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Rosland Capital (Gold)

Rosland Capital is all over the news channels selling gold, and using well-known economist Jeffrey Nichols as a spokesperson. Well, for those who are unfamiliar with this name, he is the managing director of American Precious Metals Advisors, and is a precious metals economist – a longtime Gold speculator. To say he is generally an economist is fudging the details slightly. Now his involvement with Rosland Capital, LLC. Nichols is Senior Economic Advisor to Rosland Capital, and media spokesperson. Nothing wrong with that, but when watching this commercial just remember this before purchasing from this company: This commercial is deceiving you sort of the way Apple might have used Steve Jobs to  sell you their products by stating he uses them. Well of course, he uses them – he is involved with the company. I am also quite sure I do not have to explain the sorted practices of speculators and investments utilizing them. Some may claim THEY are single-handedly the reason Gold is so pricy now. . .

Just look at his resume’

  • Currently Managing Director of American Precious Metals Advisors (APMA).
  • Currently Managing Director of New Futures Media, custom publisher of magazine advertising sections.
  • Successful career as a Wall Street Economist, Precious Metals Market Expert and Investment Consultant.
  • Achieved world renown as an expert on gold and other precious-metals markets.
  • Keynote speaker at dozens of major investment and industry conferences on all five continents.
  • Past president of the International Precious Metals Institute, a major industry trade association.
  • Served as Director of two public companies, Goldcorp Inc. (gold mining) and Sikaman Gold Resources (mining exploration).
  • Former Member of the Metals Advisory Committee of the New York Mercantile Exchange and the Commodities Committee of the American Stock Exchange.
  • Managed a Mutual Fund specializing in metals and mining equities for a major investment company.
  • Consulted with another fund management group and regularly wrote their reports to shareholders.
  • Authored three investment books issued by major publishers: The Complete Book of Gold Investing (Dow Jones), How to Profit from the Coming Boom in Gold (McGraw-Hill), and Getting Started in Metals (Wiley).

Notice once you get toward the bottom, he no longer lists specifics. There is a reason for that.

– Me

It’s a WAR!

Well.. Not exactly; it’s just the news channel. I love how the news labels things to make them seem more interesting. For instance:

The gloves come off

Embattled candidates

fight of their lives

These are not descriptions of some prize fight or distant battle field, but a presidential primary. I for one would love to see Ron Paul’s old self take the gloves off and jab Santorum in the face. How funny would that be? Look, these news agencies (all of them) are running a 24 hour program – and that is why 99% of it is opinion pieces and not actual reporting. They HAVE to fill the day with something. There is just simply not that much to talk about, so they kinda fudge the seriousness of things like the Jan Brewer/ Obama thing.

This has become HUGE news. Somehow. This may be exactly what it looks like – her blessing him out. I have seen this lady do numerous interviews and she is extremely animated to say the least. This appears to be more of a media spin into something I believe it was not. Now Brewer states after the fact bla bla bla. She is riding the fame of this new “standing up to the President” thing, which makes me question her authenticity of events. It seems her passion has grown about this particular situation given her massive media blowout. This single photo shows her pointing in his direction, and nobody really knows what was said or the context of those statements but these two people. Seems to me the media desperately needs some gossip to fill the voids of the other 23.75 hours of the day where there is just nothing happening. I guess now she is an “embattled” or “combative” governor depending on which spin is being put on it (R to L respectively).

This issue is huge, though, as most who watch the news question nothing, and buy the facts as they are told, even if it is opinion. The reason the left media quotes Jon Stewart as fact is the same reason the right quotes Rush – because they agree with their OPINION. Using keywords and inflammatory speech to describe something that may not have been anything is dishonest and misleading intentionally. Anyway, these cases were brought up to explain the spin put on issues to sell the product. That is merely what news channels do is sell you their product of opinion for advertisement sales. Just like the Simpsons or Survivor. Difference is, most can not determine that the Presidential debates now or in the past fell quite short of being considered battle or some sort of war. Ugly? at times… deadly? Not at all, if that were the case Newt would hire Tonya Harding to hit Mitt below the belt with a bat, Santorum would run and hide, and Ron Paul would turn into a modern day Smeagol with a “my precious” fetish and grand conspiracies of the presidency being the one true ring. 

Come to think of it – let em take off the gloves and do this on PPV where all proceeds go to the National Debt. Then we could hear reports of battles and gloves actually coming off. I’m The Educated Dummy, and I support this message.

– Me



Ridiculousness (The show is ridiculous)

Rob Dyrdek of Fantasy Factory fame or professional skateboarder depending on how old you are has a new show called Ridiculousness. He basically watches funny videos and makes his little commentary on them. Well, this guy is no Daniel Tosh and falls drastically short of being funny. The show is slow and seems to have been written by a sixth grader with its rudimentary jokes and insults. Now I’ve seen reviews that raved about his humor and his personality. I am quite sure the guy is fun to hang with – as seen on Fantasy Factory (a show about having fun), but I see no entertaining reason for this idiot to have a show where he is basically doing standup with video as the cues. He looks highly uncomfortable, and stumbles over what he says as if he unsure. I say he stole the Tosh.0 theme, but with a terrible set, thinking he is a funny guy, and failed miserably to hit his target – unless his target audience is pre-teens and children. My kids think he is hilarious, and maybe that is who the show is aimed, but what a bore to those of us who enjoy laughing; making the only thing ridiculous about this show is the show itself.

– Me

My Marriage Matters – You mean – Ashley Madison? (MMM) is all over the television and the commercial just gave me a what-for odd feeling. So I got to thinking…

These people slam (by name) Ashley Madison (AM) and the “discreet” affair they offer. I can understand morally why people have an issue with AM and similar services, but who the Hell do these people think they are. I personally do not want the moral police coming down on anyone for doing something they choose to do. MMM wants to censor competition based on a stronger perceived moral code, which seems oddly like Iran, Syria, and North Korea’s state television. Oh, now it makes sense. Perhaps this is not an attempted censorship at all, but a company running a smear campaign to increase traffic to the main site MA (The moneymaker). MMM is merely a petition site you sign in support, but where did the funding come from and how did a petition site garner NATIONAL airtime?

Think about it: What if AM and MMM were the same people? That is brilliant. Make a fake site bashing Ashley Madison in order to garner airtime on national television. Perhaps this happened because networks refuse to run Ashley Madison commercials, so AM generates an anti-AM commercial where they give AM PLENTY of airtime… sounds like a conspiracy theory, right? Check out

The author of this blog apparently wrote both sites and did some digging. I will repost his screenshots of emails. Notice who these emails are from:


More importantly, look at the IP addresses from both emails of MMM and AM! Both also garner the label That simply means both sites use avid life media for their hosting. Avid life media is a huge dating site with numerous labels such as Ashley Madison, Hot or Not, Established Man, Cougar Life, Man Crunch, and Swappernet.

That is enough for me. If this is true – I say kudos to AM and avid life media for whipping up an inventive way of advertising, but I still fall short of finding the MMM commercial genuine. Perhaps that is why I dug a little further. You make up your own mind on this one.

– Me


A student is said to read things that do not matter, and then write papers saying they do matter, for points that do not matter, in order to get a job doing something totally unrelated.

This quote got me thinking and I figured this: this requires training. Uncork that stash of rainy day wine and take a ride with me…

This statement is the truth about college. . . You are not actually learning unless it is Math. The rest is memorization and references, which oddly leaves no room for ingenious or independent thought. You pay a business (college) $100K for a Bachelor’s Degree (A piece of paper that arguably proves you can finish something and little more) only to find out the company that hires you sees you as an entry-level smart person. You still get on the job training and a ridiculously low starting salary considering your massive debt and newfound privileged circumstances. You are a degree holder just finishing four years of college, and are to be rewarded for your hard work. . .  How dare they treat like an entry level GED holder? Well, the answer is quite simple.. Most employers demand a degree not for what is taught, but for the commitment and sacrifice required to acquire such success. There is not a job in the world that pays decent money that will allow a person to begin interacting with others without their own company spin on HR and business tactics, and an upper level education is really no different other than it is seen as more a long-term solution.

Imagine a Ford salesman quitting and going across the street to Chevy to make more money; there is no way the Chevy place is going to allow him to operate the way of the competition, much less not knowing the rules of combat according to their ways. It will not happen, and this occurs on every level of business from Goldman Sachs to Subway. You will get on the job training [period]. This is not a college degree bashing by any sorted imagination, but a wakeup call that you will not graduate college as Warren Buffett, and you will not know everything because you hold a diploma. Truth is our economy needs college graduates and high school dropouts alike; and you would be lacking to think otherwise. Imagine if everyone held a college degree… It would be the new High School Diploma. Bachelor’s Degree to hand out cheeseburgers anyone?

Truth is a college degree is great and will propel you to possibilities not achievable without; do not make the mistake this is some sort of cure-all or magic potion. You still need to work hard and learn the rules and lay of the land. There will still be crappy job offers and underemployment, making college the ultimate rip-off and the ultimate long-term investment. What an oxymoron; what a gamble. . . In case you would like to purchase this shirt…

– Me

Devastatingly True…

– Me

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