary, so it is NOT any sort of tax. I could go for a new fridge – count me in!

– Me

“Fiscal Cliff”

I love the constant pending doom of the FISCAL CLIFF (said in an overly cartoon evil voice). This is complete theater and nothing else. The Democrats claim only one thing will work, while the Republicans claim only one thing will work – which is opposite the Democrat idea of course. Well, there is a solution to this “problem”

The solution is go back to the original intention of our country. The original intention of the government set up FOR us was to protect us, and nothing more. Go back to that, no more social programs, no more revenue talk, no more cuts of this or that. The entire reason the government NEEDS money is to spend on someone else. Makes no sense, plus if you look at the numbers being thrown around, the latest is saying that a new tax on the rich would generate $1T in NEW revenue a year – or 10 days of INTEREST on debt! Yea, that will solve a LOT. Well, to top that idea off, the government is saying now that any cuts will be matched by NEW spending! If my budget consists of a deficit, and I make more money, but then spend all that new money, I am still running a deficit, no? Yes is the answer you were looking for.

This entire Fiscal Cliff is political gamesmanship. It is not real. That is why the can always gets kicked to the end of the proverbial road, because there is no can or road to speak of! The FED prints money for Congress that they turn around and essentially spend on buying votes with this or that program. I am including EVERY government program in that statement, from Social Security to Bailout money. The government does not take out any loans from China, and they do not NEED revenue from the people (taxes) to fund anything. That is not where the money comes from and NEVER was. It is a lie. IF the money came from tax revenues and loans, our government would have burnt that borrowing bridge a LOOONG time ago. Think about it people. Our government runs a deficit that somehow only goes UP, even though taxes are constantly coming in. At a minimum that fictitious number should stagnate at times. It never does, because that is actually the dollar amount the FED has printed up for our government illegally, not something they have borrowed and WE need to pay back.

Our “Debt” and “fiscal cliff” are nothing more than political smoke and mirrors. If they were real numbers and real debt being paid down by tax dollars, then every April that number would decrease slightly before going up again, or at least slow the growth rate momentarily. Your Federal tax dollars are going the private banking extortion ring known as the FEDERAL RESERVE. As I have pointed out repeatedly, this is a PRIVATE company operating outside the oversight of the Federal Government. They are able to get away with this by being the printers of money. They print money and give it to Congress to spend on votes, and in return Congress continues to allow the FED to extort the citizens of the US through Federal Income Taxes. This fiscal cliff is nothing more than a selling point to us – the idiotic sheep that keep buying the bullshit disguised as Freedom!

You watch and see, there will be no fiscal cliff Armageddon, the two parties will come to some form of concession, and the debt will go UP AGAIN! It has to really, because the only way to keep the extortion going is to make sure everyone involved in the scam continues getting their payoffs (Congressional spending for votes, and tax income for the FED). Beware of this debt, though. It is actually inflation, and if it continues rising so exponentially, YOUR life will become harder. You will continue to make the same money, but products will begin to cost more. Wait… That is already happening! It’s not a dream, but you still need to wake up.

– Me

Tax more – SPEND even more…

When thinking of taxes, and the excuses given by our government to do so, you get TOLD your tax dollars fund the government. That is simply not true. If it were, then the simple solution would be spend what you take in. Problem solved. The tax income the Federal Government collects does not go to any Government coffer, but to the Federal Reserve Bank (A private corporation). In turn, the Federal Reserve PRINTS money (Creating inflation) and gives it to the government to spend on whatever. It is a trade off; the Reserve gets a payout every Apr and the government gets a blank check. Pretty interesting racket they got going on.

Let us look at local government, though. They have nobody printing money for them, so they have to be a little more subtle the way they collect. One way is through the court system. Traffic citations probably make up the majority of the local income. The courts are public, right? If so, that means they are PAID for through tax dollars. Well, if that is true, why do you pay court costs when you go to court? Every person with a speeding ticket pays court costs, even though the court is already paid for. Ask yourself why that is… More important ask yourself who is collecting and keeping that “court cost” money they collect from everyone unfortunate enough to be in the court system. The interesting thing about this type of extortion is the worse the accusation, the higher the court costs. For instance, a 5MPH speeding ticket may get a $30 court cost, while an assault charge will get you a $300 court cost. The court is no different, so why the difference in monetary values and once again where does that money go? You are responsible for paying for any documentation or appeal costs, so are you also responsible for PAYING the judge?

Soak that in…

Now where are your local tax dollars going if the local government is able to fund itself through extortionate measures. Local governments are the WORST at claiming they are flat broke and need more, so how do wind up with this:

Sad thing is, I pass this truck every single day, sometimes three or four times a day. It moves from where it is currently parked to across the street occasionally to the courthouse entrance. I have seen it at Taco Bell with the bailiff once as well. My question is how did they afford such a vehicle, why did they need it, who paid for it, who drives it, and if they needed it badly enough to purchase it, why is it never utilized? Look around your town and you will find waste like this as well. It is shameful to see our taxes are going up to help support the government that desperately needs MORE income to survive, but has a 4×4 Chevy 3500 that is apparently used to cross the street.

– Me

Welfare Abuse

What is welfare abuse you ask? Let us first ask what is welfare and the EBT program. Welfare and EBT is the food stamp program put simply. EBT stands for Electronic Benefits Transfer – this is what got rid of paper food stamps. There is a cash benefit offered on this new program that allows cash withdraws from ATMs or purchases. Not everyone qualifies for the cash back option, but the criteria on the EBT site is quite vague and no specifics are given leaving to your imagination the requirements for receiving this option with your “benefits”. Now to the abuse.

People are getting this free money from the government because they are too poor to purchase their own food. They need monetary assistance. Well, in an effort to keep humiliation down, the credit card came into play. No more handing over embarrassing stamps to pay for food. The people behind you know you are poor, now you get an ATM card like everyone else! Just swipe and go, keep your pride and use the government for food at the same time! No more incentive to get off this program since the humiliation factor is depleted. Food stamps are for sustenance and nothing more. You are eating off the government’s dime, which means you are NOT getting the steak and lobster, beer, magazines, etc. Those are things you have to work for – they are extra, not part of staying alive (The real reason for the assistance). Where is the abuse you may ask? I won’t even say it – see for yourself at your local Dollar General, and then ask yourself why we are going broke again…

One more thing worth noting: The EBT cards/program is owned by JP Morgan Chase & Co. (Now it’s interesting)

– Me

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