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I am proud of these men

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ACLU fighting for “Islamic Justice”

From the glorious ACLU…

In a disturbing trend, anti-Muslim bigotry has recently crept into state legislatures around the country. Several states have passed or attempted to pass laws designed to prevent courts from applying Islamic or “Sharia” law, as well as “foreign” or “international law.” Some, such as a constitutional amendment passed in Oklahoma, mention Sharia specifically,  in addition to international law.  Others only mention foreign or international law. Whatever the specific terminology, all of these attempts raise serious red flags.

Efforts to single out Muslims and to advance the ugly idea that anything Islamic is un-American are unjust and discriminatory and should be rejected. Laws that single out Sharia violate the First Amendment by treating one belief system as suspect. Attempts to prevent courts from considering international or foreign law suffer from constitutional flaws and undermine the ability of courts to interpret laws and treaties regarding global business, international human rights and family law issues such as international marriages and adoptions.

The ACLU has joined a legal challenge to the Oklahoma law, but we do not expect this trend to disappear any time soon. Some politicians have taken up the unfounded idea that American Muslims somehow wish to impose Islamic law on U.S. courts as a campaign issue. Other politicians seek to score political points by demonizing anything foreign or international. As the presidential race heats up, we will be closely monitoring policies at the state and federal levels to ensure that discrimination is not written into the law of the land and that the U.S. upholds its obligations under domestic and international law.

Any thoughts? My opinion on this tomorrow…

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The Eradication of Chrisitanity (Cont’d Again)

We have talked before about Islam’s hope to create a one-religion global power where Islam is the ultimate power. The American sue-happy firm ACLU assists them in their venture by utilizing legal and politically correct precedents and personal points of views to “protect those who are offended”. This is assisting Islam greatly by taking Christianity out of local small towns and schools. How does this help Islam you may ask? Well, take this example in consideration: Your local school is not Christian-friendly although 90-99% of attendees are Christian. There HAS to be a separation of church and state. That basically means the ACLU preaches no religion in public-owned civic facilities (Courthouses, schools, public squares, etc.). In a school where there is ONE child of Islamic faith, I ask you this question: Does the ACLU practice in this case (A school has a religious minority of one child) separation of church and state or do they now convert to a more civil rights stance and demand this singular child be afforded the “right” to practice their respective religion by forcing the school to make a prayer room for this child? Curious question. Let us see what the ACLU thinks about this…

If you start carving out time in the school day that you would not do but for the need to let students pray, then it begins to look like what you’re trying to do is to assist religion,” says David Blair-Loy, legal director for the ACLU in San Diego.

This quote is basically stating that the ACLU says when you make an exception for one religion to take extra time out of the day, then you are assisting the religion and the practice of religion in schools – which is not right – remember separation of church and state. Well, who would complain about that, I mean what is good for one is good for the others, right? This is a storefront to the factory; our ACLU is not finished with this topic as we see in an ACLU publishing…

. . . if Sharia law were completely banned from consideration, it would be nearly impossible for Muslims to bring First Amendment claims when their religious rights are violated because the court could be barred from referring to a Muslim plaintiff’s religious beliefs. This result would be patently unfair because it would single out Muslims for disfavorable treatment in our judicial system and render them second-class citizens.

Here the ACLU seems to contradict the previous statement on separation of church and state by claiming with Islam in particular, the mere thought of not allowing Shari’a Law would be unconstitutional to Muslims, and therefore the religious rights should somehow supersede man-made legislation and laws. That sounds oddly as if they were saying Islam has a constitutional right in the USA to practice it’s law under it’s own devices. Well, that also sounds like they are constitutionally able to govern themselves as they see fit according to Shari’a Law – in keeping with Constitutional Laws that would not dare separate the Shari’a Law aspect of the religion from the rest of it.

That being said, the ACLU is clearly supporting Shari’a Law as part of Islam’s Constitutional RIGHT to practice as part of “religion”. Praying during the day is part of Islam, so therefore Muslims now have a constitutional RIGHT to pray during school hours, although it interferes with practical school schedules and is blatantly interjecting itself with local public schools (State), essentially doing away with separation of Church and State. Now that is interesting. Christians are NOT allowed to pray in school any longer, but it seems in keeping with Islamic Laws, Muslims will be able to do this very thing. Why does the ACLU protect the rights of Islam in public schools, but fight tooth and nail to rid those same schools of Christianity? Is it possible that Islam will win this PC religious war?

I personally see two factors that make this possible:

  1. Christianity and other religions in America are docile and feel no need to protect themselves in the public eye due to complacency and high percentages of population/religious beliefs. When attacked, Christianity does nothing – they turn the other cheek, which is commendable and part of the teachings of Jesus Christ. This is also detrimental to the religion as this type of conforming disengages the children from their beliefs during the day. Christianity’s own pacifism was and is it’s Achilles Heel, basically becoming it’s public demise. Christianity has long lost the “battle” for Christmas and Easter as well, and I fear soon enough will be forced to stop the “public display” of Christian symbols on buildings (Can anyone say take the cross off your local church?). Don’t think it can happen? Think about this: Religion is a tax-exempt institution, therefore is in some loose form a government sanctioned or assisted entity – do you see where I am going with this? Islam may attack this as some form of government assisted “religious symbolism” or “advertisement” which would be against the separation of church and state. Take the Crosses down because Muslims are being offended while they drive by your church.
  2. Islam fights. Muslims will FIGHT to force others to allow them to do what they want. Islam has always been this way. The Qur’an repeats this time and again. The false Prophet Mohammad used brute force to acquire political and financial wealth, killing and enslaving those who would not conform to his will. The disguise of religion was and still is an excuse to get what you want. Organizations like the ACLU support Islam and assist the religion by defending and representing it in US courts claiming civil rights violations. These supposed civil rights violations are actually attempts for Islam to not conform to local laws. ACLU clearly states it supports Shari’a Law within Islam which undermines US constitutional law and sovereign local government laws. Those honor killings, stoning of women, and pouring acid on a ladies face are part of the Islamic “justice system” and therefore part of Shari’a Law. That means the ACLU supports this as being mainstream in the USA, in OUR backyards, as part of religious rights, even though it is against the laws that other citizens are forced to follow. Islam attempts to FORCE people to adhere to its will, even though our laws were here first. Separation of Church and State is only applicable to non-Islamic religions at this point.

Food for thought, Islam is at war with us, even if you refuse to see that. They will NOT stop until they win the “right” to govern themselves within a country like the US… When that happens, convert or die because they can then legally use Shari’a Law against non-Muslims and our court system will be able to do nothing about it as Shari’a Law will be legal for Muslims as a constitutional right of their religion.

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Gay Stereotpye

I am sitting here enjoying my Animation Domination Sunday night cartoon favorites when the Glee commercial comes on. I am in no way interested in this type of feel-good programming, but understand the need to advertise, so I painfully sit through it. This single commercial led me to immediately stereotype queers. This is something the gays do not want… They want to be mainstream and accepted, but not stereotyped. There is no way for me not to notice when you have a super queer on television acting more feminine than their female counterparts. Does the modern fag have to ACT like a woman? Do they have to possess the soft voice and goofy mannerisms that scream “look at me! I am gay!”? I think if men act this way, then they are making the mainstream gay more difficult a reality due to their over the top sissy acts. For the most part, I could honestly care less if these dudes wanna get it on together; it just does not bother me. I do however get nauseous at the mere sight and sound of one of these over the top queers you see on Glee. Their mannerisms and voices immediately tell everyone who they are and what team they play for, therefore placing them in the exact place they did not want: A stereotype!

You want to be treated equally? Stop acting different and you wont be treated different. That is pretty simple, and I don’t mean DON’T be gay, I mean stop acting like a six year old girl if you are a twenty year old dude. Silly faggots, I hope I didn’t offend you, but there is no way to NOT stereotype when you act so flamboyant, feminine, and just flat out sissy.

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US Debt

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Moderate or Radical? Does it really matter?

These terms: “Moderate” and “Radical” are politically correct versions of Islam introduced to America by none other than Islam itself. The leaders of Islam realize the violence and chauvinistic attitude of this religion will never become mainstream in the US without a major PR Campaign. This is where the term moderate comes from. There are PR elements of Islam in Hollywood, media outlets, and even Congress. These PR wings concentrate on putting a positive spin on Islam in order to make it more “mainstream”. Well, this is exactly where the PR meets reality. What is the difference between moderate and radical? These people get their information from the same book, and practice their religion in the same fashion, so the similarities between Islam and Christianity are no longer there. Islam is beyond interpretation for those who practice, and therefore has no significant change from one region to the next. That being said, it is more than reasonable to equate radicals are getting the same message as moderates. Remember now before you argue this fact, this religion is not similar to Christianity in that you CAN NOT debate the FACTS of Islam – they are facts and without interpretation, you MUST blindly follow in order for the message to stick.

Look… you can call a Labrador Retriever a Crock Pot, but that surely does not make it one. There is no distinguishing feature between moderates and radicals, other than the moderates keep their opinions to themselves a little better. Get some honesty out of the moderates, and you will see that the bottom line is the same. There is no difference in Islam from Afghanistan, Iran, or Maine. These people have a great PR campaign going for them right now, and our President seems to be their biggest supporter and advocate. When you really look at this situation, what is the difference? When you come to your senses and realize there none, then you say does it really matter how we label them? No, it does not, because Major Nidal Hasan is everywhere in Islam – the guy who believes and does not act until that one time he does (Then it is too late to “label” him “radical”).

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