Is THIS the truth?

Did I finally hear some sense come from the Keystone pipeline deal? Mass D Congressman Ed Markey (Mass 7th district) just explained the reason for the Keystone Pipeline opposition is quite simple. The Canadians are refusing to strike ANY deal with the US for building this pipeline, such as keeping the oil in North America to keep OUR prices down. Basically he is claiming the Canadians are wanting to place a pipeline through the US to sell oil from TX to China, or whomever.

Finally an argument that makes sense. The reason I question the validity of this is simple: If this were the reason for denying the pipeline, then why am I just NOW hearing about it? I actually agree with the Congressman here. IF the Canadians are risking our environmental health, and transporting oil across our nation, then WE should be the benefactor of this. That is really a really simple concept. Oddly enough, that message just came out today, though. I wonder why we haven’t heard that one before?

Another argument he made was that Canada was selling oil rights to China here in the US. Why do the Canadians have oil rights in the US – that they pay NO royalties on? Seems odd and stupid to me, especially since his argument against the pipeline is benefiting from the overall agreement. Hmmm. Interesting for sure, but where is the truth?

– Me


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