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Federal Reserve Bank is NOT government

Here is the scenario: A man is driving his car down the road . . . skip ahead – BAM! He is sideswiped and injured by a Los Angeles branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco IRS car running a stop light. Hmmmm, this might get interesting. I wonder who is going to have to pay for this wreck and TORT claim? The guy files suit against the US of A under jurisdiction of 28 USC § 2671 to which the GOVERNMENT RESPONDED lack of subject matter jurisdiction. Let us investigate:

John L. Lewis v UNITED STATES of America 680 F .2d 1239

No. 80-5905 United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit

The government argued that the Federal Reserve was a private bank, and not a federal agency within the government, therefore does not fall under jurisdiction of the government under the above referenced code. The court agreed with the government’s position. Why does this matter? Let us see what the court decided:

  1. Each Federal Reserve Bank is a separate corporation owned by commercial banks in its region.
  2. Each Bank is statutorily empowered to conduct these activities without day to day direction from the federal government.
  3. It is evident from the legislative history of the Federal Reserve Act that Congress did not intend to give the federal government direction over the daily operation of the Reserve Banks
  4. The fact that the Federal Reserve Board regulates the Reserve Banks does not make them federal agencies under the Act.
  5. Bank employees do not participate in the Civil Service Retirement System. They are covered by worker’s compensation insurance, purchased by the Bank, rather than the Federal Employees Compensation Act. Employees traveling on Bank business are not subject to federal travel regulations and do not receive government employee discounts on lodging and services.
  6. The Banks are listed neither as “wholly owned” government corporations under 31 U.S.C. § 846 nor as “mixed ownership” corporations under 31 U.S.C. § 856
  7. the corporation is not designated as a wholly owned or mixed ownership government corporation under 31 U.S.C. §§ 846 and 856, the court concluded that the corporation is a non-governmental, independent entity, not covered under the Act.
  8. Additionally, Reserve Banks, as privately owned entities, receive no appropriated funds from Congress
  9. Finally, the Banks are empowered to sue and be sued in their own name. 12 U.S.C. § 341. They carry their own liability insurance and typically process and handle their own claims. In the past, the Banks have defended against tort claims directly, through private counsel, not government attorneys, e.g., Banco De Espana v. Federal Reserve Bank of New York, 114 F.2d 438 (2d Cir. 1940); Huntington Towers v. Franklin National Bank, 559 F.2d 863 (2d Cir. 1977); Bollow v. Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, 650 F.2d 1093 (9th Cir. 1981), and they have never been required to settle tort claims under the administrative procedure of 28 U.S.C. § 2672.
  10. The Reserve Banks are deemed to be federal instrumentalities for purposes of immunity from state taxation.

That was the ruling from the 9th Circuit dated June 24th, 1982. The accident occurred July 27, 1979. The courts decided the IRS/FED is a private company and NOT a government entity. The ONLY manner in which the bank could be identified as governmental is when it came to taxation, a benefit of being the big bank I guess. Bottom line is this: This single court case PROVES to those of you who think the FED/IRS is a government agency – IT IS NOT! The Federal Reserve Bankers are no more federal than Federal Express. Back to the original question: Why does this matter? This matters because these crooked bankers, with the help of Congress, are our new slave masters. Collective slavery through monetary policy. This lawsuit showed nothing more than the government is NOT affiliated with the FED. That is huge. Time to stop being sheep and fight for what should be instead of what is. I guess if you put a .gov behind something, and pass unconstitutional laws without much public outcry or fuss – well, you can do whatever you want.

– Me


Live Free – Shut up and color

Paul Ryan said “Our rights come from nature and God, not from government”. Well, he is correct, but what he failed to mention is that government limits those rights in almost every aspect of our lives. Most of the agencies that dictate our lives are not in the Constitution as to what the government CAN REGULATE. Look it up in the Constitution of the United States Article 1, Section 8 – That is ALL our government can constitutionally regulate! So how do these agencies come to life? Worldwide governing is the black and white answer. In 1912, The Hague hosted the first international opium conference where numerous nations SIGNED A TREATY to jointly police drug trade. This was years in the making, the US holding conferences as early as 1909. The Treaty of Versailles officially made drug enforcement a worldwide effort in 1919. So what is the problem you may ask? The nations implemented this law locally (In the US) under the contracting clause – put simply, you are property of the government, so they can do what they want. Shortly after, the DEA was invented – a Gestapo style strong-arm of “law enforcement” that goes AGAINST the very regulations our government is authorized to control under Article 1, Section 8. Congress signed it into law – they SURE DID, but Congress DOES NOT SUPERCEDDE the Constitution. The establishment of the DEA was and continues to be unconstitutional and a government power grab through international agreement. Force, the barrel of a gun is the ONLY WAY to truly enforce these unconstitutional laws through unconstitutional agencies. Maybe that is why the ATF served a warrant on the Branch Davidians in Waco, TX for a supposed “child abuse” claim…

Enjoy this small list of government agencies NOT authorized by the Constitution:

Advanced Research Projects Agency
Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations
Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
African Development Foundation
Agency for International Development
Agricultural Marketing Service
Agricultural Research Service
Agriculture, Department of
Economic Research Service
Energy, Office of
Environmental Quality, Office of
Federal Acquisition Regulation
Federal Crop Insurance Corp.
Food and Nutrition Service
Foreign Agricultural Service
Forest Service
Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards
Information Resources Management
Inspector General, Office of
National Agricultural Library
National Agricultural Statistics Service
National Resources Conservation Service
Operations, Office of
Procurement and Property Management
Rural Business – Cooperative Service
Rural Development Administration
Rural Housing Service
Rural Telephone Bank
Rural Utilities Service
Secretary of Agriculture, Office of
Transportation, Office of
World Outlook Board
American Battle Monuments Commission
American Indians, Office of Trustee
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
Appalachian Regional Commission
Architectural/Transportation Barriers Compliance Board
Arctic Research Commission
Assassination Records Review Board
Benefits Review Board
Bilingual Education and Minority Languages Affairs, Office of
Blind or Severely Disabled, Committee for Purchase from People who are
Board for International Broadcasting
Broadcasting Board of Governors
Federal Acquisition Regulation
Central Intelligence Agency
Child Support Enforcement
Children and Families Administration
Civil Rights, Commission on
Civil Rights, Office for
Commerce Department
Economic Analysis, Bureau of
Economic Development Administrations
Emergency Management Assistance
Fishery Conservation and Management
International Trade Administration
National Marine Fisheries Service
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Telecommunications and Information Administration
National Weather Service
Productivity, Technology and Innovation, Assistant Secretary
Technology, Undersecretary for
Commercial Space Transportation
Commodity Credit Corporation
Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Community Development Financial Institutions Fund
Community Planning and Development
Community Service, Office of
Construction Industry Collective Bargaining
Consumer Product Safety Commission
Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service
Corporation for National and Community Service
Cost Accounting Standards Board
Council on Environmental Quality
Delaware River Basin Commission
Economic Affairs, Undersecretary of
Economic Analysis, Bureau of
Economic Development Administration
Economic Research Service
Education, Department of
Bilingual Education and Minority Languages
Affairs, Office of
Civil Rights, Office of
Educational Research and Improvement
Elementary and Secondary Education
Federal Acquisition Regulation
Postsecondary Education
Secretary of Educations
Special Education and Rehabilitative Services, Office of
Vocational and Adult Education
Emergency Oil and Gas Guaranteed Loan Board
Emergency Steel Guarantee Loan Board
Employees’ Compensation Appeals Board
Employees Loyalty Board
Employment and Training Administration
Employment Standards Administration
Endangered Species Committee
Energy, Department of
Energy, Office of
Engineers, Corps of
Environmental Protection Agency
Environmental Quality, Office of
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Equal Opportunity, Office of Assistant Secretary
Export Administration, Bureau of
Export-Import Bank of the United States
Family Assistance, Office of
Farm Service Agency
Farm Credit Administration
Farm Credit System Insurance Corp.
Federal Acquisition Regulation
Federal Aviation Administration
Federal Claims Collections Standards
Federal Communications Commission
Federal Contract Compliance Programs
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Federal Election Commission
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Federal Employees Life Insurance
Federal Employees Health Benefits
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council
Federal Financing Bank
Federal Highway Administration
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.
Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight Office
Federal Labor Relations Authority
Federal Law Enforcement Training Center
Federal Management Regulation
Federal Maritime Administration
Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
Federal Mine Safety and Health Review
Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
Federal Prison Industries, Inc.
Federal Procurement Policy, Office of
Federal Property Management Regulations
Federal Property Management Regulations System
Federal Railroad Administration
Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board
Federal Service Impasse Panel
Federal Trade Commission
Federal Transit Administration
Federal Travel Regulation System
Financial Crimes Enforcement Network
Fine Arts, Commission on
Fiscal Service
Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S.
Fishery Conservation and Management
Food and Drug Administration
Food and Nutrition Service
Foreign Agricultural Service
Foreign Assets Control, Office of
Foreign Claims Settlement Commission
Foreign Service Grievance Board
Foreign Service Impasse Disputes Board
Foreign Service Labor Relations Board
Foreign Trade Zones Board
Forest Service
Geological Survey
Government Ethics, Office of
Government National Mortgage Association
Harry S. Truman Scholarship Program
Health and Human Services, Dept. of
Health Care Financing Administration
Housing and Urban Development
Federal Housing Commissioner
Human Development Services
Independent Counsel, Office of
Indian Affairs, Bureau of
Indian Arts and Crafts Board
Indian Health Service
Information Resources Management
Information Security Oversight Office
Inspector General
Institute of Peace, U.S.
Inter-American Foundation
Intergovernmental Relations, Advisory Commission
Interior Department
Internal Revenue Service
International Boundary and Water Commission
International Development, U.S. Agency on
International Development Cooperation Agency
International Fishing and Related Activities
International Investment
International Joint Commission, U.S. and Canada
International Organizations Employees Loyalty Board
International Trade Administration
International Trade Commission
James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation
Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission
Joint Board for the Enrollment of Actuaries
Labor Department
Labor-Management Standards, Office of
Land Management, Bureau of
Legal Services Corporation
Management and Budget, Office of
Marine Mammal Commission
Maritime Administration
Micronesian Status Negotiations
Mine Safety and Health Administration
Minerals Management Service
Mines, Bureau of
Minority Business Development Agency
Monetary Offices
Multifamily Housing Assistance Restructuring, Office of
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
National and Community Service Corp.
National Capital Planning Commission
National Commission for Employment Policy
National Commission on Libraries and Information Science
National Council on Disability
National Counterintelligence Center
National Credit Union Administration
National Drug Control Policy, Office of
National Foundation on the Arts and Humanities
National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration
National Imagery and Mapping Agency
National Indian Gaming Commission
National Institute for Literacy
National Institute for Standards and Technology
National Labor Relations Board
National Mediation Board
National Park Service
National Railroad Adjustment Board
National Science Foundation
National Telecommunications and Information
Natural Resources Conservation Service
Neighborhood Reinvestment Corp.
Northeast Dairy Compact Commission
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Occupational Safety and Health Review Board
Oklahoma City National Memorial Trust Operations Office
Overseas Private Investment Corp.
Payment from a non-Federal Source for Travel Expenses
Payment of Expenses Connected With the Death of Certain Employees
Peace Corps
Pennsylvania Avenue Development Commission
Pension and Welfare Benefits Administration
Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation
Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women in Armed Forces
Presidential Documents
Presidio Trust
Prisons, Bureau of
Procurement and Property Management
Productivity, Technology and Innovation, Assistant Secretary
Public Contracts, Dept. of Labor
Public and Indian Housing
Public Health Service
Railroad Retirement Board
Reclamation, Bureau of
Refugee Resettlement, Office of
Regional Action Planning Commissions Relocation Allowances
Research and Special Programs Administration
Rural Business-Cooperative Service
Rural Development Administration
Rural Housing Service
Rural Telephone Bank
Rural Utilities Service
Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation
Science and Technology Policy, Office of
Secret Service
Securities and Exchange Commission
Selective Service System
Small Business Administration
Smithsonian Institution
Social Security Administration
Soldiers’ and Airmens’ Home
Special Counsel, Office of
Surface Mining and Reclamation Appeals, Office of
Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement, Office of
Surface Transportation Board
Susquehanna River Basin Commission
Technology Administration
Technology Policy, Assistant Secretary of
Technology, Undersecretary for
Tennessee Valley Authority
Thrift Supervision Office
Trade Representative, U.S.
Transportation Dept.
Transportation, Office of
Transportation Safety Administration
Transportation Statistics Bureau
Utah Reclamation Mitigation and Conservation Commission
Veterans Affairs Dept.
Veterans Employment and Training
Wage and Hour Division
Worker’s Compensation Programs

Land of the Free – as long as you sit there with your mouth shut and color.

– Me

How to Control a NATION (Written between 1828-1852)

Shaping your future, big brother, central government; whatever the term, this mindset has been around a LONG time. Let me introduce you to what Auguste Comte (1798-1857) devoted his life for – what he called Sociology and the Religion of Humanity. This is relevant, as the Liberal thinkers have almost devoted our Country to this pattern of thought. These are his main points on how to SHAPE AND CONTROL SOCIETY EFFECTIVELY. There are 13 Main points that I summarize below… Please take the time to read this:

  1. Replace Religion with Positive Religion. The ever need for government to REMOVE factions of religion (Christianity, Taoism, etc.) and replace with spiritual reorganization, a new basis for morality. The introduction of the worship of woman.
  2. Institute and Expand Communistic Principles. Individualism and morals are both equally inconsistent with the final order of society. There should be a standard emplaced.
  3. Limit Education & Establish Sociological Control. Three main points here: Mental education is subordinate to social sympathies, the creation of useless academic studies, and service to humanity. The lack of central planning creates no common bond in customs, manners, festivals, community, and education.
  4. Control the Environment to Control Man & Claim Land. Environment Controls mankind – the way to regulate or combine mankind, religion places man under a supreme being, then government regulates upon the power extended them by the external power.
  5. Destroy Moral Authority and Crush Personality/Individualism. We must rid all personality in every shape, in the name of humanity. Heart over intellect – Social stigmas will rule sense. Reason subordinate to feeling – All classes must be brought under woman’s influence. The only real life is the collective life of the species. FORCE as a basis for government. GIVE up right to free inquiry
  6. Control Public Opinion. The public is the judge, control what they know and they judge collectively, and correctly. Creation of public opinion and control of public opinion is necessary. Alliance to organize public opinion is divide-and-conquer, followed by coercion of public opinion. Sympathetic instincts lead to uniformity in opinions – lead the conversation and force a victim.
  7. Liberalize Sexual Attitudes and Behavior. Intercourse with Priests – priests will be frequently tempered to feel the true dignity in a noble intercourse, first subjective, then objective. Revulsive Treatment for Sexual Instinct – TEACH all to feel the defects of the instinct and raise hope of its destitute. Protect Women from the TYRRANY OF HUSBANDS AND SONS by giving women moral superiority over man. ALL to be offsprings of spouseless mothers – creating a perfect society requires worship of humanity, where the mothers will systematically transform the judiciary in positive religion, independent of men, and establish men useless in relationships.
  8. Destroy Natural Families and Diminish Male Role. Utopia of the virgin mother – create public opinion that single mothers are given first in the sociocracy, by enabling procreation, the mother, in shared reproduction, will be largely increased to combined influences of continuity. The noble and pure woman, now singular and effectively independent of man, creates life alone. Man is no longer perceived as needed in reproduction as the woman creates the pattern in public opinion to choose to reproduce, therefore independently increasing the combined effort of sociology. The highest species of production becomes the mother, and no longer at the mercy of unruly instinct or restraint of human discipline. Reproduction depends SOLELY on women, therefore men no longer posses the possibility to contest the full ascendency of the affective sex over children, which were its offspring exclusively. A FEMALE friend, if well chosen, who could make herself a member of the family, would in most cases, do better than the father himself.
  9. Establish Evolutionary Theory and Control Science. Regard life as an evolution and discard any notion of creation. Social evolution is supreme, and even in the highest level of human perfection that can be conceived, the comparative human progression will not advance without the collective. SUPPORT FOR POSITIVE SCIENCE MUST AWAIT NEW GENERATION – Slow, methodical changes with younger generations provided more “adequate” training, starting in education. Political Philosophy Requires a Theory of Evolution – Social development MUST become the essence of politics in order to control.
  10. Promote Global Integration. Integration of church, race, and monetary units. The perception of acceptance in breeding practices will eventually breed out all factions of racial difference. This will result in complete unity, upon which time religion will be replaced with science.
  11. Invest Political Powers in Wealthy and Industry Leaders. Capital is the only accession to power, so concentrating wealth creates capital, ruling families therefore become permanent. Separate your government from the priesthood, separation gives legitimacy to government when science abolishes religion. Elimination of Middle Class – Create a blind hatred for the ambitions of the capitalists and their contempt for the people. This will create a joint stimulus of circumstances and convictions, upon which its heads will be absorbed by the wealthy, and its mass into the poor, so doing away with the middle class, and so doing away with dissention.
  12. Establish Cities as Centers of Operation. Cities as immediate organs of the GREAT BEING – The binding together various states upon the whole, gave extravagant dimensions to political societies, therefore the cities which voluntarily adhere to the Great Being become immediate organs of such. The Fatherland established  a relation between the soil and the social order; and thus the organs of the GREAT BEING are the nucleus of civilization, to instinctively refer to self as citizen, and effectively establish oneself as property of the GREAT BEING. Cities have no limitations as do states, therefore power is taken daily, delicately, but necessarily to establish control.
  13. Replace Constitution with World Management System. Existing systems must be destroyed through collective social ascendancy, and replaced with a central social power of collective force. Unity is progress, therefore all progress consists of developing and consolidating that unity. The Republics will have no habitual bond other than a common education, community of manners and customs, and common festivals. The GREAT BEING in its prime, will take possessions of its domain on earth, making improvements compatible with the order of the whole, in accordance with the principle that particular action must in all cases be subordinate to the general unity.

Does any of this sound familiar? Sounds a LOT like our current state of affairs from the top down. This is all excerpt from the six volume Positive Philosophy (1828-1842), System of Positive Polity (SPP), four volumes (1851-1854) , and Catechism of the Positive Religion, (CPR) (1852) to instruct his followers about methods to shape the future.

– Me

Do YOU pledge allegiance?

Ahh the Pledge of Allegiance; the true test of a man’s patriotism – or is it?

Not so fast, what do KNOW about the Pledge? First, a socialist named Francis Bellamy wrote it, and the original terms were not as we know it. The original Pledge went like this:

I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

In 1923 the words were changed to state:

I pledge allegiance to THE FLAG OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Upon threat from Communism in 1954, President Eisenhower urged Congress successfully to add the term UNDER GOD to make our current version:

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation UNDER GOD, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

So what is the problem? First, the separation of Church and State is an issue. Why is Congress enacting a portion of the Flag Code to reflect God? Not everyone believes we are UNDER GOD. Many people believe God is a part of us internally, or nature itself, or do not believe at all. Don’t get mad at that statement as it was not meant to be anti-religious, rather questionable how one can pledge allegiance to a symbol of a country UNDER GOD… God requires worship to HIM , and no other.

The fact that a Socialist wrote the original version is disturbing. It was originally published in the Youth’s Companion of 1892. This was kind of like our Reader’s Digest now. Well, there were rules to this pledge, such as:

At signal from the Principle the pupils in schools, in ordered ranks, hands to the side, face the Flag. Another signal is given; every pupil gives the flag the military salute – right hand lifted, palm downward, to a line with the forehead and close to it. Standing thus, all repeat together, slowly. I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands; one Nation indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.” At the words, “to my Flag” the right hand is extended gracefully, palm upward, toward the Flag, and remains in this gesture till the end of the affirmation; whereupon all hands immediately drop to the side. – The Youth’s Companion, 1892.

Shortly thereafter, the pledge was begun with the right hand over the heart, and after reciting “to the Flag” the arm was extended toward the Flag, palm-down. THAT’S RIGHT – PALM DOWN.  During WWII, the salute resembled the NAZI salute, so it was changed to keep the right hand over the heart through the entire process. Interesting how History once again shows the ugly truth behind something we have come to “hold dear” and sacred. Take religion out of the pledge and let the kiddos say it again (While respecting their first amendment rights) in a Socialist style central government praising kinda way. That is why it was written to begin with after all… Interesting to note that Barack Obama took some heat for doing just this during the Presidential Campaign in 2008.

– Me

Inflation (not debt) now at $16T

Here we go with one of the biggest lies from our politicians: National Debt. There is no such thing. We do not borrow money from China, as some would have you believe. If so, China would tell us at $6T that is enough, time to pay me back, which would be impossible. It is a flat out lie. We have National Inflation, not debt. The politicians act as thought these are two separate entities, and that your income tax dollars are spent trying to reign in this beast. Not true. Not even close. The 1913 Federal Reserve Act enacted PRIVATE banks to basically oversee the monetary policy, to the extent the Congress GAVE them Congressional power to coin money. That is actually against the Constitution – only the Congress has that power. Congress also passed the 16th Amendment enacting an income tax, a law that was ruled Unconstitutional in 1895 by the Supreme Court. How do they tie together? One second there is more… President Jackson opposed a CENTRAL BANK:

The greatest party battle centered around the Second Bank of the United States, a private corporation but virtually a Government-sponsored monopoly. When Jackson appeared hostile toward it, the Bank threw its power against him. Clay and Webster, who had acted as attorneys for the Bank, led the fight for its recharter in Congress. “The bank,” Jackson told Martin Van Buren, “is trying to kill me, but I will kill it!” Jackson, in vetoing the recharter bill, charged the Bank with undue economic privilege. –

A Central bank is a private corporation but virtually a Government sponsored monopoly. According to the White House web page – yes. Now you have the government showing the FED is comprised of PRIVATE corporations with the oversight of the all-powerful government (who would do no wrong nor be corrupted), which Congress handed the authority to coin money (The National Reserve Note) (Federal Reserve Act) (IRS) and levee taxes all in one fatal swoop to freedom in 1913. Now that you see, the monster created, let us see how the “debt” is a lie and so are your income tax dollars.

Politicians claim your income tax dollars go to pay off the debts of the country. Well, how did we ever survive before 1913 without an income tax? Interesting enough, but really, why have an income tax if it is not useful? It IS useful – to the FED (Those annoying private bankers). Conspiracy theory you say – no – facts. Your income taxes are actually a tax paid to the FED, not the government, as a tax for utilizing their monetary system. The 1913 assaults on freedom needed LAW behind it to be legitimate. That is why the IRS was established (also a losing proposition originally called the bureau of Internal Revenue). The IRS and FED were invented so Congress could spend money. This is why the debt never goes away, because nobody pays into the “negative” as there is no negative. Let me explain.

Congress says we need a Billion bucks to do this or that (does not matter what). The FED PRINTS a Billion Dollars – there is no loan so no “debt” but there is a Billion Dollars of new inflation now. Congress spends the Billion Dollars “loaned” to them by the FEDS, now the money that came from nothing is gone. It is in the economy somewhere, and does not really matter where, and it just devalued the dollar some MORE. This is our “debt”. Now let us say the Congress loaned this money to a company (Say GM for a more recent example) and the company pays the money back to Congress. Congress now has a Billion dollars they can spend AGAIN. The money was already printed, so the debt went up, they can NOT give it back because there is no way to. It was never a loan, it was just printed up for Congress. So they spend it somewhere else in another program – infusing another Billion dollars into the economy and creating more inflation. They essentially spent Two Billion Dollars from nothing and used only One. That is, of course, if they actually do something with the money. Like I said, it was never a loan until the company agreed to pay Congress back – so Congress and the bankers could easily keep this money and it would be perfectly LEGAL as the money came from nothing to begin with. Since there was no originating loan – the money does NOT exist once Congress spends it the first time.

This is why the debt never decreases, because it is not actually debt – it is inflation. Back to the taxes now. Your income taxes are actually a fee YOU pay to the FED for using the monetary system they set up for you. Every time you pay income taxes, the money goes to the FED and disappears. That INCOME TAX money does not pay for the “debt” or national security, or any of that other B/S the politicians tell you. That money goes to the private bankers as their collection of fees. The IRS is the quasi governmental/FED organization enforcing compliance for utilizing the monetary policies set by the private bankers. You want to use their money – then you have to pay a fee. Plain and simple. That is why those who don’t work – and don’t make money, pay no fee. You are not being punished for making money; you are paying a fee for making and using it – even if you only use it electronically. The entire system is corrupt and put in place carefully for you. They tried many times to enact these things separate from each other (The IRS, the FED) and failed miserably. In 1913 all the planets lined up with creating all entities at once, and making them somewhat interchangeable and inseparable. Congress got what it wanted (the ability to spend money whenever they want) and the bankers got what they wanted (the FED – control of the money).

Below are the stats of our “National Debt”. There is a R for Republican control and a D for Democratic Control, but this is an accurate Congressional debt chart. As you can see, even during the great Clinton years, the number has never decreased – because this is an inflation tracker, not a debt tracker. Wake up out there… There is NO NATIONAL DEBT – only a sales pitch to confuse you and keep the sheep moving in the right direction. Bottom line: End the FED, and you end income taxes, and Congressional blank checks. Click here to see for yourself:

01/23/2012                                                      $15,236,245,309,869.69 (D)
12/31/2011                                                      $15,222,940,045,451.09 (D)
06/30/2011                                                      $14,343,087,640,008.40 (D)
12/31/2010                                                      $14,025,215,218,708.52 (D)
06/30/2010                                                      $13,203,473,753,968.10 (D)
12/31/2009                                                      $12,311,349,677,512.03 (D)
08/30/2009                                                      $11,909,829,003,511.75 (D)
04/16/2009                                                      $11,183,899,252,728.00 (D)
10/30/2008                                                      $10,530,893,033,778.21 (R)
11/01/2007                                                      $9,080,228,573,291.65 (R)
09/29/2006                                                      $8,506,973,899,215.23 (R)
09/30/2005                                                      $7,932,709,661,723.50 (R)
09/30/2004                                                      $7,379,052,696,330.32 (R)
09/30/2003                                                      $6,783,231,062,743.62 (R)
09/30/2002                                                      $6,228,235,965,597.16 (R)
09/28/2001                                                      $5,807,463,412,200.06 (R)
08/08/2001                                                      $5,720,324,946,092.23 (R)
04/30/2001                                                      $5,661,347,798,002.65 (R)
02/28/2001                                                      $5,735,859,380,573.98 (R)
01/31/2001                                                      $5,716,070,587,057.36 (R)
12/29/2000                                                      $5,662,216,013,697.37 (D)
09/29/2000                                                      $5,674,178,209,886.86 (D)
09/30/1999                                                      $5,656,270,901,615.43 (D)
09/30/1998                                                      $5,526,193,008,897.62 (D)
09/30/1997                                                      $5,413,146,011,397.34 (D)
09/30/1996                                                      $5,224,810,939,135.73 (D)
09/29/1995                                                      $4,973,982,900,709.39 (D)
09/30/1994                                                      $4,692,749,910,013.32 (D)
09/30/1993                                                      $4,411,488,883,139.38 (D)
09/30/1992                                                      $4,064,620,655,521.66 (R)
09/30/1991                                                      $3,665,303,351,697.03 (R)
09/28/1990                                                      $3,233,313,451,777.25 (R)
09/29/1989                                                      $2,857,430,960,187.32 (R)
09/30/1988                                                      $2,602,337,712,041.16 (R)
09/30/1987                                                      $2,350,276,890,953.00 (R)

– Me

Freedom (Lack of?)

I found these around my courthouse today… Enjoy

– Me

The Right to Vote

Or should I say the privilege to vote? The 15th Amendment to the Constitution is under the Civil Rights guise (Rights GIVEN you by your government, which can be taken away) states very clearly that a Citizen’s right – which the 14th Amendment says you have none, but mere privileges – to vote shall not be denied on account of race, color, or servitude. Think about the wording… Attorneys word things intentionally, so there is no mistaking the verbiage here. Shall not be denied on account of race, color, or servitude; well how about affiliations, sex, regions, or weight? Sounds pretty stupid does it not? Yes, I readily admit that sounds dumb, but between the 14th stating you have privileges and no rights, and the 15th stating ONLY race, color, or servitude is the ONLY reasons the government can NOT deny you the right to vote, meaning it is a privilege. Well, that is not even the bigger issue here; the big game is popular vote. A Presidential election is decided on Electoral Votes, not on popular vote. That means that you – the person reading this – makes no difference if you vote for a President or not, as the electoral votes are what wins the game. Your vote in a Presidential Election DO NOT MATTER. So why do them?

The answer is quite simple: The charade must go on… As long as you THINK you are free, you are. Go vote and feel good that your guy got in or feel bad that he didn’t, but either way the decision was never yours, and you never had any part of it. Only the National Committees (DNC and RNC) can choose who represents them, once again by delegates – NOT POPULAR VOTE. Your President is a manifestation of the two super powers known as the Republican National Committee or Democratic National Committee. Period. You, you are not eligible to run for President as you were not vetted through the committees, you are not their YES man, so no game for you. The President is nothing more than a talking head, the policies never change, but you have someone to blame when stuff goes bad. Think about it. What changed in our war policies when Obama took office. GITMO is still open, the Iraq War ended when it was scheduled to, Afghanistan is still going strong, we are still attacking using drones, we still arrest people and give them no trial – that was a big change.

The right to vote is nothing more than a smoke screen for us idiots out here that want to feel as though we control the Government when it is clearly the other way around. Go to your local downtown square (usually around your local Courthouse) and just observe how many signs TELL you what to do. No walking here, you can’t stand there, Speed Limits, Handicapped Parking, No Parking, Two Hour Parking, Security Searches, No entry, and that is to name a few. Go stand in front of your Courthouse and look around and you will SEE what I am saying. It is government overload. The elections give you the thought that you are part of the government – YOU ARE NOT. They are not real, and you have no affect on the outcome. Voting is a right given you by the government under the 15th Amendment but labeled as a right of the Citizen – A term clearly defined in the 14th Amendment where you have only government given privileges. We do not live in a Democracy, we live in a Republic. In a Republic, in which each PERSON (The People – not citizens) is sovereign.

Make no mistake, the Federal Government (corp.) CAN revoke the “right” to vote. It can because this “right” was given to citizens from the government, or in simple terms, given as a privilege to its property (14th Amendment again). As a citizen, you only have privileges, and what you call rights are only rights given to you from the government – terminology to keep you pacified, but a right they can revoke at any time.

– Me

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