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Obama’s Version of Things

I’m a big football fan, but I have to tell you if I had a son, I’d have to think long and hard before I let him play football, And I think that those of us who love the sport are going to have to wrestle with the fact that it will probably change gradually to try to reduce some of the violence. In some cases, that may make it a little bit less exciting, but it will be a whole lot better for the players, and those of us who are fans maybe won’t have to examine our consciences quite as much.

I tend to be more worried about college players than NFL players in the sense that the NFL players have a union, they’re grown men, they can make some of these decisions on their own, and most of them are well-compensated for the violence they do to their bodies

What? Is he suggesting that college players are not compensated or stand to gain from playing college football? Is he really making the claim that the NFL Union is the only thing helping the pro players? Is he suggesting that college football players are NOT grown men capable of making decisions on their own? He also makes the claim that in lieu of an exciting game of football, he is fine with a watered down version of what they play now. This, would in turn, clear America’s conciseness for watching and propagating such a horribly violent sport.

Here we go again:

How does this guy come up with this stuff? Really how does he? First, the college players ARE adults. An 18 year old can sign up for the military and die in a distant battlefield by his own decision as an adult, but somehow his peer is incapable of making a decision to play a sport. That seems a tad contradictory to me. An 18 year old is either an adult or not, and the label that a football player is somehow incapable of making adult decisions is absurd. Second, how can anyone possibly say college players are NOT compensated? They are getting to go to college for free in most cases. Is that not compensation? They ALSO suffer from the affliction of getting free publicity to make the next step and go professional. Do you think someone who does not play in college but has talent can just walk onto the field and tryout for the NFL? Try it yourself and see what happens. You simply don’t have the free advertising that a current college player has. Scouts can watch them on TV, so who are you? NFL players need to stop whining. This idea that NFL players are somehow victims is laughable. This argument is very similar to suing someone for serving you hot coffee. How can you possibly do that? NFL players make MILLIONS of dollars a year to take risks. It is a calculated risk every player takes and ultimately decides the money is worth it. Now, a guy working at your local grocery store takes risks, too, but he is on his own. He has insurance and that is that. No Presidential remarks, no union representation, and NO BIG DOLLARS for compensation. If the NFL continues down this road, it will no longer exist in a few short years. They are already paying out money to these players, and now are being sued on the backside for MORE money. Players are claiming they did not know it was dangerous! These are college graduates claiming they did not know they could be injured in a contact sport! Goes back to my argument that maybe they got a free ride in college?

Look, this argument is stupid. NFL and college football players are overcompensated if you ask me. They deserve zero sympathy and make more in a year than a service-member will in an entire career with combat tours and disability. The President of the United States should not opine on these inconsequential topics when home prices are stagnated or falling, when inflation is skyrocketing, and when GITMO is still open. Does Obama really have nothing better to do than talk about the dangers of overpaid people? This is ridiculous.

Also, am I the only one tired of this guy talking down to everyone like he is the all-knowing supreme leader? He actually said that ADULTS can make some decisions on their own behalf, and implied that the Union is the only thing saving their idiot souls. Did anyone else catch that?

You know what? Just close the NFL already…

– Me


Manti Te’o – Notre Dame

Manti Te’o is the supposed victim of Catfishing – where someone faked being a girl and got him to believe she was his girlfriend, blah blah blah. After watching the videos on this guy. I ask myself this:

How is this idiot a graduate of Notre Dame? They are claiming this guy has a GPA of 3.3 or better and I simply do NOT believe this. I always find it amazing to see football players who are great on the field – and I mean real talent – that the college claims they are also really smart. Not only are they smart, they are almost making straight A’s throughout school and still find time to practice and play! Wow. It is simply not believable, especially when they speak. There is no way you are passing with A’s at a school like Notre Dame or Stanford and then give an interview that almost needs a translator for those of us who can actually speak.

These schools GIVE the players the degrees for the big dollars of football. Alabama Crimson Tide makes $400 Million a year off the football program ALONE. Every student at the school could go for free just on the profits of the football program, and you think these players are making good grades? The school does not give a shit if these guys are smart, they care if they are athletes. Colleges are businesses and this is a huge money-maker. The school cannot legally give the players money, so they give them scholarships (Free school) as payment for playing. This free school includes the grades. Don’t believe it? Name the last college football player you saw benched for making crap grades. It does not happen because they are not there to make grades, they are there to play football plain and simple.

Te’o is no different. He is a good athlete, maybe not great after watching the BCS Championship, but definitely good. He is NOT smart, he is a brick who will play football for his money. He will never be an architect, engineer, MBA, scientist, or attorney as Notre Dame offers in their degree program. No, he is a football player and will graduate with honors of some sort for bringing the school money, to which the school will give him a general education Liberal Arts degree as payment for his star status while there.

If I were heading Notre Dame right now, I would be so embarrassed to have such a dumb person becoming a graduate of my institution. He is CLEARLY not smart, but he is a soon to be graduate of such a notable institution. If I had to fight to go to school there and go into massive debt because I lacked athletic talent, I would be terribly pissed.

– Me

Gun Control – AGAIN

Bob Costas recently made news by opining on gun control after the recent tragedy involving KC Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher. Huffington Post reports the quoted segment:

In a segment about 90 seconds long, Costas paraphrased and quoted extensively from a piece by Fox Sports columnist Jason Whitlock.

After praising the column, Costas said: “In the coming days, Jovan Belcher’s actions and their possible connection to football will be analyzed. Who knows? But here, wrote Jason Whitlock, is what I believe. If Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.”

Costas was CLEARLY advocating gun control. Bob Beckel mirrored this sentiment on Fox’s The Five adding that ALL handguns should be taken away and when pressed on the Constitutionality of owning it, he replied snarkily that the only reason we have guns is because of a piece of paper written hundreds of years ago. Wow, what a twisted view. I wonder if Beckel and Costas would prefer to be poor or middle class and live in a different country where the government TELLS you what to do? Gun control only controls the guns of those who wish to own them legally. Belcher had a clear mental deficiency, whether football related or not. The reason for his thoughtless behavior was not the gun he used to kill his girlfriend and himself. The gun did not kill the two, Belcher did. Liberals tend to lose sight of this fact. You can set ANY gun on a table and it will kill nobody without human intervention.

Blaming guns for this tragedy is like blaming swimming pools for a drowning, or cars for an auto death. When someone uses a car as a weapon, does Costas or Beckel get on TV and opine that all cars should be taken away? Hell no they don’t! The comparison is real, though. The result is death of a person, and a tool was used in creating the death. All knives, hammers, bathtubs, belts, nail guns, shovels, and pillows should be outlawed right along with guns since all of these items have been used to murder. I always find it so interesting guns are the only thing attacked when a murder occurs. Now, I do agree if Belcher was not holding a gun at the time of his death, the gun would not be the weapon used. That is an ignorant fact to base a theory of gun control on, and the Liberals KNOW it. This is why you get false outrage from the Left instead of coherent debate on gun control. They want the government in charge, and gun ownership keeps the system in check.

Costas has every right to his opinion, and since he is a sports broadcaster during a sporting event, this was his pulpit. I do not personally think he did anything wrong since he was talking about a football player death during a football game halftime. I do however think he is a chuckle-head who offers about as much political insight and original thought as Honey Boo Boo. This guy and his regurgitation of an opinion not his own is embarrassingly naive and idiotic. The content of what he is suggesting is obvious in that he claims with no murder weapon, there may have been no murder; While suggesting this is the sole reason the two died. That can not be proven and is complete speculation, but also ignores the thousands of murders that occur across the nation from various weapons. Costas did not mention that fact, and neither did the author he quoted. Either those don’t matter or they were not high profile enough to warrant acknowledgment. I personally think neither, a public figure just gives more publicity, which in turn gives those like Costas a platform to spew his dooky… I quit watching the NFL long ago, but this ensures I don’t come back!

The Constitution gives us the right to bear arms no matter how many idiots out there kill themselves with it. Come to think of it, why is the San Fransisco bridge still around since it has killed so many? Just stupid.

– Me

The Most Interesting Man in the World

     – Me

College Football

The only constant in college football is the rules…

Notre Dame is going to the Championship, my Bulldogs lost in Oxford, a lot of shake up in the top 25 AGAIN with losses to Arizona, Texas, Washington, Clemson, Rutgers, Michigan, and Louisville. Now some of these were to be expected, but not all. Texas A&M completely obliterated Missouri, Alabama stomped Auburn (probably sending Gene Chizik to early retirement), Ole Miss whipped on my Starkville Dawgs like they owed money, Notre Dame is going to finally show the US a SEC v anyone else match, and it looks as though AL will have a chance to prove they are a better team than GA.

The SEC Championship is going to be a good one! AL v GA, epic. So who else has a playoff like the SEC? Short answer is nobody. There is no other conference in the NCAA that has a playoff to send their respective best to the National Championship. Notre Dame doesn’t just have to show up for the Championship game, they don’t belong to a conference at ALL. They are not bound to play inter-conference games during the season, so they could theoretically stack their schedule favorably, and play teams from random conferences. The SEC however, does not play by those rules. Football is religion, and as such, if you belong to the East or West, you WILL play every other team in your division! All SEC East teams play the other SEC East teams (Something that hurt Auburn this year). Now this is no complaint – I look forward to a Notre Dame Championship game, just reporting the facts.

The question now is who will they face? There are still cards to be played, and only one half of the BCS Final is in place! I hate the season is ending, but honestly I need my Saturdays back and my chair needs a break…

– Me

AP Poll is a JOKE

I don’t know how many of you out there watch college football, or the polls for that matter. I watch it daily and have noticed something pretty entertaining. The AP has Ohio State as number 9 in the nation. Ohio state has won 8 games and lost 0, so why not rank them you ask? To answer that question simply: They are not eligible for post season play. The Buckeyes, while they may have a strong team, cannot play in bowl games. They are ineligible so why gunk up the rankings with a team that needs no ranking? Win 6 games and you go to a bowl, so why do the rankings matter?

Here is the meat and potatoes: Recruiting. If teams are on the fence of bragging rights (Fl State 11, Tx Tech 16, or Boise St 21) they could more easily recruit top talent if they could tell future recruits we are in the top 10, 15, or 20. They are unable to say that now because a sanctioned team is clogging up rankings in the AP Poll. Now I make the argument that the AP does not really matter because the BCS Poll dictates the Bowl games and who is where – and is highly different from the AP in who is where, go see for yourself. Fact is, the AP is off from the BCS, and placing a team that is INELIGIBLE for post season in a ranked position shows a disregard for honest play by the AP.

That’s my two pennies, and that is precisely why the AP Poll is a joke at best…

– Me

Softening of a Nation & the lessons of baseball

The United States is becoming an entitled nation of whining, complaining, lazy, self-indulgent bunch of wieners. This slow, methodical pussy-fication (sorry if that offends) starts at childhood and teaches this handout society mentality at an early age – starting with sports. Here we go.

Baseball, Dizzie Dean or Dixie Youth where I live. You know, the 5-12 year old leagues. This may be called something different where you live, but it is the same thing. When I was growing up, there were rules to baseball. The pros played by that set of rules, and so did us children. You pitched, hit, ran, caught, threw, and slid. Pretty simple concept. Really the only difference in the youth ball of my childhood and pro ball of my childhood was field distance. Everything else was identical because the rules were the rules – you either played by the rules of baseball or you did not play. Now I will give that the earliest of ages play T-Ball (Stationary ball atop a stick for those who don’t know) and Coach or machine pitch. This actually makes sense because these very young ages are merely learning the game. Once that learning curve is over, the real baseball begins.

Enough about my reminiscing. Today’s childhood baseball is something myself as a child would laugh at. T-Ball is now played with some sort of spongy ball so the kids don’t get injured (like any of them could hit or throw hard enough to injure each other) and everyone gets on first base. Now, when I was younger, when you were thrown out at first, you were out. If you wanted to sit in the dugout and cry about it, you could, but the fact remained that you were no longer on the field of play. Today, you WILL get on first. Regardless of the actions of the opposing team, you will get on first. There is no expectation at failure or success depending on which side of the ball you are on. Everyone is a winner, no hurt feelings – this is FAIR. Ahhh, now that sounds familiar.

Coach pitch is very similar now. The coach tosses this spongy ball to the kid, who can swing until he finally makes contact. No strike outs in this league, that would me MEAN of the adults to teach the kids that when they miss three times it is someone else’s turn to try. The lack of strike outs shows the children that their missing the ball has no consequence. This is not being tough on the kid, but rather teaches them valuable life skills. This is paramount at a young age for these kids to realize they are not constant winners.

The no hurt feelings and everyone is a winner mentality teaches children at a very early age the mentality that they are not ABLE to lose. They are all winners no matter the circumstance. That principle is against the very premise of our country’s founding and intent. Success and failure must exist in order to have freedom. The more “Fair” you make the game, the less freedom there is to enjoy it. This is comparable to a video game, how many times have you seen a child play a game on the easiest setting only to brag about beating it without re-spawning? Especially if you allow your children to play the first person shooter type like Call of Duty or Halo. The upcoming generation is being taught from the start that winning is the only thing they will ever know, and if they don’t actually win, then some rule or other entity will step in and MAKE them winners.

You may not see our government as a nanny, but I do. This baseball and video game talk is a perfect analogy for the nanny state. Our children are being indoctrinated through team sports and daily activities to take the handout. Take the easy way out, and even if you are terrible at something, you still win! Cookie cutter society, everyone is the same, uniform, winners. Be careful with this, pay attention to it as the more we act like we need rules to make things fair the more rules will pop up ensuring that happens. Make your children understand failure is part of life, and more importantly part of the American dream. The absence of failure leads to the absence of personal responsibility and pride. Once those are gone, we are all just property labelled by numbers. Oh, that reminds me, what exactly CAN you do now without your Social Security Number?

Everyone wins… Everyone wins when success is rewarded and not stripped away making winners, and those who lost are motivated to try harder next time in order to win and become winners. That is the only way Everyone wins – NOT by punishing success and rewarding failure.

– Me

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