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President Obama is meeting with Congressional Republicans showing a good faith “bipartisanship”. What sort of tard believes this crap? I just love (not really) how my local news channel is spinning this in Obama’s favor by stating that the Pres is desperately reaching across the aisle. Where was he for the last couple of years? I say tell him F*&^ off and do your business as usual. Anything else allows this jackass to play politics again with something everyone knows is not genuine. My prediction is this:

Congressional Republicans will spend a LOT of time with POTUS, and nothing will come of it. Then, POTUS will take to the air blaming the R for refusing to compromise, all the while refusing to compromise himself. Just stupid, and the Republicans should not be falling for it. The Republicans do not owe this man anything, certainly not the false impression that he is trying to be bipartisan – that is simply laughable.

– Me

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