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Obama’s Version of Things

I’m a big football fan, but I have to tell you if I had a son, I’d have to think long and hard before I let him play football, And I think that those of us who love the sport are going to have to wrestle with the fact that it will probably change gradually to try to reduce some of the violence. In some cases, that may make it a little bit less exciting, but it will be a whole lot better for the players, and those of us who are fans maybe won’t have to examine our consciences quite as much.

I tend to be more worried about college players than NFL players in the sense that the NFL players have a union, they’re grown men, they can make some of these decisions on their own, and most of them are well-compensated for the violence they do to their bodies

What? Is he suggesting that college players are not compensated or stand to gain from playing college football? Is he really making the claim that the NFL Union is the only thing helping the pro players? Is he suggesting that college football players are NOT grown men capable of making decisions on their own? He also makes the claim that in lieu of an exciting game of football, he is fine with a watered down version of what they play now. This, would in turn, clear America’s conciseness for watching and propagating such a horribly violent sport.

Here we go again:

How does this guy come up with this stuff? Really how does he? First, the college players ARE adults. An 18 year old can sign up for the military and die in a distant battlefield by his own decision as an adult, but somehow his peer is incapable of making a decision to play a sport. That seems a tad contradictory to me. An 18 year old is either an adult or not, and the label that a football player is somehow incapable of making adult decisions is absurd. Second, how can anyone possibly say college players are NOT compensated? They are getting to go to college for free in most cases. Is that not compensation? They ALSO suffer from the affliction of getting free publicity to make the next step and go professional. Do you think someone who does not play in college but has talent can just walk onto the field and tryout for the NFL? Try it yourself and see what happens. You simply don’t have the free advertising that a current college player has. Scouts can watch them on TV, so who are you? NFL players need to stop whining. This idea that NFL players are somehow victims is laughable. This argument is very similar to suing someone for serving you hot coffee. How can you possibly do that? NFL players make MILLIONS of dollars a year to take risks. It is a calculated risk every player takes and ultimately decides the money is worth it. Now, a guy working at your local grocery store takes risks, too, but he is on his own. He has insurance and that is that. No Presidential remarks, no union representation, and NO BIG DOLLARS for compensation. If the NFL continues down this road, it will no longer exist in a few short years. They are already paying out money to these players, and now are being sued on the backside for MORE money. Players are claiming they did not know it was dangerous! These are college graduates claiming they did not know they could be injured in a contact sport! Goes back to my argument that maybe they got a free ride in college?

Look, this argument is stupid. NFL and college football players are overcompensated if you ask me. They deserve zero sympathy and make more in a year than a service-member will in an entire career with combat tours and disability. The President of the United States should not opine on these inconsequential topics when home prices are stagnated or falling, when inflation is skyrocketing, and when GITMO is still open. Does Obama really have nothing better to do than talk about the dangers of overpaid people? This is ridiculous.

Also, am I the only one tired of this guy talking down to everyone like he is the all-knowing supreme leader? He actually said that ADULTS can make some decisions on their own behalf, and implied that the Union is the only thing saving their idiot souls. Did anyone else catch that?

You know what? Just close the NFL already…

– Me



Everyone has seen the Handicapped parking spaces at your local stores. The people getting these decals obviously need them (laughing to myself) for the most part.

What about the ticket you get for parking there without the decal? Is that legal?

Take Wal-Mart parking lot for instance. Every first four spaces closest to the store are handicapped across the length. Even in that odd area between the outdoor shopping and home entrance which is equal distance from a normal spot. I understand why Wal-Mart does it so I am not coming down on the handicapped or the need for the spot. I am simply going to touch on the Police in this instance.

If you park there and get caught by the locals, they write you a ticket. Pretty much everyone is on board with this “punishment” for breaking a law and being generally unsavory for parking there when not needed. Now think outside that box you grew up with.

If you bump another car in the very same parking lot and CALL the police, they will not come. They will tell you that is private property. Hmm, now that throws a wrench into the moving gear of thought. How can they NOT come to the scene of an accident, but they CAN write you a traffic citation on that very same property? Traffic violations and accidents fall under the same category – motor vehicles and applicable laws. So, with that information, how can the locals decide which laws to enforce and which they will not? My personal thought is they are breaking the law for writing the tickets on handicapped parking or fire zone, or they have PERMISSION from the store to do it. I also think they bully the public because most folks will ask no questions, they will simply pay the fine.

Ahh, the fine. Where does it go? Wal-Mart was the victim of your crime, but they do not get the money. Think about this like a law suit. You injured the store by parking in the wrong place (private property) so they are due to collect settlement based on the act you perpetrated against them. That is the way it works. So once again, how can the locals fine you like this on private property?

Makes one wonder what is really the LAW, and why it can be interpreted by your local law enforcement officer who went to six months of boot camp style training.

Think about it.

– Me

Sexual Equality

I am so sick of this feminist women are equal BS. This argument stems from women holding combat occupations in the military, and not just passing through potential combat situations such as drivers or photographers and such. Let’s go for it, let’s experiment with this, but first, put women ON the same playing field as men. According to the Department of Defense (DoD) women and men have different standards on physical fitness capability. You heard that correctly. I will break it down with some EQUAL comparisons.

Male maximum body fat by ages:

Age Group 17-20:        20% Body Fat
Age Group 21-27:        22% Body Fat
Age Group 28-39:        24% Body Fat
Age Group 40+:           26% Body Fat

Female maximum body fat by ages:

Age Group 17-20:        30% Body Fat
Age Group 21-27:        32% Body Fat
Age Group 28-39:        34% Body Fat
Age Group 40+:           36% Body Fat

Male age 17-21 minimum pushup/situp standard: 53 pushups, 62 situps in two minutes

Female age 17-21 minimum pushup/situp standard: 28 pushups, 62 situps in two minutes

Male age 17-21 minimum two mile run time: 14 minutes 48 seconds

Female age 17-21 minimum two mile run time” 17 minutes 42 seconds

All this information is publicly available by clicking here.

Is this the equality spoken about that PROVES women are on an equal playing field? If anything, this should show the military’s blatantly skewed chauvinistic viewpoint. The only standard I could find equal was situps. The run allows women almost a full three minutes longer, almost half the pushups, and 10% more body fat without suffering the consequences their male counterparts would encounter for doing so poorly. That’s right, I said poorly. When speaking of a male soldier, you demand more of him than a female, it is clear in the physical fitness standards. Does this mean that a woman will not be expected to drag a wounded soldier off the battlefield? Does she get a pass like she does with the fitness standards? I am just curious how this is somehow equality, I honestly do not see it in the facts. I understand the argument, but lip service is not backed by numbers. Actually, the argument to keep women off the front lines are backed by the facts presented by the fitness standards. The military is not the place for social experimentation utilizing false claims and hypocritical standards.

– Me

Manti Te’o – Notre Dame

Manti Te’o is the supposed victim of Catfishing – where someone faked being a girl and got him to believe she was his girlfriend, blah blah blah. After watching the videos on this guy. I ask myself this:

How is this idiot a graduate of Notre Dame? They are claiming this guy has a GPA of 3.3 or better and I simply do NOT believe this. I always find it amazing to see football players who are great on the field – and I mean real talent – that the college claims they are also really smart. Not only are they smart, they are almost making straight A’s throughout school and still find time to practice and play! Wow. It is simply not believable, especially when they speak. There is no way you are passing with A’s at a school like Notre Dame or Stanford and then give an interview that almost needs a translator for those of us who can actually speak.

These schools GIVE the players the degrees for the big dollars of football. Alabama Crimson Tide makes $400 Million a year off the football program ALONE. Every student at the school could go for free just on the profits of the football program, and you think these players are making good grades? The school does not give a shit if these guys are smart, they care if they are athletes. Colleges are businesses and this is a huge money-maker. The school cannot legally give the players money, so they give them scholarships (Free school) as payment for playing. This free school includes the grades. Don’t believe it? Name the last college football player you saw benched for making crap grades. It does not happen because they are not there to make grades, they are there to play football plain and simple.

Te’o is no different. He is a good athlete, maybe not great after watching the BCS Championship, but definitely good. He is NOT smart, he is a brick who will play football for his money. He will never be an architect, engineer, MBA, scientist, or attorney as Notre Dame offers in their degree program. No, he is a football player and will graduate with honors of some sort for bringing the school money, to which the school will give him a general education Liberal Arts degree as payment for his star status while there.

If I were heading Notre Dame right now, I would be so embarrassed to have such a dumb person becoming a graduate of my institution. He is CLEARLY not smart, but he is a soon to be graduate of such a notable institution. If I had to fight to go to school there and go into massive debt because I lacked athletic talent, I would be terribly pissed.

– Me

Church Violence

In Huntsville, there is one abortion clinic. Alabama Women’s Center where a both-sides protest is currently playing out. Now, this is just dumb to me but let us talk.

The Right: A local church is protesting utilizing local permits and space allotted as per that agreement with the city. They are using religion in an attempt to persuade women not to have abortions and bringing awareness to the clinic itself. This is a religious argument and a religious based protest against their particular moral compass and point of view.

A local Catholic woman was arrested for spraying an unknown liquid in the air and in close proximity to a pro-abortion (sorry pro-choice) protestor in what appears to be a response to a burning object (rolled up paper or magazine maybe?) being carried around. You can clearly see the woman spraying AND the woman holding the burning object in the video.

The Left: Pro-“choice” protestors are opposing the church protestors. The claim is they are giving the other side of the coin and showing women they have a choice in their medical care.

My Take: This is dumb. Both sides have a right to do what they are doing, and neither should require any permits to do so. We the people have a right to peaceably assemble no matter how absurd the justification. These two groups are exacerbating each other with their actions. In the video, you can see the lady with the smoke, which is intended to aggravate people and nothing more. This aggravation is very childish but not illegal I would imagine. The lady with the squirt bottle crossed the line by making physical contact and actually squirting the pro-choice lady. I hear people saying well it’s just water blah blah blah, but what amount of water is it all right to squirt people with legally? Think about that. In the name of Christianity, this Catholic peaceful woman is misting people she disagrees with using a spray bottle. This is not an assault and should not be spun as one, but it IS harassment when you take the politics out of the situation. You simply cannot go around misting people with water and expect that to be OK. Once a person crosses the line of bodily contact like that, then the police NEED to get involved. This scenario has all the necessary elements to escalate force. Think about it, the old lady squirts, the other pushes, then others get involved taking up for the poor defenseless old lady.

There are those who use a condescending tone like this quote from the video comments:

OMG what a horrible crime to spray water on some one!

OMG what a horrible crime? she just sprayed water on some one! Well, I don’t recommend prison time in Maricopa County’s tent city for this act, but it is a violation of personal space and a malicious act. She intentionally did it and that is hard to argue against. I wonder if the person I quoted would have the same attitude had HE/SHE been sprayed with water? My guess is no, and I further my guess with reasoning that he backs the political position of the person spraying the water. What if the old lady had been sprayed instead of doing the spraying? That changes everything now doesn’t it. The quoted person would change his position from condescending to serious and demand punishment for the Liberal aggressor. After all, how dare a pro-choicer spray an innocent Christian protestor at an abortion clinic? This is not me agreeing to either side, but you can see how the positions would change given scenario hiccups.

Abortion, no matter your opinion on it IS legal! That is a fact. These protests may make these religious zealots feel better about themselves and give them bragging rights amongst their particular circle of confidants, but it does not change the fact that the clinic is doing nothing illegal. As I stated before, they have every right to protest and I actually encourage them to do so if they feel compelled, but do so peaceably. After studying this particular case and scenario, I wonder if the pro-life group (under the flag of religion) stage protests at divorce hearings, bars, liquor stores, tattoo parlors, or strip clubs? My initial guess would be no and my reason would be because those are not politically charged venues. That makes me wonder the true intentions of the religion-based argument from this particular group.

– Me

Combat Ladies…

Leon Panetta and the Joint Cheifs have decided that women can now be on the front lines and hold combat MOS (jobs) from now on. The argument is basically show why they can not perform these duties, and small men are allowed in the Infantry. This proves size and strength are not the deciding factors in women not being allowed into the combat arms of the military.

Here we go…

Women, until now, have not been allowed in combat arms for psychological reasons. There have been numerous studies showing an injured woman in a unit is detrimental to the moral of the unit. Men will tend to be overprotective of the woman which could result in poor decisions and/or undue risks. This has nothing to do with inappropriateness, but the psyche of American men toward women. This is main reason women have not been allowed in say the Ranger Battalions or Special Forces. I don’t know anyone who ever claimed a woman is not smart enough or strong enough to run for miles, do physical activities, pull a trigger, or jump from a plane. Actually, there are many women who cycle through the Airborne school at Ft. Benning, GA and every soldier regardless of sex qualifies on weapons annually. This topic is not and has never been about some form of superior sex, rather the mental implications and unit dysfunction upon a woman being injured on the front lines.

Now Iraq and Afghanistan have challenged the conventional front lines mentality with the war being more occupational than sweeping. Women are subjected daily to “front line” scenarios, and ARE injured same as men. I feel this is the only logical explanation for forwarding this agenda. The fact that there is no longer lines, but a 360 degree battlefield, places all who volunteer in a potentially front line situation. The difference in that and what Panetta is arguing for is instead of women being briefly placed in that situation, they would hold that job full time.

Women are fully capable of performing this task. I personally have no doubt of that, but should they? That I am not so sure of, but am also not totally against it. What do you think?

– Me

Definition Time

Lie: verb

  1. an assertion of something known or believed by the speaker to be untrue with intent to deceive.
  2. an untrue or inaccurate statement that may or may not be believed by the speaker.
  3. something that misleads or deceives.

When I tell a lie, I am called a liar.

When Hillary Clinton lies she is labeled misunderstood and misleading, or somehow the victim of misspeak. Wrong – she is a liar.

The above definition should clear this misunderstanding up. I will leave you with this Hillary Clinton quote:

I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.

She did clear this up as a misstatement by explaining that she says a lot of words in a day so if she misspoke it was just a misspeak. No, that is a lie – it did NOT happen.

– Me

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