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Arrested for Self Defense (Against an Animal)

Here is a true Socialist story… Man shoots bear, and government files legal action against him. Too bad that was not the old school CCCP or Communist China. The US DA filed federal felony charges against a man who shot a federally protected bear in his yard protecting his family! Idaho US Attorney filed suit against Jeremy Hill for doing just that. Jeremy shot a mother bear while with her two cubs in his back yard, while his children were playing. This man was protecting his home and children from a humongous carnivore; arguably the most dangerous hunter in the wild. Now Jeremy faces a year in prison and a $50K fine!

When did animal protection supersede human life? This is a ridiculous notion that this man did anything wrong as he protected his family the way he saw fit from a bear, then went on to call wildlife and fisheries dept to collect the remains. This man was not hunting, nor was he “caught” with a bear rug in his home or disposing of a protected species carcass. He protected his family in his way, and then reported the incident, to which the government responded by arresting him. There is no justification for punishing a man for protecting his family against an animal. This cannot be argued, any human who cares about his or her family would take the same action. I wonder if the DA who filed the charges would let the bears coincide with his children hoping everything went well. What makes this claim even more outlandish is the fact that local law enforcement investigated this and released the man free of charge – and the DA file the charges AFTER the investigation was completed and dropped!

This appears to be a power move to let people know the government is slowly but surely taking your rights away from you. Otherwise, why pursue the guy on this? I fear this is a precursor to other enforcements that make little to no sense. The more enforcement of small, idiotic things that people allow against them, the easier it will be to enforce big items. Communism and Socialism starts somewhere, and stuff like this is just flat out too much government involvement. There is no justification for arresting a man for protecting his family on his own land. We the people need to wake up and take this particular scenario as a warning – there is more coming… Can you imagine being arrested for writing a blog that merely disagrees with current administrations? No? Can you imagine being arrested for killing a bear that came into your yard while your children play? The two are not that far separated. This is just stupid, and I feel for his family. The government is attacking gun ownership, self defense, and human rights over animals in this power play. They will completely ruin this man and his large family to make a point that they are in charge. That is not the United States I grew up in…

– Me


The Truth about Slavery

My twelve year old son had an interesting back and forth with his History teacher yesterday at school. His Caucasian female teacher was giving the class a white-shame speech about slavery in Colonial America; and specifically how she personally feels terrible for the tragedy that befell the black people. Well my son is an information sponge who thinks for himself, as do I. He abruptly raised his hand, as in school etiquette, and refused to buy the notion from the teacher that the white man kidnapped the Africans. He informed the teacher that yes this did occur on occasion, but the majority of the Colonial slave trade (otherwise known as the Atlantic Slave Trade) was perpetrated by Africans kidnapping and selling other Africans. This is in no way a down play of the event itself, merely factually accurate that Africans SOLD Africans during this period. For some reason his teacher refuses to admit, this ever took place, and therefore furthers the racial divide in our country through our children. How you may ask? Glad you did…

When a teacher informs children the white man stole the Africans from their homeland in a blatant slap across the bow in order to enslave them, it inflames racial tensions among children attending the class. The blacks immediately think the whites are out to get them and the whites feel bad about what happened. This posting would never condone slavery – actually it condemns it on any level – however, facts are facts. The fact remains, as it has since history wrote its own book, that local tribes would sell their neighbors for a multitude of reasons.

Mr. Sheldon M Stern; College Professor of African American history, and historian a the JFK Library and Museum (1977-1999) speaks of this very aspect of slavery. He studied the slavery culture and concluded the Nigerians were the largest slave traders during the entire Slave Trade. The primary reason for the Nigerian Slave Trade was money. Nigerians from the coastal areas saw inland Nigerians not as neighbors, but as enemies. This is no different than the Spanish fighting the French and not seeing they are both European. Nigerians during this time became solely dependent on the economy derived from the slave trade, and actually protested the 1807 English slavery abolishment. My son understands this history; a history that Nigerians know is fact and teaches to this day.

Senegal’s President Abdoulaye Wade “I am a descendant of generations of slave-owning and slave trading African kings”

Benin’s minister of environment Luc Gnacadja “We apologize now for selling fellow Africans by the millions to white slave traders, and we cry for forgiveness and reconciliation”

Ghana Politician and educator Samuel Sulemana Fuseini “I believe there is a great psychic shadow over Africa, and it has much to do with our guilt and denial of our role in the slave trade. We too are blameworthy in what was essentially one of the most heinous crimes in human history”

Why can leaders from Africa admit their involvement and guilt in this tragic event, but middle school teachers refuse to acknowledge this. This exact thing is why our children will grow up with a small form of racism attached to their thinking. Our schools are perpetuating the myth that only one race was involved and therefore there is blame for one, while there is victimization for the other. Stern admonishes this very thing by stating “No one is well served when the old myths of African barbarism are replaced by new myths of African innocence. . . The history of the slave trade proves that virtually everyone participated and profited – whites and blacks; Christians, Muslims, and Jews; Europeans, Africans, Americans, and Latin Americans. Once we recognize the shared historical responsibility for the Atlantic slave trade, we can turn our attention to transforming the future by eradicating its corrosive legacy.”

I could not agree more. Teach the truth, and perhaps the racial tensions will eventually dissolve. This has to start at school, though, where it is taught by our educators. I am so proud of my son for standing for what he believes in and for not feeling guilty about something he had nothing to do with, but more so for standing his ground when he KNEW his teacher was wrong.

– Me


The real face of racism

Everyone is racist these days except the blacks. I am aggravated now… Let us explore.

I live and grew up in the “Deep South”. Mississippi to be exact; I can attest from firsthand knowledge the blacks in the South are the most racist group I have encountered. Racial tensions seem to be coming back now, and the Congressional Black Caucus is part of the problem. Let me give you some RACIST organizations (Just hear me out).

NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) Note the COLORED PEOPLE!!!

UNCF (United Negro College Fund) Note once again the term NEGRO!!!

CBC (The Congressional Black Caucus) Note AGAIN the term Black!!!

First, I would like to make specific racially charged name brands including Negro, colored people, and black; while these very organizations claim to advance this group, they utilize racism to set them apart from others. This is the same contemptuous attitude as blacks referring to each other as Niggers. The reason for this is so simple and completely racist. The blacks use this race card thing as an excuse to continue the handouts they have been receiving, from food subsidies to full paid scholarships to college. The black community needs someone to racist toward them to continue this action they are accustomed to. Sound crazy? Maybe, but this is what I think. Why else would there be active groups to propel the black community that use these racially charged names? They want to appear down trodden and victimized, otherwise the scheme does not work.

This is a huge problem, and if you disagree with any notion of the legitimacy of these groups, guess what? Now you are a racist! This is the simplicity of how it works… You really cannot complain about the legitimacy without becoming immediately racist or bigot or something vile; and further are not allowed initiating similar programs for “Caucasians” without the same repercussions. The blacks are winning the race war using racism as their tool. You are unable to question them or become equal to them at this point without being racist, all the while they call each other vile racist names to keep the sauce brewing. I personally say if that is what they want, them give it to them. I call it like I see it and Negro, Black, and Colored People can no longer be offensive when they label themselves this. Come to think of it, neither is Nigger or Nigga, as per the black community – the real face of racism. Just my thoughts through observations.

– Me

Rain Storm Irene

Hurricane Irene has Dominated the national media lately. Is this because the storm was so incredible or because there is nothing else going on right now? I suggest because there is nothing going on…

Hurricane Irene “dumped a massive 5 -6 inches of rain on Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands” before moving to ravage the coast of North Carolina as category 3 storm. A category 3? Really? I have always lived in the South near the Gulf of Mexico where storms hit at category 5 all the time. This storm on television did not push casinos five blocks inland and wipe out entire towns and cities, but rather knocked a couple of trees down over power lines creating people with no power. I seem to remember a natural disaster happening in my home state of AL April 2011 with over 200 tornadoes in one day – that amazingly got less media attention than a frickin storm going to New York City. This “hurricane” did minimal damage to the East Coast, while I am sure businesses will file insurance claims because they can – the fact remains it DID NOT do that much damage.

The news is sporadically finding “extreme damage” from place to place. Example of this is an extensive report on a road in Kitty Hawk NC of a coastal highway that was apparently elevated a fair amount above sea level. The report state the “road had been ripped apart by this treacherous storm” when I can clearly see it was not ripped apart at all. The bank of the road washed away and it fell into the subsequent hole created by the wash out. A problem? Sure it is; but no tragedy or extreme weather as the news would have you believe. Look at the damage from FL to LA when Katrina came through – even without New Orleans – there was extensive damage inland and crippling damage miles in from the coast. This storm (Irene) did nothing close to the damage the Gulf Coast experiences during hurricanes. I am personally tired of hearing about the poor East Coast and the extreme damage that does not exist. Quit finding felled tress and randomly flooded roads that will surely be cleared up in the morning. This is such a hoax. The media is STRUGGLING to make this important and I personally think they fall quite short.

The damage was minimal and no amount of spin will change that. FEMA is all over this, too, but where were they in my area when we got hit? I could respond to this storm as well as FEMA could – tell the local governments to start cleaning it up and for people to start filing insurance claims… I see the people of the East Coast and NY are just not as tough as us in the South. There … nuff said.

– Me

Obama reaction to Libya

Obama reacts to Libya being overthrown by “rebels” and congratulates them on their victory from the takeover of the capital city Tripoli. Did anyone else notice failed to respond to our own crisis of the S&P downgrade this fast? Interesting to note he seems a little more interested in an overthrow of a country than our own good standing…

– Me

Tell it like it is

I completely agree with this sentiment. If you do not like the pay, then go somewhere else…

– Me

Talking Points

Amazing to hear Democratic strategists and campaign advisers using the words extreme right and extremists so much. I guess this is the new talking points for the Democratic Party as this KEEPS coming out of their mouths… Good luck convincing Americans that the Republicans are “extreme” – as for me, I am sick of the lies. I can think for myself and there is nothing extreme about a person wanting a balanced budget or some common sense when governing.

– Me

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