The Breakup of the Century?

Not Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise.. Kirsten Stewart and that weirdo from Twilight Robert Pattinson. Like, OMG, she cheated on him? No way!

Who the Hell Cares? I personally think someone lied to her and told he she was like really hot – she is not. This girl is trash and it should be no surprise I would say for this to happen. Not only is she trashy, she is mega-millionaire who is like 24 years old. Get over it already. People without money do worse things to each other, I could only imagine how little Suzy would treat Timmy the football star if she came into money like that… Think about it.

Anywho, for all you idiots out there crying because Bella and Edward did not work out – guess what – this is REAL LIFE not some idiotic fictional vampire tale. The book still ends the same as yesterday, and these two are no more impervious to cheating than any other couple. Who knows? Maybe Edward is a real jerk in real life, or maybe he did not please her in bed, or maybe, just maybe they started a relationship based on working together – odds not very many would overcome I think.

Any way you slice this pie you come to this: How does it affect you? Short answer: IT DOESN’T! Stop contemplating suicide and stop living your life through a fictional relationship.

– Me


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