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Professionalism – Elitism

The Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee just addressed the American people in true professional style on Twitter by stating this:

Patrick GaspardPatrick Gaspard@patrickgaspard3h

it’s constitutional. Bitches.
Nice. Really nice – professonal even. Spike that football!
     – Me

Health Care (ObamaCare)

Well, it appears that Obama Care’s individual mandate was held up in the SCOTUS. While I disagree with the fundamentals of the funding mechanisms, I am finding it hard to form an opinion on this due to ALL news agencies not really touting victory nor defeat. this leads me to believe nobody really knows what the Hell is going on. The individual mandate was upheld, but all I am hearing from the Left is how Romney is a flip-flopping SOB, while the Right is talking about some bullcrap about Medicaid/Medicare.

SCOTUS says this is a new tax, but it doesn’t really matter since it was upheld. So where do go from here? We pay the tax of course. Ha! I don’t like what I am hearing, but I guess as Nanci Pelosi was saying – we are still gonna have to wait to see what’s in it, to see how it affects us.

My question is this: Everyone is required to have insurance or pay a tax. What if you can’t afford health insurance or the tax? Do you go to jail for being poor or do you get a free pass and become funded from those paying the taxes? If the former is true, then now we are jailing our citizens for being poor; while if the latter is the case, then this is nothing more than redistribution of wealth. We already have programs like this in place for poor people. Maybe this will replace those old ones? Hardly, more like adding to it. More bureaucracy, more taxes, and more government.

How many MORE government employees will it take to govern this new law? While the SCOTUS found the individual mandate Constitutional, they did acknowledge this was a new tax. Well, what are you gonna do? Pay the new tax, and shut up. After all, you are not a citizen, you are a subject – Congress just proved it by forcing a new tax on us.

– Me

Student Loan Woes

Today the student loan issue came up during a debate about Eric Holder. A democratic strategist decided that was relevant somehow to a potential contempt charge, voter suppression, or gun walking. Don’t ask me how she came to this topic, but she did. I guess because her normal talking points eluded her at the moment so she went off on another tangent.

Anyway, let’s talk about student loans and the interest rate hike coming. July is the month it will go from 4.3% to 8.6%. This is due to Congressional interference. The Democratically controlled Congress passed the rate REDUCTION in 2007, which was a good thing. Like all things in Congress, it was temporary and is coming to expire. Now that is a problem. Sure is. I admit that, and I personally think Congress needs to make the reduction (current rate) permanent. Here is where Congress gets retarded. They cannot just pass a simple rate reduction, oh no. They have to act like children on a playground and start adding shit that should not be there. They will stick legislation on the backside to fund bridges and road projects, housing, who knows? After all 50 states have added their individual pork to this – it is NO longer about interest rates and students. It is now about each state giving their constituents free stuff for votes. They are buying votes by mucking up something that should have been simple. No, I take that back; extremely simple.

The problem with student loans is not really the interest rate. The problem with student loans is the government is overseeing this. The proof is in the pudding, and this pudding is full of crap that should not be there. Is anyone else wondering why the government WANTED to be in student loans to begin with? They did want to be in charge of it, or they would have stayed out of it. Think about that, and if this is important to you – tell your Congressperson not to add BS to it… Make it straight up about lower interest rates and nothing more. My money is not on that occurring.

Fed Gov’t student loan website

– Me


King Obama did not like the results of the SCOTUS decision today. What was his response?

Boston Globe reports:

The Justice Department has set up a hotline for the public to report potential civil rights concerns regarding the Arizona law that requires police to to check the immigration status of those they stop for other reasons.

the hotline phone number is 1-855-353-1010

the hotline email is

So, the King of the US bypassed duly implemented law passed by a democratically elected Congress (his words) because he did not like it, and then the US Supreme Court disagree with him and he turns around hours later and pulls this shit? It almost seems like he is trying to start a civil war. He insulted and bypassed Congress and now he insults and bypasses the Supreme Court. If he is able to continue this type of action, then what can he NOT do?

– Me

SCOTUS Decision (Immigration) SB1070

The SCOTUS found two parts of the Arizona immigration law unconstitutional today while finding one part constitutional. The two parts found no good were

1. It would become a misdemeanor crime in the state, and on the state level, to be a documented foreigner but not have your documents on your body. This is ADDING to the Federal Law requiring illegal immigrants over the age of 14 to register with the government if in the country over 30 days.

2. This is two fold, one being it becomes illegal to hire workers from a vehicle (The Home Depot pick up). AND it becomes illegal to transport the illegal and “further” their illegal activities.

The part that was deemed good legislation states that in the course of a normal police activity, such as traffic violation or arrest, the police CAN inquire of immigration status and turn that person over to the Feds for processing.

OK, here we go…

The first portion of the struck down law seems pretty ridiculous. To add a charge on the state level like this seems like a way for the state to increase revenue. This does not appear to be a legitimate complaint or concern. I understand the state was attempting to legislate itself some teeth to deal with the problem they are having, but I find this portion kinda reaching. The second portion of this law seems viable as far as the hiring from a vehicle. This is dangerous and conflict with local traffic laws as well as working laws. A person standing outside of Home Depot is not a certified construction worker nor is he licensed or bonded the way legitimate workers are. This I understand, but once again, should be more of a local law. This should not have been placed in an immigration law in my opinion. This applies to all drivers and workers regardless race or ethnicity. Now on to the transporting illegals. I DO think this needs addressed, and I agree with it. You are held accountable for transporting your friend who has an 8ball on him, and you will both go to jail. For some reason, this same mentality does not apply to immigrants. Now the SCOTUS shot it down, so it matters not now. They made a decision, and that is enough for me. As for the third part, I think this should have been the only thing in the bill from the start. There is nothing wrong with asking immigration status while processing a crime. The person is already in custody and that alleviates the “racial profiling”.

Seems to me the SCOTUS did the right thing in chopping portions and keeping portions. The most troubling of this saga is King Obama telling them to pass whatever law they want, because they are doing it in vain. Without the support of the Federal Gov’t, no amount of state immigration policy will help because they pass it off to ICE – who was just told to stop doing their jobs. Interesting enough, the Left is now calling on Republicans to fix immigration, even though they could have easily fixed it themselves two years ago. It is kinda funny, and kinda sad to watch our childish politicians go back and forth. Bottom line is this: We have laws and we need to enforce them. Why are we giving a pass on a set of laws while strictly enforcing others? Consistency should be the staple for law enforcement, no matter the topic. Obama should not have the power to undercut Congress and do the job Congress does. That is precisely why Arizona attempted to pass its own immigration policy. You know what? Petition Congress to change the law, and get rid of the border. If it is a law, 99% of society will adhere to it and go on about their coloring. Change the law if you don’t like it, but you cannot just side step it like Obama did.

My good buddy told me he is sick and tired of hearing about immigration with Mexico, because this is not Mexico. He is right. enforce the law or get rid of it completely. This picking and choosing which laws to enforce is more Castro and less United States. Now take a victory lap on both sides, cuz everyone is a winner in this one! Stricter immigration laws while not enforcing them. How could you not feel good about that?

– Me

People are IDIOTS

I was watching a news program where recent college graduates were being interviewed individually. Well, this idiot girl came on that went to the University of Alabama (Roll Tide). She was complaining that school costs so much and like ya know, it should be free and stuff and EVERYONE should go. Idiot

Two immediate problems I see from this mentality.

1. Colleges are BUSINESSES no matter how much you want them to be some shiny unicorn. They are not. They are business, and if it costs too much in your opinion, then go somewhere else or do not go at all.

2.If EVERYONE goes to college, and graduates, then college becomes the new high school. Part of what makes college a worthwhile venture is the fact that NOT everyone goes. This, in theory, gives you the leg up over those who did not attend. If everyone owns gold, then it would not be worth as much. Think about it.

I guess she DID HAVE to Roll Tide and probably sit in the stadium while they win another BCS Championship, but how much did that cost? She could have easily gone to UAB or GA or some other localized college, not to mention community colleges. The sad part of this is you absolutely expect a smarter argument from a recent college graduate. Not that bull-crap Alicia Silverstone airhead sounding Clueless style of talking. Umm, so like, ya know? Anyone starting a sentence this way should not end it with some sort of political analysis.

Wanna know the truth why college costs so much? Look at the salaries of the staff, and then look at the temples they build for you to worship. Someone is paying for that (tuition and worship). That someone is you, in exchange for your money the school is selling you a diploma and your new favorite 14 Championships T-Shirt!

– Me

Setting up the excuses…

I was watching my favorite Lezzy pundit Rachel Maddow, but alas, she took the night off and left a queer dude in her stead. I guess leave it how you found it huh? Enough about that…

These idiots on the Left who were touting the Obama machine not three weeks ago are now setting up excuses for losing the Presidential election!!! They are saying everything from the American People do NOT understand (we are too dumb) to Mitt Romney is so rich he is going to BUY his way to the White House. Hmmm.. Seems like petty bullshit to me.

The excuses coming out this early to me means one thing: The left is preparing for defeat. Plain and simple. They have been arrogant and decisive until now, so what the Hell changed? Nothing, except the polls now say Obama MIGHT lose. Interesting enough. November will say for sure. I am going Romney, but history will tell this tale.

The main thing I personally find interesting is that the most advocating Leftist is now distancing themselves… FIVE MONTHS before the election. Looks like a duck, quacks like a duck. . .

It’s a fucking duck

– Me

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