I have talked extensively on freedoms and the government projecting the illusion on us – the sheeple of the US.

Gay marriage is a “hot topic” in the mainstream media right now. I think it is actually a little less a hot topic than they are making out. I also think more people do not care about this than do. Given the gay marriage conversation, let us talk about freedoms. The US is the beacon of freedom and liberty in the world right? Actually, no.

You have been lied to. You are not free, you are a slave to your government and probably do not even realize it. In order for you to get legally married and enjoy the benefits of that (insurance, property, banking, etc.) the government grants you the PRIVILEGE to marry under a government controlled legal contract. Did you ever even consider that before? Were you aware that your government can deny you the opportunity to marry? This is what is happening to the gay community. The government says this is marriage and you do not qualify, so therefore do not receive the legal benefits of that contract that we GRANT to others. So what am I babbling about already?

Freedom and the illusion of freedom.

How can you claim to be free when you have to register your children like property at birth – just as you were registered at birth, get permission to join your life with the one you love, and share your life the way YOU see fit. You see, you have to understand that all of these decisions are dictated by your government, you are merely picking which option you QUALIFY for. These are not rights, they are government granted privileges. Now the real issue is not and never was can two men get married, as most only care due to their version of religion. The issue is how much freedom will your illustrious government ALLOW you to actually have…

– Me


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