Publishers Clearing House!!!

Win $5K a week for LIFE! What’s better than that? $5K a week for another person’s life (I assume after you die). Wow, that is an offer I simply cannot refuse. sign me up.

Wait a minute… I sign up, and then have to use this PCH search box thingy to sign up? I thought I already signed up. Oh there’s more? There IS more, there are “special offers” coming my way. Well, I did not want to purchase anything; I simply wanted to be signed up to win the money. SKIP, SKIP, SKIP, five pages later you get to the actual sign up page. Now they want personal information. That’s where I draw the line. I was already aggravated by the B/S, but this is too much. They try to justify their fishing trip with this statement:

We need your information for processing of award(s).

Really? You have my email address. If I win, email me that I won and I will be happy to DRIVE TO YOU to begin the collections process. I am not providing my cell phone number, street address, date of birth, etc. Hell, you can almost get credit with that much info. You could probably buy a car at a finance here place with that much. No need to come to my door with the PCH van and a huge check. Publisher’s Clearing House is a giant salesman and nothing else. They offer crappy products at false discounts to fund their operation. The profits are the PCH giveaways. I’m not saying it is illegal or they do not pay here and there. I AM saying in order to enter a contest, you must be willing to jump through numerous hoops and give out your personal info. I am unwilling – even at the risk of becoming rich.

– Me


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  1. Posted by Mom on July 23, 2012 at 5:17 pm

    Just got mine in the mail today! You don’t have to buy anything, but how do you enter if you can’t use the order form to enter if you are not buying? Ha Ha! It just says you have to send in the envelope with the proper sticker, so that’s what I did! The envelope doesn’t have anything inside. See how they like them apples!


    • They will send you more in the mail stating you are getting close to winning and to continue to enter. How many times do you have to enter before you are actually entered? You will get another letter from them stating that SOMEONE in your area code will win money, will it be you? Enter here to get on the prize patrol list! Well, you already entered, so why are they asking you to do it again?… Reason is while you do not have to buy anything, they still send their mailer out with each entry form. This is less about winning money and more about them trying to sell magazines and stuff. Please let us know if you get follow up from them asking for you to enter to win a prize you already entered to win – My guess is you will receive at least three more mailers that ask you to enter before its too late.

      – Me


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