Aurora, CO Shooting Rampage

There was a shooting last night around midnight at the Aurora, CO Batman premiere. This was a terrorist action. Not an Al Qaeda, or organized crime from what we currently know, but a terrorist action no doubt. Think not? Was Nidal Hassan a terrorist action? The only difference I see so far is there has not (as of yet) been a connection to a terrorist organization from this CO shooter. This is terrible. A four month old was injured, a dozen killed, 71 injured. Terrible. I hope they hang this guy in the street so all the little kiddos can see what happens when you act up.

GUN CONTROL NOW!!! Not so fast. While this is a horrendous act, crazy people do crazy things. It is really quite that simple. I am quite sure the Left will try to politicize this as a religious zealout right wing nut, and the right will try to spin this as something as well, but this guy was just twisted. Gun control will solve nothing here, as this guy was not utilizing the gun for LEGAL use, so no matter the regulation – this guy would have killed.

Look, knee jerk reactions solve very little and wind up punishing those who do not deserve such. If we are going to take everything away that kills, let us make a list:

1. knives

2. cars

3. swimming pools

4. boats

5. jolly ranchers

6. rope

7. tall buildings and bridges

8. life

Do you see where I am going with this? C’mon people, if you don’t like guns, then do not buy them, but a gun will no more kill someone than a car without the presence of a operator. This guy is a nut and committed a terrible crime… Punish him appropriately, grieve for the families involved, but leave the politics out of it.

– Me


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  1. i always like your posts because you have such a good way of expressing yourself, and this is a virtue in these days.


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