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Me not being politically correct? Say it aint so…

Apparently my Barney Frank post stirred up sentiment that I was some form of bigot for queer bashing and making fun of him for it. Well, in official response to that idiot. Enjoy:

Why did the queer get fired from the sperm bank? He was caught drinking on the job. hahahahahaha stupid faggots

– Me


What a great idea. I wish I had thought of this. I do not however suggest using this site under any circumstances. This is an auction site that starts at $.01 and goes up by one penny per bet. The highest bidder wins. Great concept. You can get a car for $1999.00 according to the website. That is under $2K! Dang that is a deal – if you can somehow get that to happen. Let me explain how this scam works.

For every penny bet, it costs some idiot a dollar. That means if a product (Lets use an Ipad) has gone to $1.00, then you easily multiply that by $1/bet – or 100 bets @ $1/ea. That means quite simply this Ipad bidding war for $1 is netting the company selling $100 already! Let us use the car for $2K now… That is 199,900 single bids @ $1/ea! Do the math on that one? $200K! The problem is simple here. The company Beezids has quite a racket going, which is great. I love that idea, but it is an absolute scam. The majority of products for sale on this site sell for NO less than the MSRP anyway – meaning the minimum it will actually sell for is close to what you would pay in the store, but the trick is if you are the lucky one who posted the final bid, then you get it for that. Did you catch that? They make $1/bid AND you still pay the winning bid! Yep, you still owe whatever the winning bid is on the product. So the car would still cost you $2K even though the company made $200K already. Sweet business model for those who think the killer deal is within grasp. Go make your bids, but remember the profit margin. That alone is enough for me to shop elsewhere.

– Me

Barney Frank Retires! Finally

Barney Frank is retiring! Let us rejoice. The queer D Mass. Representative is retiring based on weak political posturing that is summed up to this: I am a lying sack of queer shit that stands very little chance of retaining power after the upcoming election cycles, who also can barely speak due to my unbelievable lisp and lazy tongue, coupled with my fat ass and high cholesterol. This piece of D shit has been in DC for twenty years! Holy crap this guy has fucked up more shit than Ted Kennedy. Frank retiring may just fix the economic problems our country faces. If not, it sure as Hell is a start. Thank God he is leaving, and as we say in the South – Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Just watch this video…

– Me

Douchebags (Pt. 10)

This episode of Douchebags is brought to you not in part, but fully, by Black Friday.

Ahh Black Friday, the Hell day shopping extravaganza for the feeble minded drones. Go buy utilizing these super sales that you will never find elsewhere. Here we go…

First of all, it is absolutely absurd for a person to assume their time is worth less than money. Time is money, and unless you actually enjoy fighting over this years hot-ticket item like a bratty school kid taking his kick ball and ending the game because he is losing, then these mediocre sales mean nothing. Your time IS more important than saving $30 on an Xbox, and if it is not, then y0u are one who could not afford this luxury to begin with. People camping out overnight in front of a Target waiting for the doors to open so they can trample their neighbor in order to skew the meaning of Christmas the night of Thanksgiving is an absolute cultural travesty of epic proportions.

We even have the “occupy” tards out in force protesting purchasing goods. Apparently these idiots know how to make their own Plasma TV! Anyway… I suggest to these modern day “warriors” to pick their battles and start watching Woot or Amazon for deals where they can normally find great prices with free shipping and guess what – no effin taxes bc its online and usually interstate trade and therefore not privy to intrastate tax laws.

Long story short: the midnight camper farting recently overstuffed food is our Douchebag. Get a life already, and stop acting as if Wal Mart is giving away kidneys – They clearly are NOT! These idiots hurting each other over the “deal” fail to realize the store selling these usually off-brand products are still posting a profit from their stupidity. That being said, there is always, ALWAYS, that same deal elsewhere as not EVERY business will have the same mark-up. Think about it people. Stop being sheep, these stores are not offering you blasting great deals that they could never offer any other time during the year. Do not fall victim to the marketing strategies of years of research, in which you were bundled with other idiots looking for the one that got away – When all this time, the one that really got away was YOU – and your common sense. Need PROOF? This marketing campaign is called “Black Friday” and you just fell victim to a purely commercial holiday!

– Me

The prophet Mohammad’s Dumbness of the Day Continues

Think about this…

If Mohammad were lurking around in the US current day, big beard, man-dress, and marrying 2nd graders because God told him to, he would NOT be some sort of Holy man… He would be a registered sex offender in an insane asylum.

– Me

Turkey Day!

I truly hope everyone has a happy holiday… If nothing else, be with and enjoy your families.

Happy Thanksgiving,

– Me


Do not let the title fool you; the hypocrite is the US Government. The US State Dept (along with the rest of our Liberal Gov’t) assisted in confirming Syria to UNESCO. For those unaware, this is the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. Well Syria was granted re-election to the Committee on the Conventions and Recommendations. What does this mean and why am I writing about this?

Tie your shoes kids, because we are about to run in the park. The committee on the Conventions and Recommendations is a committee that examines cases and questions regarding human rights. Interesting to note that a decision made by a committee member (a country) cannot be undone by the committee. This essentially means Syria can make an official UN decision on human rights violations that cannot be overturned by the other countries on the committee. Why would this matter you ask? Easy answer is: While Syria itself is a massive human rights violator, it can officially claim otherwise with no chance of denial by the UN! They can simply vote themselves as a country of no human rights violations! That is step one of the hypocrisy. Step two is the US State Dept (The US Govt) claims Syria and President Assad violated human rights during the “uprising” against his ever leaning dictatorship style government this summer which still has not ended. Assad cracked down on Syria the way Gaddafi and Iran did, but with relative success.

Herein lies the question: How did Syria become one of the world’s greatest human rights violators according to the State Dept and be confirmed to the UN panel that recommends countries for human rights violations. Interesting how the hypocrisy of the US would chastise a country like Syria and then turn around and place them on a committee like this! Noteworthy also is the fact that this got virtually NO media attention!

– Me

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