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What Country is This Again?

Planned Parenthood is making donations to re-elect Obama according to FOX News…

I  could find nothing on this on the Planned Parenthood website, but will say this: If this or any organization who receives Federal funding makes campaign donations to either party, they should immediately be cut off. The reason is simple. They either do not NEED the money, or are misappropriating it. Either way, the Federal Government should stop providing financial assistance if they are going to turn around and spend that very tax payer funded assistance on election campaigns. That is highly immoral and nothing more than the incumbent using tax dollars to fund a campaign.

Once again, I did not find any proof of this, but it is a deplorable notion. I truly hope this is not happening.

– Me


This Guy Simply CAN’T relate… He is Too RICH

Let me guess… You thought I was talking about Mitt Romney. Well, I was, but not exclusively. I find it so interesting people say Mitt Romney just cannot relate to normal people because he is super wealthy. I find this interesting because most politicians ARE WEALTHY. President Obama is a very wealthy man, and has been for some time. Don’t let that surprise you, the guy is not exactly from the ghettos of Chicago. He also profited from the lower class – actions which he now chastises.

I down no man for making money, after all, is that not the American dream? To become wealthy is the dream of every citizen of our country, so why do we act as though it is bad for OTHERS to make it? Why do we also act as though Romney is detached and elite while Obama is somehow not? They are both wealthy and elite – that is a fact. As far as relating to the common man: I do not want them to relate to me. I want them to stand for something, get gas prices lower, and leave me alone as an American. I want my freedom like when this country was founded. . . Stop passing thousand page laws and let me make my own choices. I am quite sure I can relate to me, no matter how much money I accrue.

– Me

Moral Compass

Whatever happened to integrity? What happened to being honest, and having a bit of a moral compass? How many of you out there have seen parent-coaches “hand-pick” their kid for All Stars or something similar when they clearly did not warrant this based on performance? I am sure this has occurred to many out there… Tell me about it, share your experiences.

As for me, I am gonna have a face to face with our coach and we will discuss this:

– Me

Steve Wilkos

What I find the most disturbing about this show is how this guy tries to bully people on his show, all the while claiming to be helping them. This guy is a terrible host, and the show is terrible. Watch this at your own peril. This show is not even that entertaining due to Steve being a super-dick the entire show. He postures against his own guests and gives the worst advice I have ever seen. He is no doctor or mental health professional – and it SHOWS! This guy will twist ANY statement by his guests to fit his agenda – make the guests angry and force a fight. . . Tell Steve you take care of your kids and he replies “they dont even like you”. . . Tell Steve your ex will not let you see your kids and he replies “I would walk through on fire broken glass barefoot to see my kids”. No winning with him because he is not a real talk show host, and cares nothing for the truth. He cares about Springer-style entertainment: FIGHTS.

Go back to being Jerry Springer’s bouncer, or a crappy cop, and leave the talk shows to those who don’t try to fight their guests. I have never seen another host be so confrontational while “helping” his guests before. What a douchebag

– Me

Whats up with Expedia?

These idiots went from the sissy stitching things together to the uber idiotic and ugly “Superstar” actress Molly Shannon of SNL fame…That brings me to believe I could just as easily cast someone for Expedia’s next retarded commercial. I mean from one annoying overly-sissified queer to one of the ugliest actresses on television? Whatever floats your boat, I guess. I boycotted them long ago, but now I am plagued with a constant barrage of commercials that are equally terrible as annoying. Another home run Expedia.. you are really doing it for me – I mean making sure I will never use your company again. Go ahead and have the occupy idiots do your next one… How do you occupy? By using Expedia, of course!

– Me

Why you no take care of MY son?

I sit in pure entertainment bliss watching Maury figure out who the baby daddy is. I love this show for numerous reasons, the most prevalent being that these ladies have generally slept with so many men they have NO idea who the father may be. While this in itself is highly sad and speaks volumes for her social situation, it is still really, really funny. I mean, how the Hell can a person accidentally sleep with six people in a matter of a day, for consecutive days and not remember this?

I personally do not blame the people; they have a GOOD reason to deny the baby. Now calling the girl a hoe and a slut does nothing for either side, as the men are no better. They are taking turns (one after another) basically, so they are equally nasty.

This particular Maury has a white girl with a mixed baby. Nothing wrong with that. Where it gets stupid is during the interview where she is attempting to garner sympathy from the audience and Maury. She is doing a fairly good job of playing the victim at this point and speaking clearly and decently. Everything changes when the guys are brought out, this girl went from middle-class well spoken society to gutter ghetto Ebonics bitch faster than an unintentional blink. When you blink out of necessity and not out of an intentional act, it is very fast.

This girl started talking in shortened, almost undecipherable sentences and bouncing around as if she were in a dance club for no reason. Of course, she is angry at these gentlemen for not WANTING to help HER out with this child – that could be the spawn of any person at the block party!!! This girl slept with EVERYONE there apparently. Maury asks her the obvious question before reading the results: Are you sure there is no possibility of anyone else being the father.. Short answer: NO

Long story short, none of the goobers were the pappy. She runs off stage fake crying as if she just lost her puppy, Oh the tragedy, Sparky come back to me!

As stated previously, this is sad, but oh so funny. She reverts back to her middle class accent after hearing none of the saggy panted swagger-filled hustlas was gonna pay for her baby. After all, was that not what she was after the whole time? Who really believes she was there so one of these fine gentlemen would be in the baby’s life? Not so much, and the proof is when she shotgun blasts all of them at once demanding pampers and formula. This crack-head was looking for a paycheck plain and simple. Sad? Yes. Funny? Hell Yes!

– Me

Border Patrol

I recently returned to the US after a short vacation in Montreal via the Thousand Islands. For those not familiar, that is the border crossing between Canada/New York state beginning I-81.

I entered Canada at the Detroit, MI border crossing, entering at the tunnel next to the big GM building. Entering Canada was not only a breeze, it was enjoyable. Nice conversation, no attitudes, and helpful directions. As I stated, enjoyable.

Back to the border patrol. This border patrol agent was fat, clearly out of shape, and extremely lazy. I handed him my credentials, he made me lean out of my car window to do this as he clearly was not going to put forth any effort in doing so himself. He began interrogating me about why I was in Canada, and what I bought while over there. He mumbled numerous sentences I could not hear and politely asked him to repeat, which he did in a huff of disgust. After satisfying his ridiculous tyrannical questioning about nothing, he made me roll my window down and pulled a bag out, which he searched. He looked at my baseball, magnets, and syrup, concluding I may not be a danger after all. Of course I have traveled extensively over seas, so he HAD to know why I was doing that, as if it were his business. I explained to him what was going on – then the most professional act of our government’s border security took place. I was asked this: “How do you know the person traveling with you?”

Ummm, my wife… Same last name, same address on our ID’s. What gave it away dumb-shit? Anyway, I was embarrassed for our country at that moment, to know our border is being protected by overweight dickheads who have a power complex. This fat piece of shit questioned me as if I were on a BOLO (be on the look out) list, although I have an Iraq veteran tag on my car and speak with a country draw. It was highly angering to know this guy had the power to detain me for no reason, even though someone needs to tell him he is being a dick head.

Anyway, my border patrol experience was terrible, and for no reason. As a veteran and a citizen of the US, I felt this guy was merely showing he was in charge and was less concerned about securing anything. What a shame. Both that this occurred and that these professionals are held to no standard apparently. Welcome to the US – this time. That is the message I was greeted with coming home. Thank God I was sleeping two hours a night in a combat zone so this guy could harass folks trying to come home. . .

– Me

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