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Did you laugh? I did

– Me


Interesting Quote

This was credited to David Burge of the Iowa Hawk Blog, but I could not verify the origin. Whoever said it, I absolutely agree. Not just Obama, though, Congress and our government as a whole.

Apparently I am supposed to be more concerned about what Mitt Romney does with his money than what Barack Obama does with mine

If anyone knows who deserves credit for this (other than David Burge) please show the citation and I will correct it.

– Me

Ayn Rand

Amazing how these thoughts are relevant today…

– Me

Supply and Demand Woes

We have been hearing lately the back and forth of the oil companies. The supply is up because demand is down, all due to higher prices. Well, this article from Reuters claims that Chevron has lower than expected demand, meaning they are pumping LESS gas to people, but still somehow raked in $6B in profits, from $60B revenue. Well, that seems oddly not normal. Usually when supply is up, and demand is down, prices will fall. For some reason right now, supply is up, demand is down, and prices are RISING. article click here

This may sound crazy, but good for them! I believe in the free market, and I also believe they provide a product I am unwilling and incapable of providing myself. Charge whatever you want for it. People will either buy it, or find alternatives to driving. That being said, the free market will eventually dictate a fair price for gas or these companies will go out of business. As much as people complain about high gas prices, they are still driving, so we have not yet hit the peak of what they are able to charge. If we want lower energy prices, how about getting the EPA to stop “crucifying” oil companies and fining them for mundane things. Each penny big oil spends to remain in “compliance” with Federal Laws is passed down to us consumers. It does not hurt them whatsoever, and I suggest they could care less to any affect the Feds wish to “punish” them. They will simply pay the fine, and charge more for gas.

Chevron made $6B in profits this quarter. That outrages some. What outrages me is they made $60.7B in total revenue meaning they only pocketed 10% of their total revenue! Why does nobody ever bring up this figure? look at this article:

Exxon Mobile reported a $7.7B profit, with these payouts:

$340M state taxes

1.3B Federal income tax (18 %)

This figure does not include the extra tax you pay as a consumer at the pump. Another 32% is chewed up by State and Federal taxes. That means you are literally paying Uncle Sam $1.28 for EVERY GALLON at $4/gallon. Where is the outrage there? Why are you not angry at the government for charging YOU that much per gallon. That is not money the gas company pays. You pay that as a consumer. For a twenty gallon tank, you are paying the government $25.60!!!! Holy Crap, now that changes the dynamics of the sale, does it not? Why are we chastising a business for making a profit?

The oil companies send the Federal Government Billions, if not hundreds of Billions annually. The oil companies produce something, while the government does nothing to make their profits. The Government then charges YOU $25.60 for every 20 gallons. Let us use the standard 22 million barrels a day, of which 20 gallons of gas/barrel is produced. That is about 440M gallons of gas. Multiply 440M x Uncle Sam’s $1.28 per gallon and you get $563B. Let us put it all together

The Federal Government receives hundreds of millions of dollars from oil companies annually, and also taxes us (YOU) at $563B a DAY! $563B x 365 days? That is over $205T a year in gas tax AT THE PUMP! Makes you wonder where that money goes, and why are we mad at gas companies for profiting $6B when our government is raping us for all we are worth? Think about these figures next time you wanna complain about gas companies. Complain about our government instead and give credit where it is due. And remember, when you fill up your SUV, you just sent Uncle Sam another $20-$40! Is that not the very premise that our country was founded against?

– Me

Interesting Perspective

The interesting thing about this photo of Snoop and Martha making brownies is not what these two opposites are doing, but that one of them has been to prison. Now if that does not blow your racist, stereotyping mind, then nothing will.

– Me

The End of Public Protesting?

Sounds something out of a WWII German or Russian area huh? Maybe present day Iran or Cuba? Nope… Right here in the good ole’ US of A. HR 347 snuck through the House and was signed into law Jan 3, 2012. What does it say? Glad you asked. Here is a snippit:

(A) Whoever –

‘‘(2) knowingly, and with intent to impede or disrupt the
orderly conduct of Government business or official functions,
engages in disorderly or disruptive conduct in, or within such
proximity to, any restricted building or grounds when, or so
that, such conduct, in fact, impedes or disrupts the orderly
conduct of Government business or official functions

‘‘(B) of a building or grounds where the President or
other person protected by the Secret Service is or will
be temporarily visiting; or
‘‘(C) of a building or grounds so restricted in conjunction
with an event designated as a special event of national

That means that if you protest the President or the party you disagree with, you could be held criminally responsible for that. You could very easily be in vioaltion of HR 347 in that you protested (disrupted orderly conduct by being loud) a building designated a special event or national significance. Let me tell you where this could hit home. Town hall meetings with unpopular Congressional members; people will no longer have the RIGHT to disagree with political entities, as this could easily be seen as disruptive behavior. No more protests in front of the US Capital or White House. Here I was thinking protesting was a fundamental right of our people. I guess those rights are outdated, and free contraceptive has taken its place. I wonder when blogs will become illegal or at least censored?

How the Hell did this pass without media attention, and how many of our rights are we willing to give up? Here is the link to the law: click here

– Me

All Natural Dog Food? Dumb

I love the blue buffalo dog food commercial where the ladies are all butt-hurt when they find out their old dog food was made of corn and such. It starts off with them being flabbergasted by the ingredients of the old dog food, then going on to explain how great blue buffalo is due to their high content of actual meat, and fresh goodness. It is so much better for their dog, and that gives them a warm and fuzzy feeling inside I guess. How dumb. How dumb are they? I am not anti-dog ownership, but I call enough already! Stop with the holistic and naturally healthy sales pitch already. You are talking about dog food now for crying aloud. At $46 for a 26 lb bag, I think we found the REAL reason behind marketing this “natural” food. Money.

I guess Blue Buffalo is brilliant as they market to the idiots who will buy this crap for their dog. Whatever did animals do before we domesticated them? Whatever will they do without a low-carbohydrate diet, or without massive levels of digestible proteins? Answer is this: The same damn thing they have been doing since the beginning of the dog. They will eat whatever they can to sustain themselves like their not-so domesticated brother the wolf. Feed your animal whatever you wish, but this healthy bull crap is a joke when speaking of dogs. They are dogs for crying out loud. They are not family members or “children”, they are animals. They do not get humane treatment from me. Why? They are NOT human. Pretty simple. Stop wasting your money on this crap, and please do not ever have that idiotic conversation like on the commercial. OMG I was feeding my dog starches and such, and now I pay twice as much and feed him what I eat (you have to say that line using your dumbest cheerleader sounding voice). Dumb. That is all.

– Me

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