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Publishers Clearing House!!!

Win $5K a week for LIFE! What’s better than that? $5K a week for another person’s life (I assume after you die). Wow, that is an offer I simply cannot refuse. sign me up.

Wait a minute… I sign up, and then have to use this PCH search box thingy to sign up? I thought I already signed up. Oh there’s more? There IS more, there are “special offers” coming my way. Well, I did not want to purchase anything; I simply wanted to be signed up to win the money. SKIP, SKIP, SKIP, five pages later you get to the actual sign up page. Now they want personal information. That’s where I draw the line. I was already aggravated by the B/S, but this is too much. They try to justify their fishing trip with this statement:

We need your information for processing of award(s).

Really? You have my email address. If I win, email me that I won and I will be happy to DRIVE TO YOU to begin the collections process. I am not providing my cell phone number, street address, date of birth, etc. Hell, you can almost get credit with that much info. You could probably buy a car at a finance here place with that much. No need to come to my door with the PCH van and a huge check. Publisher’s Clearing House is a giant salesman and nothing else. They offer crappy products at false discounts to fund their operation. The profits are the PCH giveaways. I’m not saying it is illegal or they do not pay here and there. I AM saying in order to enter a contest, you must be willing to jump through numerous hoops and give out your personal info. I am unwilling – even at the risk of becoming rich.

– Me


Ho Ho F*&$ OFF

This time of year is supposed to be a time of giving and charity. The single most cheerful season of all, and the most religiously important to some. Well, I have seen none of that so far. I have encountered extremely rude drivers, restaurant patrons, and especially shoppers. These shoppers act as if Wal-Mart will never have cheaply made in China products again. Are you kidding me? This store will always have these crappy products, and it is not worth your health to attempt to run me over to get it. I am a pretty big fellow, and do not appreciate some over indulgent chubby woman acting as if her life is more important than my getting around. It simply is not, you can wait in line like everyone else, and if you do not like that, then shop on Amazon where you can scream at your internet connection for not being fast enough.

What ever happened to the kind spirit of Christmas and the good will attitude of our parents. Our generation has given way to the commercialization of this holiday, essentially making the shopping the most stressful part of the year. This is why a 36 year old normally kind and shy chubby housewife turns into Arnold Schwarzenegger in Jingle all the Way and begins starting fights over the latest lead filled piece of shit coming from the Chinese. This is ridiculous behavior and seems to come out during what should be the friendliest time of year.

Do everyone a favor, if you are in ill spirits, stay at home that day. Do not endanger everyone around you by driving with a chip on your shoulder for no reason, and by hurriedly trying to navigate a busy shopping venue for no other reason than you are in a hurry for no reason. If this holiday pisses you off and stresses you out this badly, then quit celebrating it! If you are a true Christian and believe the message, do you not think God sees your lucid behavior and is somewhat disgusted? I saw it and was repulsed by it, and I am quite sure your maker saw it too. Congrats are in order to you, oh pissy one, for you have made a commercial mockery of the very birth of your savior, and further, have spat in the face of the very message he died to promote. Now go to church and brag to your friends on what a good Christian you are. Perhaps bragging to them will somehow make your actions ok.

– Me

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