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Something Truly Amazing – and DUMB

The title may deceive you – this is not something of amazingly intellectual value or substance. I was up trolling the internet last night and came across this:

moon-rilleThis is known as a Rille (pronounced like pill). A moon Rille to be exact. This is the German word for groove or furrow. These are channels on the lunar surface where either the surface fractured along a fault-type line or where gases or magma once occupied subsurface and collapsed. Basically they are the old tectonic plates settling OR dried up lava flow of lesser viscosity than Earth. This is the scientific explanation for the Rille.

In the photo you see a fairly straight line across a less than level surface of the moon. This is easily explained by the theory two parallel plates settled in this manner leaving the fault line you see, the Rille. In comes the Qur’an. Muslims believe that Mohammad (A prophet – not God) SPLIT the moon in half and put it back together again using his fingers. That was actually hard to type because I was laughing so hard.

Qur’an 54 Surat Al-Qamar (The Moon) 54:1 reads The hour has come near and the Moon has split in two. 54:2 and if they see a miracle, they turn away and say it was magic.

This passage in the Qur’an suggests Mohammad split the moon and the image is “proof” to the Muslims of the scar of splitting and returning the moon whole. There are a couple of insane problems with this…

1. Mohammad was no miracle worker, but a mere messenger. Qur’an 17:93 states Glory be to my Lord, I am but a messenger. This was in direct response to people demanding he perform miracles to prove his claims. Qur’an 13:07 states And those who disbelieve say: “Why has not a sign been sent down upon him from his lord? You are only a warner”. These two passages from the almighty Qur’an that cannot be questioned by Muslims directly oppose the claim that Mohammad somehow split the moon in half. Mohammad admits he can perform no miracles, and further claims anyone who asks him to are merely disbelievers.

2. The Moon Rille referenced in the photograph does NOT stretch the surface of the moon. It is quite large, but is not a scar that wraps the surface. It has a beginning and an end. This photo is zoomed in and intentionally utilized as a propaganda tool for the brainwashed masses of illiterate Muslims out there. Remember these idiots can not dispute what is in the Qur’an, and since science debunks a fairly good bit of the Qur’an, then cropped photographs serve as “proof” to keep the masses pacified.

3. If the moon were split in half and separated to the extent one could see either side with a mountain between the halves, this would be reported worldwide. I am almost positive people around the world were looking at the ominous ball in the sky during Mohammad’s time, and would have noticed the moon splitting in two and coming back together. This would have been in all history books around the world, or at a minimum regionally.

4. Let us say the moon split in half for Mohammad to prove his stature as God’s messenger. Science has proven that the moon holds direct correlation to our planetary gravitational pull, directly affecting oceanic tides. I would imagine a split moon would directly affect the oceans and sea levels.

Now the argument is God can do anything, and the moon split was of God’s creation, so he negated any and all paradoxical changes, and only allowed a certain people to witness this “miracle”. I guess this is where faith comes in place of science. I do always find it interesting the Muslims are NOT ALLOWED to question the contents of the Qur’an in any fashion. They are to take the text as the word of God and as such completely indisputable. To Muslims, Mohammad split the moon – it is fact because it is in the Qur’an, and to show this is true, a cropped photo of a lunar rille is used. The below photo clearly shows the rille has endings, and is not a zoomed in version.

rille complete

I almost thought the story of Mohammad splitting the moon was a joke until I found the passage in the Qur’an. Not only is this not a joke, it is another piece of evidence that Mohammad was either in a constant altered state of mind (High) or completely delusional and insane. Split the moon, just when you thought you heard it all, there is something else hiding in the Qur’an to laugh about. I think we can all agree Mohammad had quite the imagination. The unfunny part of this is the masses believe it is true!

– Me


The Prophet Mohammad’s Dumbness of the Day

I have not thrown my idiot Muslim neighbors an insult lately. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

funny mohammad

– Me

Muslim Idiocracy

How many of you out there know the story of Karbala, Iraq? I know this tale quite well, and have personally visited Karbala well over fifty times. Well, I will give you the broad strokes and why it matters. . .

Imam Hussein (Husayn) was the grandson of our favorite non-prophet Mohammad the child molester. This is a reason why most Muslims are named Mohammad or Hussein. This is the Shiite portion of this ridiculous cult. OK, So a new Caliph was named and it was not Hussein – that pissed him off. Hussein refused to pledge allegiance to the new Caliph Yazid. The city of Kufa, which I have also visited, was a politically strategic city from Caliph Ali, where Hussein would attempt to sway public opinion against Yazid and the decision to make him Caliph. Word was sent to Hussein to leave well enough alone and NOT visit Kufa or Mecca, but he could go anywhere else, which he ignored. His trip to Kufa went through Karbala, where he was killed for his dissent.

That is the nuts and bolts of the history. These people take knives and whips to cut and whip themselves and their children in a “festival” known as Ashura. Go look it up – seriously Google Ashura and go to images. The festival is held during Muharram and is held on the 10th day of the FIRST LUNAR MONTH (Moon God). Remember now, this is a peaceful religion that CELEBRATES violence, such as the Shiite Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah. These are “Martyrs” or Holy Warriors fighting in the name of the holy moon god. Look at the history, learn it, and then reflect on your passive concept that Islam is peaceful. There are numerous examples of unnecessary violence, such as Ashura. Today’s Muslims practice their religion when taking no prisoners. This is not something going on in ancient times… These are current events.

Wake up out there in unicorn land. This is not a cartoon. 

– Me


I have had a barrage of Muslims “demanding” I respect their religion lately. I always find it interesting when they demand things. They tell me I am so misinformed about Islam and that the five pillars are about charity and peace, while they simultaneously threaten me with violence and everlasting pain. I can clearly see how peaceful and tolerant these people are by the DEMANDS I remove pictures from MY website. Now, the option to ignore my web page is always available, however that is never the option taken. I mean, why would they ignore me when they could tell me they want to rip the skin right off my heathen body? That seems a logical response to an offensive image. Take it down or die, in the name of peace of course.

Anyway, long story short, love the respect I get from my Muslim friends. You do get what you give after all, but let us all stop this B/S Taqqiya. Islam is NOT peaceful and never has been. Look at the insane reactions to the Mohammad drawings in Denmark, and now at the recent video made. I guess Muslims are a peaceful people as long as you agree with them and refuse to speak out. Lose your freedoms and accept Islam and they will leave you alone. . . Wait, that IS what they want. Convert or die. Now Respect Islam and never say anything bad about it again – you are barking up the wrong the tree guy. Go somewhere else with that B/S – Respect is a two way street, and neither of us are driving on it.

– Me

Peaceful Islam

Why do Muslims kill over insulting Mohammad? I truthfully do not understand this as they claim to worship ONLY Allah. They also claim their religion is one of peace and charity, of which I have never seen.

A film was produced in the US showing Mohammad as what he was – a violent idiotic womanizing sycophant.

This video kicked off violence of course… Because these idiots do not like the truth.

– Me

Muslim Congressional Thinking

I have been preaching Islam cannot coexist for years. . . I have seen this first hand, in the shit holes of the planet like Afghanistan. Islam requires those who believe to be submissive to Islam, leaving no room for loyalty elsewhere in their lives. Everything is about Islam – EVERYTHING. The religion teaches in very simple terms that one submits to Allah, and nothing else matters. Convert the non-believers or kill them. Very simple concept, but one that eludes the politically correct crowd for some reason. It is right there in the texts Muslims hold holy – read it for yourself. Now we have Muslims elected to Congress that believe the previous. They are only loyal to Islam, and the faster people understand this, the less of these idiots we will have in positions of power. Just watch what Indiana (D) Congressman Andre’ Carson says about how American schools should be modeled after Islamic Madrassas. Madrassas are Islamic schools for children where they are taught Islam and nothing else. There is no learning of arithmetic or grammer. JUST ISLAM…

Watch Video of Andre Carson’s pro-Islamic rant

This guy goes so far as to say our schools needs Muslims to be current and understand innovation. WTF planet is this guy living on? All jokes aside, this is highly incendiary, and quite dangerous. This type of suggestion not only goes against the principles of separation of Church and State, but also delves into the suggestion Islam should be forced on people as though this were Afghanistan. If this guy wants to be a Muslim, have at it. Seems to me he is preaching what he believes; force Islam on everyone. This is exactly why we do NOT need Muslims in office; enough of them and this “suggestion” may become a reality. Better take note!

– Me

The Prophet Mohammad’s Dumbness Continues…

– Me

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