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I spoke too soon

This same guy, O’donnell just got finished stating that the IDEA of the Anti-Christ is just stupid. Take that religion, some dumb-ass who regurgitates a comedian as political analysis is telling you now that your religion is fake.

– Me


Democratic Party Spokesman

The last word with Lawrence o’donnell

I watched this show tonight… Wow, this program is not news. I knew that when I turned it on to tell the truth but wanted to see what was going on. Well apparently to have a show on tv chastising the Republican Party, all you need is to reference John Stewart. Really? So now, MSNBC is basing their political analysis on the musings of an extremely liberal comedian. A Comedian. A Comedian. I said it three times. If you are unable to get the point of this, then you should read a more Left leaning blog.  I found this amazing, and just the right straw to break the camel’s back.  Here we go… Expect more in the following days, b/c I have tons to talk about.

Am I to assume the Democrats are using John Stewart as their spokesman or their idea maker?


– Me


watch this clip (As I am sure you have seen) of Michelle Obama apparently stating “all of this for a damn flag” during a 9/11 flag ceremony.

Remember this is the same woman who stated “for the first time in my adult lifetime, I’m really proud of my country”. Apparently her husband running for President was the first time she was proud of the US, and apparently customs and traditions continue this contemptuous nature and attitude. Interesting to me, this woman appears to have the attitude that SHE is deserving some respect and ceremonial precedence when she refuses to offer ANY to the symbol of our country. While I do not KNOW for sure what she said, her mannerisms and eye rollings, coupled with her husband’s contemptuous grimace and approval of her comment were highly unwelcome gestures during a flag ceremony, and more so at a 9/11 memorial service. Where is the class these two were supposed to bring to the table? Perhaps the saying is true: You can take the black man outta the ghetto…

– Me

Mohammad is Dumb and so are his followers

– Me

Obama Do What he says? No. Do as he wants..

September 7, 2011 – a date the Republican Presidential nominees will debate in CA’s Reagan Library. This thing was scheduled months ago, and has eight candidates attending. I personally think the eight attending are who the RNC WANTS to be their frontrunner because certain people were left out… Representative Thaddeus McCotter and Gov Gary Johnson to name two. Anyway, the reason for this particular posting was not to question why certain “political rock stars” were included while others were left out, but to bring to light the Obama administration attempting to schedule a speech during this event.

According to White House Spokesman Jay Carney, “It is coincidental . . . if sponsors chose and the candidates so chose to adjust the timing of their debate … that would be completely fine with us, in the spirit of democracy.”

First, House Speaker R John Boehner is correct in requesting the President reschedule due to procedural precedence, the request was made by the White House on short notice, and was labeled as some sort of emergency. This jobs speech is no emergency and was available before the vacation break, or even earlier in the day on the seventh.

Second, how arrogant a statement to say that in the spirit of democracy, everyone else should change his or her long-standing plans to accommodate a speech by the President? So, basically, the President wants to speak during his opposition’s speech, and thinks that is somehow acceptable behavior? I think not!

Third and final, why does the current administration continue to treat us regular folk as if we are absurdly idiotic? We know this person is going to give his “speech” on the regular talking points… OK here is my prediction of the high points he will hit.

  1. Congress (Republicans and Tea Party) refuses to act, therefore being the problem, not him. Perhaps holding hostage will rear its ugly head, but the main theme will be the Republicans are hurting job growth somehow.
  2. Natural disasters crippled job growth
  3. We need to invest in our future
  4. Everyone needs to go to college, and that needs to be more affordable
  5. Infrastructure Investing
  6. Shared Sacrifice
  7. Tax Reform (Something he admittedly denied he would ever do when he was campaigning)
  8. Inherited economy

The main theme will be placing blame on the opposition party while acting as if he had no hand in the current mess. He said this same thing for the past two years. Talking points have gone nowhere, and mean nothing anymore. This President talk about what he is going to do but never actually does it or even comes up with plans to do it. We are tired of hearing the same old speech. We are tired of hearing investing in the future. We are REALLY tired of hearing how nothing is HIS fault, and how his opposition is somehow terroristic in nature. This man knew he was scheduling a speech of nothing during a Republican Presidential debate – no matter the lies Jay Carney tells on his behalf. Everyone else reschedule? How about for once, the President do what he preaches and stop playing politics.

– Me

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