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George W. Bush

Man I am sick of hearing everything is Bush’s fault.

Give it to me Liberals out there. Tell me what he did that has you all riled up.

Let us discuss this issue

– Me


Islam on the March (Be Advised)

The UK is constantly under attack from Islam with political correctness and bedroom jihad. I have explained both of these topics in depth in previous posts, but now Islam is in the open with their true intent – to have an Islamic Parliament of the United Kingdom. No surprise there, unless of course you really believed Islam was just looking for fair practices or equal treatment in the government (as if they were oppressed somehow). Americans need to take note of this, because this will eventually be OUR country that will begin to have Islam in our governing bodies. What does that mean? Quite simply put, it means Islam wants to take over every government of the world, so Islam is the LAW. Shari ‘ah Law replacing sovereign is the ultimate goal, and eradicating everything non-Islamic altogether. Freedoms will vanish almost immediately, with speech being the first. Let us see what is happening in the UK, so you can see my reference and how this is happening, and further how this may actually happen here.

First attack on sovereign government is overpopulation, meaning nothing more than you infiltrate an area, and you own its representative. This is nothing more than populate an area with Muslims to the effect that others no longer wish to live there, and there is no representation available other than Islamic. Dearborn, MI, my usual punching bag, is a prime example of how this happens, granted they are not quite there – yet. According to the 2010 US Census, there is a population of 98K people and 87K is white. How could that be accurate if this is the US epicenter of Islam? This is the bedroom Jihad I spoke of with the out breeding the local populations, refusing to conform to local laws, and demanding equality while offering none. How are there so many Islamic centers in this one US town and Arabs on the city council with the absence of Arabs on the 2010 Census? How does this relate to the UK? Simple… This is what initially happened in sections of the UK years ago; Muslim immigrants moved into certain parts, overpopulated them, refused to conform to local laws and acknowledge their existence until they had completely over run the area. Once that happened, it was too late; Islam was the new culture in that area. Do you see the correlation between the two?

Well, the UK Parliament has eight Islamic members now, up from four from the previous election. Eight of 650 do not seem like a large number until you begin to realize the politics they are wanting. These people are in search of an Islamic controlled UK Parliament. Now that eight is significant because the Muslims are slowly chipping away at the UK government with the intent on a complete takeover. They have eight seats now, and study where to move to next in order to secure more. The moving around and voting will continue until more and more seats are taken and the majority is established. Once that occurs, the UK as it sits now will cease to exist. These Muslims are NOT in politics to ensure the crown and the UK heritage continue on its present course, rather they are ARE there to ensure Islam is predominately mainstream. You have to watch this video for yourself and hear the words used, this representative uses Insh Allah numerous times (God Willing) to describe Islam being the power of the UK eventually. Scary stuff, and guess what? It is coming here. Prepare yourself, or don’t – I am prepared.

From their own mouth:

Wake up! Islam is on the march…

– Me

Easter Holiday (Christian Right?)

Why does President Obama publicly hold Islamic dinners and make proclamations to that effect, but then turn around and not recognize Easter as any importance as a Christian? The President instead of recognizing Easter, recognized Earth Day. What kind of Christian is he? I say he is the Islamic kind.

If not, then why does he continue to give us reason to think otherwise? Even his press secretary made no attempt to explain why the failure in Easter recognition by stating merely that the president attended a Christian church that day. Amazing how this guy does not get why we do not like him. Please God, vote him out so we can at least start getting a straight story again from our “leader”.

– Me

Trump for President?

Tell me this has some of you riled up lol. Is Donald Trump really running for president of the US? Why not, Barack Obama did with one year of Senate experience (he won that unopposed) and then tries to claim everyone else lacks experience somehow.

Look, Donald Trump is a supremely smart business man, and a tell you straight type of person. I think that is perfect, especially since our current politicians are so politically correct and spineless. You can say what you will about Trump, and the Liberals hate the guy (mainly because he is not a screaming liberal) but never come up with a reason why. I think the questions he asks are the correct ones, and I think a lot of people want to know the answers to them – so let us get away from political correctness and start asking them and demanding answers. I never thought I would say it, but Trump for president is starting to sound pretty damn good

Think about this: when comparing anyone to who we currently have, then Danny Bonaduce would be better than Obama…

Trump for President? Absolutely, especially if it means getting rid of Obama

– Me

The Royal Wedding

If you follow my blog, then you may know where this is going…. Those who do not – well, enjoy.

This is the basic gist of what I see with this Royal Wedding: Who cares? I am absolutely tired of hearing about it, and do not care one bit about some balding rich kid marrying some pretty model. Just do NOT care. Good luck to them, but please stop putting it all over MY television. And for the record, who the Hell is going to purchase “royal” jewelry knockoffs that Princess Diana used to wear or that Kate Middleton is wearing now? Jesus, between this and Jersey Shore, I can literally feel myself getting dumber by the day.

Enough already.

– Me

More Liberal Nonsense

I heard the most interesting argument (debate) on the news this morning. It originated through the Boeing complaint they were opening a plant in a right to work state in the South (South Carolina). This Liberal woman was attempting to argue that Boeing had somehow broken Federal laws by opening a plant there due to the Union striking not too long ago. She did not stop there however; she also made the comment that the corporation had some sort of duty to a “shared economic distribution” which essentially means they should be spreading the wealth.

Well the first part is absurd. If the union decides to go on strike for whatever reason, then they have the right to do so. The union then acts as if they are so holy that the company, while losing massive revenue waiting on its workers to return, should coward down to them and merely agree with anything they want – and with no repercussions. Absurd to think this way, Boeing lost who knows how much money dealing with the unions during that time off work, and the workers act as if Boeing did something wrong. This mentality would literally mean that if a company starts in a union area, it is UNABLE to move or expand its operations. Mind you, Boeing did NOT fire any of the union workers, but merely opened a new plant in the south. This opening did not affect any of the protesting union workers up north. These types of action by the union basically means they are acting as if they would rather the company go completely bankrupt than work any type of deal with the company they are working FOR. Sounds like the adage biting the hand that feeds you to me.

The second part to this Liberal spillage was the shared economic distribution she spoke so adamantly about. Why do Liberals think punishing success is a good thing? Punishing success or those who work in order to support those who CHOOSE not to work and make living sounds preposterous, even non-lucid. This woman is literally saying minorities DESERVE some sort of handout because corporations are turning a profit, and Obama should be “commended” for his recognition that companies are making too much money, and not passing to those who are not working.?. Well, correct me if I am wrong, but is that not the manner in which a free market system operates? Was that not the reason for starting this country in the first place?

Do these people think a certain class should work, all the while another gets to live off that success? If so, then who chooses who works and who should get the free handouts? That to me sounds a little like a Dictatorship or a Socialist society where either one person (or severely localized government) decides what happens to the citizens or everyone “chips in” and a certain few benefit. This makes no sense to me, what ever happened to this thought process: If you want nice things, work for them?

I really wish I understood these Liberals and their mindsets, because to me Boeing is recognizing the warning sign, and needs to get away from the idiots who think they DESERVE to work there. Working, similar to wealth, is not a right, but rather something you search for, and earn from previous experience and hard work. Notice I said HARD WORK, not protesting while not working, costing the company tons of money in lost profits, and then expecting the very ones you are protesting to be happy about what you are doing – and further to reward you for what you have done… Where I come from, a man would be fired for that and another WOULD take his place. These people need to grow up and stop expecting handouts – God knows I expect nothing, and for good reason – because I am not afraid to work hard and get what I want and need for myself.

Where do people learn this crazy thought process that they are owed something for nothing? I guess my parents actually taught me something growing up, and it WAS NOT to collect handouts or have no pride.

– Me

The Prophet Muhammad’s Dumbness of the Day (P. 9)

This is Islam: wake up or this will be America. Like in Britain, if our Liberals keep making excuses for Islam, then they have no need to make excuses for themselves.

– Me

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