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Quick Break

I had to take a surgical break. I do not know how frequently I will be posting from here on, but will make attempts to get my thoughts back out.

Whoever left comments during my absence: Those were so ridiculously thought through that I actually deleted them. Normally I would approve since I don’t discriminate, but these were borderline incoherent. If you commented and did not see your comment approved, please try again. I would honestly love to hear your thoughts. Please try to make your thoughts somewhat understandable and I will address them appropriately.

Thanks and I look forward to getting back on the wagon

– Me


A “Strong Tradition”

Obama said this today about his new gun control bull crap

I respect our strong tradition of gun ownership

If I am not mistaken, this is a fundamental right – NOT a tradition. There is a huge difference in Ball Park franks or Sunday night football and a freedom ensured by our country’s founding document. Baseball and hotdogs are strong traditions, gun ownership is a freedom no less than any other.

Matter of fact, unless I am mistaken, it is the ONLY right that STATES it SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. That is some pretty strong language. That means the RIGHT to bear arms – no matter the reason is beyond governmental infringement. A strong tradition is what our President considers our Second Amendment. Wake up!!!

Why do I need a thirty round magazine? None of your business – and that is protected beyond infringement – that’s why!

– Me

Active Shooter

For those who do not know what active shooter is let me explain:

An active shooter is a person actively involved in killing or the attempt of killing others in a confined area.

Pretty simple, yea? Now there is a debate ongoing about whether schools should participate in active shooter training and involving the children in such. One side says that the children will be forever scarred by the trauma of the training, and the other side says the kids need to know what to do.

Here is my thought….

Active shooter training is useful. It does show people what to do in case of emergency. This can be done with children without scaring the shit out of them. I think I would rather my children know what to do in case of emergency instead of do nothing when the real thing happens. These idiot parents want to shield their little precious from all evil in the world, all the while allowing baby sunshine to watch and play whatever the Hell they want when they come home with no supervision. This is false anger, and I believe fear of the parents rather than fear FOR the children. The parents are trying to stay in their perspective bubbles essentially ignoring the fact that the threat is out there. The VERY parents who are complaining about the schools entertaining active shooter training WILL be the loudest when something happens and Johnny sunshine is running around screaming and IS traumatized more than if he knew what to do. Parents do not complain about tornado or fire drills, even though theoretically a child could become so “traumatized” by the training he/she becomes terrified to attend school at the mere thought of a fire occurring.

For whatever reason, our country is becoming a nation of wimps and over-protective weaklings. These idiots want the utopia THEY grew up in and the world is simply different now. That is the harsh reality – it IS not the 70s or 80s and you simply cannot continue to act as if it is. Parents need to stop trying to force their protected childhood on our children while risking their safety! People used to leave their doors unlocked when they left their homes, and the keys in their cars when they went in the supermarket, but I wonder if these powder puff parents do that still? Get with the times and see that something has happened, and NOW we need to learn and prepare from that! Sign my kid up, because God forbid something happen, I want my child to have a fighting chance instead of panicking and making themselves targets.

During the Cold War, didn’t schools and CHILDREN train almost weekly in the event of nuclear attack without being traumatized? Show them what to do, and give them the tools to protect themselves. That is the LEAST the parents can do. cold war drill

– Me

Gun “Control”

Let us look at how gun “control” has affected the history of our planet by those who understood it:

One man with a gun can control 100 without. – Vlademer Lenin

Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. The party must control all the guns, that way the guns cannot control the party. – Mao Zedong

I come bearing an olive branch in one hand, and a gun in the other. Do not let the olive branch fall from my hand. – Yasser Arafat

The most foolish mistake we could make is to allow the subject races to bear arms. – Adolph Hitler

Guns, for what? – Fidel Castro

A free people ought to be armed. – George Washington

Arms in the hands of citizens may be used at individual discretion in private self defense. – John Adams

To disarm the people is the most effectual way to enslave them. – George Mason

If someone has a gun and is trying to kill you, it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun. – The Dalai Lama

Which version of “control” do you think worked better? History does not lie.

– Me



That is the powerball jackpot! Now some say this is a tax on the poor and a stupid thing to do… I agree, I also disagree.

I agree that most who will purchase tickets are probably lower income, and may not have the money to spend on this type of thing. I love the fact they are able to CHOOSE if they wish to purchase or not. It is their choice to spend their money how they choose. If these types spend their last dollar on lotto tickets instead of buying sandwich meat, then lesson learned. Go hungry.

Now the flip side of that coin: You can’t win if you don’t play. While the odds are vast – perhaps impossible. People do win this thing, I am quite sure to their surprise when it happens. My question is why are all states not participating in this? I love that Alabama tries to act holier than the other bible belt states by not participating. The lotto in TN funds schools and other public services, resulting in lower taxes and a highly funded education system. Alabama on the other hand sends its citizens across the border to play, while the school system is crap! Good decision Bama! We may be dumb, but no gambling here – makes no sense.

I digress. What is the harm in buying a couple of hope tickets. Dream about what you would do with the money, and play the game every once in a while.

The fear when purchasing tickets is never losing, you know you lost before you bought it, the fear is what if you win? While a miniscule chance is available, it IS a chance! Go win that money, just don’t count it until it is in the bank. It is also completely voluntary, so it is NOT any sort of tax. I could go for a new fridge – count me in!

– Me

Stoopid SPAM

I got an ad atop my email for a un-friend app. This add says “three people un-friended you today on FaceBook”. I wonder how many idiots out there click on that wondering which of their thousands of “friends” un-friended them? What a bunch of morons. I don’t even have a FB account. I live and am attentive to my surroundings, so I do not participate in the alternate world of Gamer where Dexter is in charge of your life. You know what? Un-friend me already! I will be just fine…

For the rest of you living in “society” please don’t click on these things – nothing good can happen from that.

– Me

Softening of a Nation & the lessons of baseball

The United States is becoming an entitled nation of whining, complaining, lazy, self-indulgent bunch of wieners. This slow, methodical pussy-fication (sorry if that offends) starts at childhood and teaches this handout society mentality at an early age – starting with sports. Here we go.

Baseball, Dizzie Dean or Dixie Youth where I live. You know, the 5-12 year old leagues. This may be called something different where you live, but it is the same thing. When I was growing up, there were rules to baseball. The pros played by that set of rules, and so did us children. You pitched, hit, ran, caught, threw, and slid. Pretty simple concept. Really the only difference in the youth ball of my childhood and pro ball of my childhood was field distance. Everything else was identical because the rules were the rules – you either played by the rules of baseball or you did not play. Now I will give that the earliest of ages play T-Ball (Stationary ball atop a stick for those who don’t know) and Coach or machine pitch. This actually makes sense because these very young ages are merely learning the game. Once that learning curve is over, the real baseball begins.

Enough about my reminiscing. Today’s childhood baseball is something myself as a child would laugh at. T-Ball is now played with some sort of spongy ball so the kids don’t get injured (like any of them could hit or throw hard enough to injure each other) and everyone gets on first base. Now, when I was younger, when you were thrown out at first, you were out. If you wanted to sit in the dugout and cry about it, you could, but the fact remained that you were no longer on the field of play. Today, you WILL get on first. Regardless of the actions of the opposing team, you will get on first. There is no expectation at failure or success depending on which side of the ball you are on. Everyone is a winner, no hurt feelings – this is FAIR. Ahhh, now that sounds familiar.

Coach pitch is very similar now. The coach tosses this spongy ball to the kid, who can swing until he finally makes contact. No strike outs in this league, that would me MEAN of the adults to teach the kids that when they miss three times it is someone else’s turn to try. The lack of strike outs shows the children that their missing the ball has no consequence. This is not being tough on the kid, but rather teaches them valuable life skills. This is paramount at a young age for these kids to realize they are not constant winners.

The no hurt feelings and everyone is a winner mentality teaches children at a very early age the mentality that they are not ABLE to lose. They are all winners no matter the circumstance. That principle is against the very premise of our country’s founding and intent. Success and failure must exist in order to have freedom. The more “Fair” you make the game, the less freedom there is to enjoy it. This is comparable to a video game, how many times have you seen a child play a game on the easiest setting only to brag about beating it without re-spawning? Especially if you allow your children to play the first person shooter type like Call of Duty or Halo. The upcoming generation is being taught from the start that winning is the only thing they will ever know, and if they don’t actually win, then some rule or other entity will step in and MAKE them winners.

You may not see our government as a nanny, but I do. This baseball and video game talk is a perfect analogy for the nanny state. Our children are being indoctrinated through team sports and daily activities to take the handout. Take the easy way out, and even if you are terrible at something, you still win! Cookie cutter society, everyone is the same, uniform, winners. Be careful with this, pay attention to it as the more we act like we need rules to make things fair the more rules will pop up ensuring that happens. Make your children understand failure is part of life, and more importantly part of the American dream. The absence of failure leads to the absence of personal responsibility and pride. Once those are gone, we are all just property labelled by numbers. Oh, that reminds me, what exactly CAN you do now without your Social Security Number?

Everyone wins… Everyone wins when success is rewarded and not stripped away making winners, and those who lost are motivated to try harder next time in order to win and become winners. That is the only way Everyone wins – NOT by punishing success and rewarding failure.

– Me

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