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A Little Help Please?

I need help understanding something here…

Liberals blame the Super-Committee failure on the Republicans “do nothing” attitude and “refusal to compromise”. My confusion comes in when Liberals are questioned on their inability to compromise. When pressed, they act as if the Left gave everything and STILL got nowhere somehow. This super committee was made to fail. Everyone knew it would, being staffed by far left and far right members. If anyone thought these people would come together, they were fantasizing drastically.

This came up b/c Bob Beckel just stated on The 5 that military insurance premiums are going up b/c of Republican refusal to compromise anywhere, essentially ignoring the fact that BOTH sides stuck to their ideology. I just love how the Left represents itself as the constant victim and the only ones on the planet willing to negotiate when their version of negotiation is demanding outrageous things, and expecting them. I think both parties are full of the stinky fudge, but why does the Left blatantly contradict itself and treat people as if they are dumb and do not realize the hypocrisy.

I welcome any explanation on this…

– Me


Liberal Handouts? Always

There was a Congressional hearing involving Nancy Pelosi and a Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke. Sandra Fluke was not allowed to speak at the Republican held hearing, so Pelosi (In her grand Liberal show) gives Fluke a personal stage to speak – just her. Let us just see what Ms Fluke has to say…

Without insurance coverage, contraception, as you know, can cost a woman over $3000 during law school. For a lot of students who are, like me, on public interest scholarships, that’s practically an entire summer’s salary. 40% of the female students at Georgetown Law reported to us that they struggled financially as a result of this policy.

First we will explore “Public Interest Scholarship” through Georgetown University’s website.

The Public Interest Law Scholars (PILS) program provides financial, professional and academic support to law students . . . This competitive program selects eight Public Interest Law Scholars from each class of admitted students.

We established she is already receiving a free law degree now through this program that only 8 students a year qualify for, coupled with a summer work program which GIVES the students connections and work at law firms in their area of study. This program is insanely generous, and costs her nothing. She made the point that women are being embarrassed because insurance will not cover the contraception.

Here we go again… She is already getting a free education and working connections from Georgetown, and she is now entitled to free birth control. Who is supposed to pay for this? Why is this a right for this lady to get free birth control? Last time I checked, you can go to the local health department and get free condoms all day. Now, let us direct our attention to the $3K over three years: wow! This lady is having a LOT of sex, A LOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. A thousand dollars a year divided by 365 days = $2.73 a day. sells Durex condom packs of 1,000 for $325. To spend a thousand dollars a year on this contraceptive, multiply by three and you got yourself 3,000 condoms a year to have fun with. Holy crap, this lady is using the Hell out of condoms at $1K a year. Maybe she is using them for water balloon fights or perhaps filling them with baby powder and using it for stress balls? I don’t know, but the Math does NOT add up. What is really happening is sad: She does not WANT the condoms, she WANTS birth control. The free education and condoms are not enough anymore for our nanny state raised college students. Now they MUST have IUDs or BC and PREMIUM health care although they do not pay into any system to get this in return (Another handout wanted).

Maybe it is me, but for a person who is already going to school for free to ask for more free shit is pretty indicative of their personality. Ms Fluke has the attitude that everything should be free, and that she is entitled to everything that she wants. Well, welcome to the real world. If you are unhappy with your current insurance plan, you have the option to cancel it and purchase a different one that will cover 3K condoms a year for the most insatiable nymphomaniacs. This testimony is a joke to common sense, but a threat to our way of life as this mentality of entitlement grows. More and more people project this odd sense of socialistic entitlements. Free this and that, free housing, free health care. Nothing is free – SOMEONE is paying for it – and if this continues, our country will be at a 100% tax rate – where you work the same hours but find yourself no longer able to purchase extras like beer and cigarettes because the government will ration, and these will be deemed unnecessary. Your utopia of free everything and fair share turns into the government TELLING you what you can own and distributing bread and canned goods at the local courthouses for your hard work and loyalty.

This lady speaking for Nancy Pelosi was pure politics and nothing more, I just wonder why they chose such an idiot to spread the lie butter on the bread? Maybe they assumed since she was a law student, she would make her point. I say she failed miserably and showed the Socialist agenda more than the outrageous costs associated with attending a Catholic University. There are two wars going on that will meet at a singular junction one day if we continue – the wars on religion and freedom. Once those are gone, time to move elsewhere.

this lady is a joke and was completely used by Pelosi for the Liberal agenda. I truly hope she gains riches beyond her belief for selling her soul like that, and becoming no better than the token black kid sitting at Obama’s side when he signed the Health Care Bill.

– Me

Santorum’s Dirty Tricks

Mitt Romney wins Michigan by a 3% margin. Not a huge victory, but a victory none the less. I take issue with this as Democrats in that state are allowed to participate in the Republican primaries. Why do I take issue with this? Well, if we are basing elections on a two party system, R & D, then why would anyone involved want the political opponents choosing their own opponents? Democrats in that state were attempting to choose Rick Santorum as the Presidential nominee as they perceive him as weak and easily defeat-able. Michael Moore voted for Santorum, essentially showing the tactic by the extreme left to attempt to dictate the outcome of GOP elections. The Left would love nothing more than to place a Republican THEY choose to run against Obama. I say this is BS and clearly shows the Left if terrified of Romney. It also shows they will stop at nothing to remain in power, and although this is legal in MI, it is quite cowardly and shady to sway Republican primaries with non-Republican voters who intentionally skew the results and vote for what they appear the weakest candidate.

I do not believe this made a difference in the grand scheme of things, but it does give a false sense of hope to candidates who are being used as political pawns of the DNC. Look, if this occurred in every primary election, our election process would be more of a joke than it currently is. The end result of this type of “open” election? Political opposites choosing their own opponents based on who is easier to beat. I personally do not want my politics stacked like that, and it is dirty ball for MI Democrats to play this game, of course MI Republicans are able to return the favor when the DNC has another Presidential primary.

Dirty ball Santorum, but I do understand why he did it. I do not subscribe to win at any cost. If you can’t win on merit, you do NOT need to be the GOP candidate [PERIOD]

– Me

Israel attacking Iran? You bet

Israel is stating “If they attack Iran, they will not inform the US beforehand”… I personally do not blame them. Our current government seems to sympathize with the Iranians and chastise the Israelis for some reason. That being said, I am quite sure the Israelis do not trust us right now, and it shows through the diplomatic decision to attack without prior notice. They are literally saying to the US: “We do not trust you with this information, so we will not tell you”. Another thing about the Israeli threat is this: I do not believe this is a threat, I believe this is coming soon, and this was the Israelis telling the world it is about to happen. Guess we will see, but when our government is hostile towards allies, then this is the diplomacy we get in return – serves us right.

On a personal note… The Israelis have no need to go through us for this anyway, and if they feel the need to bomb people to protect itself . . . Bomb away! Just don’t hold your breath waiting on Obama to back you up.

– Me

Stupid Black History Month

Black history month brings a question to mind: Why did we begin this and why are we still doing this?

This is a racist sentiment and another faction of affirmative action. Not racist? What about a white history month – whaaaaaa? THAT IS RACIST???? Soooooooooooooo. . .Black history month is social justice, but white history is racist? Sweet, I was waiting on a challenge, and here we go.

First, black history month is a joke. A month dedicated to the advances of blacks is a racially charged idea that breeds divides and nothing more. It no more promotes the advancement of blacks than vinyl siding on a home. This is not a time where the black community comes together in a unified pride or takes reflection. This period was placed for the black community as a pacification tool to “include” the masses of disgruntled VOTERS. It has become a showcase for the most talented “African Americans” such as MLK, Cassius Clay (I refuse to call him by his Muslim name), Oprah, etc. There is really no mention to the millions of other blacks in history other than the horrible slave trade, where of course, they are portrayed as complete victims of the white man. Black History month is merely a continuation of affirmative action, and a continuation of a racial divide most of us desperately would like to rid our country of. This “commemoration” is nothing short of a joke and another way to remind blacks they are somehow owed something for being born black. Seems to me with all the special consideration made toward the black community, it is currently more a impediment to be born white, as you receive none of the same benefits as your black counterparts – for being a different color and nothing else. Social justice says that since they were afforded less in the 1800s, we should prop them up until the end of times now.

Go celebrate this voter-directed “holiday” all you want, I am patiently waiting on the day when this stops, and the forced social justice relinquishes itself to the people who truly do NOT care – the black community. It is 2012 for crying out loud, and half of the kids at our local elementary school are mixed or Spanish, so I think we can say we are on a level playing field finally… Now stop trying to lay a guilt trip on my kids because your ancestors had it tough, and now you live great because of it. Just imagine if the Africans were never brought here and you were digging for diamonds in the Congo now, or your children were part of a cocaine fueled murdering child army. Now quit complaining about how bad you got it, and act like you are treated – like everyone else; no, better than everyone else – after all you are black and deserving of special consideration (like a handicap).

– Me

Afghanistan violence

Afghanistan, the world’s toilet. US troops burn the Koran because detainees are writing messages in them. Now the country is outraged because they “desecrated” this sacred book. Locals are protesting in the streets and “trusted” Afghans are shooting US soldiers in close proximity within secure areas. Well, this is really no surprise to me. These people are not a reasonable or intelligent people no matter the media spin. These people are literally religious zealots whereas nothing else matters. They do not understand nor want to understand how to get along with others. This is of no importance; Islam is the only significant event in their lives.

The sooner everyone in the world understands these people LIVE Islam, the sooner people will understand there is no victory against this ideology. There is no negotiation or sensible conversation as this does not coincide with the reigning religion. Islam is not peaceful, and the actions as of late are not singular outcries spawned from an event, they are merely a REASON to fight. Muslims in Afghanistan will die for their belief. They simply do not care for explanations or reason; they care only about Islam.

This is a long history lesson that continues repeating itself – Britain, the USSR, and now the US encounters the same issues in Afghanistan: Religious zealotry and nothing else. I spent time in Afghanistan and can personally tell you there is no national or personal pride, no GDP, no exports worth talking about other than poppy, there is nothing but misery and Islam.

Attacks will continue until we leave, and they will continue to be “inside” jobs due to the extreme religious ideology. There are no trusting Muslims as they declare allegiance only to Allah, and will happily die for a twisted view on life. How many Ft. Hood shootings do we need to witness before someone finally says Islam is violent. Why do we continue to ignore what the Koran teaches: To kill the nonbelievers where you find them…

We would accomplish more nation building in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean than in Afghanistan, and more will die as we continue to dredge down that lonely road. The Taliban got their asses kicked, and we proved to the world we can fight. Now, there is nothing to win in this country – NOTHING. Our investment of money and blood will never be repaid nor appreciated. Islam will NOT coexist, and Afghans will remain under the evil thumb of Mohammad until the end of days, which makes the recent outcrop of violence sensible. It is sensible because when you look at the content of Afghanistan, violence is the only thing that makes sense… That is Islam.

Nothing in this shit-hole country changed because we came in, and things will return to pre-2001 times once we retreat. Women will remain items and property, violence will continue, and Islam will continue to be the violent reality and way of life, not just a religion. If you think these are sporadic events, then you are either gullible or stupid. These people are looking for targets of opportunity, killing when it best suits them, and taking their religious vengeance out on any who are in the wrong place at the wrong time. I truly feel sad for these soldiers’ families and the void left by these useless acts of violence toward the very people trying to help them. I say leave, nuke the place, and call it a day.

– Me


To all who like this blog: I will be out of pocket for two weeks. Please continue to leave comments, but do not expect a reply immediately

Thanks to all who follow, c u soon

– Me

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