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When all else fails – use the race card!

WTF is this comment supposed to mean? As a black man, he can be shot going into a gas station… Is there no other race or gender that is also of danger of being shot at the gas station?

– Me


Very Telling

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Here is a myth: Double Dip Recession

I keep hearing this term double dip recession, meaning the recession was somehow over at one point. When did it end and when did the new one start? This is political posturing in a failed attempt to create the illusion that everything is fine. Everything is NOT fine. There is no double-dip anything; it never stopped. It is a constant recession that has not ended. GDP grew 0.4% in the first quarter of 2011, and is projected at 1.4% for the second quarter. To put that in perspective…

For the period of expansion from the second quarter of 2009 to the first quarter of 2011, real GDP increased at an average annual rate of 2.6 percent; in the previously published estimates, it had increased 2.8 percent.

US Dept of Commerce

The link above shows – from the US Dept of Commerce – that GDP from 2009 – 2011 only rose a total of 2.6% annually. Well, at those figures, we are on track to post the same (if not a hair better, like .8%) GDP growth for this year. What does that mean? Well, put quite simply, the GDP has remained at a constant growth of around 2.6% for three years now… meaning there has been no “growth” on the economy. The main difference in this ongoing stagnation and what happened during the Great Depression is unemployment is fluctuating between 9-12% while during the ten year depression it was between 20-25%. Take into account the government is spending 25% (0.65 of the original 2.6) of the already low GDP and that brings the number down to a fraction of a percentage (ACTUAL GDP growth is now 1.85% when you take the government out) that the economy is actually growing – this is the snail pace growth we see

So now that you have the numbers, when you hear “double dip recession”, ask the idiot that stated that when did the recession stop and the new one begin? GDP clearly shows there has been no change in output whatsoever since the first quarter of 2009 – and no change in output or unemployment means no change [period].

– Me

ANOTHER Liberal double standard…

Ok I just watched  a debate with a panel, where this negro lady named Jehmu Greene made some of the most ridiculous statements I have ever heard.

Everyone who knows this lady knows she is a huge Liberal. The political viewpoints are one thing I normally disagree with, but today she took things further.. This to me shows what she really thinks. Normal debate on simple topics usually produces the best stuff. First of all, if you have seen her lately, she is absolutely huge. Especially from the waste down. She looks like a pear and I do not mean that hatefully; it alone is a contradiction of what she is against. Fat people.

She is so advance in her liberal thinking that she believes McDonald’s should be held responsible for childhood obesity with the offering of the kids meals. This to her is not a parental rights issue, but an attack on children somehow. The parent, I guess is no longer capable of telling their kid “NO” or not going to that particular food establishment.

Second, Jehmu stated she is ok with restaurants banning children b/c the parents “just don’t parent anymore”. Well, isn’t that what she was just advocating by stating McDonald’s was somehow the parent? Seems a little contradictory that the parent has no say when it comes to McDonald’s – the kid or McDonald’s does – but they need to step up when out at a restaurant. Whaaaaa?

Look: McDonald’s did not make anyone fat, just like the cigarette made nobody smoke. Parents who take their kids there have that right! Usually this is done b/c they are wanting something fast that they personally do not have to do a lot to obtain. Fast food fills the gap of eating without cooking, and is predominately a cheaper and much faster option than a sit-down waiter style restaurant. It is absolutely absurd to claim that somehow anyone is involved with childhood obesity other than that child’s parents – and genetics in some cases. Lazy parents produce lazy children [period]. They do not want to fool with cooking so they hit up the 3 minute drive through getting their kid whatever they want. This is not capitalism at its worst, rather laziness at its best. As far as not taking children into a restaurant? Wonder what she would say if restaurants said no Negros, Women, Overweight, or Gays? Wait, now THAT would be discrimination, but somehow stating children cannot be in attendance is OK?

I think it is VERY important to note she was head of the “Rock The Vote” aimed directly at inundating teenagers with political ideology through media. She does not mind shaping the minds of the youth toward her causes, but God forbid one eats near her in public. Of course I understand this makes me racist for stating anything negative against this woman.


– Me

Out of Control

Wow, I flipped to MSNBC directly after the Republican bill passed. There I see a “debate” where the anchor – Al Sharpton – was what I would consider a complete moron. Here was a black guy arguing that the R have done nothing and the D of course are the saviors of our world; that is nothing I did not expect on that channel, but something did seem “off”.

I figured out what it was while I listened to him pull a Bill O’reilly and not let anyone else speak… He was dumb. I do not mean politically speaking as if I do not agree with him so that makes him dumb, no he was DUMB. This guy is wanting people to take his political analysis seriously while he gives everyone talking points of the D Party – example: “President Obama has been done put stuff on the tables that is very clear and to the point and the R are just playing a game”. He was not pressed about his language skills, but was pressed on his lie about stating Obama put any plan out whatsoever. He of course ignored this, which was funny. Anyway, this guy is a complete moron and actually made me laugh hearing him speak which seriously made me not be able to take this particular show seriously. Whether he had good points or not – he IS NOT the guy you want as an anchor, unless you are directing the show to those like him (wait, now it makes sense). He has one serious point to make, though, which he has done repeatedly… Squeaker, uh I mean Speaker Boehner. OMG THAT IS FUNNY!!!! This guy is sharp as a tack – especially politically, even more so if you can get him off talking points and make him think for a second (That stops his conversation).

This guy just said “dis” when he clearly meant to say this… I have to change the channel now, this was quite entertaining. What a shame this “news channel” would place this guy in a speaking position. I will close with a quote from this political think-tank:

“White folks was in caves while we was building empires. We taught them philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got round to it.”


Donald Trump Still at it…

Ok, I wrote in an earlier post that I would support Donald Trump for POTUS waaaay before I would ever support Obama. I stick to that, however, the guy made a media blitz on topics that were highly important to the public at large, and then coward away from the entire thing. Now, Mr. Trump, I do not want to hear politics from you… Go do the Apprentice and fire people and the leave the political game to those who are actually willing to play it. I do not dislike the guy, and I still think he speaks out for the conservative mindset, but just go away already – you lost your chance to preach to me…Go be an entertainer and speculate on real estate.

To use your words: “You’re Fired”

– Me

Funny Obama Impersonator

– Me

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