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Unrealistic Unions – Get Real

I have been weighing the facts on the teacher protests in WI. This is my conclusion:

Union employees (teachers) have apparently NOT been paying for, or paying minimally for their health care OR pension benefits. Now I see why they are so angry – they have been getting a free ride until now. Why the state allowed Unions to have some sort of retirement account without paying into it is well beyond the COMMON sense portion of sensible things. There is little to no private sector jobs you can work that provide little to no cost health care options much less free retirement accounts! To compile this problem, the taxpayers are footing the bill for the pensions. What is wrong with that you ask? After all, these are local and state employees, right. The problem is most of the state is not employed by the government at all, so they are paying for these peoples retirements with higher tax rates, as well as having to fund their own retirements. How does that make sense?

Of course, the Liberals are treating the protestors as if they are somehow being constitutionally offended or mistreated. Ed Shultz of “The Ed Show” on MSNBC has covered this very topic with typical Left Wing nonsensical arguments.

Ed has articles associated with his webpage with titles such as

Right wing smears American workers with lies

Americans stand up for their rights

On the Frontlines in Wisconsin (. . . Ed Shultz updates on the status of the anti-union bill. . .

This does not appear to be anti-union at all, but more of a common sense approach to cutting off an entitlement program that should have never been there to begin with. I live in the South, and leaving work like the one these people are doing WILL get you fired. You do not like the working conditions. Go find another job outside of government – where you DO have to pay for healthcare and retirement accounts that lose money when the stock market fluctuates. This has nothing to do with Americans standing up for their rights, or the right wing smearing anyone with lies, or for that matter an anti-union bill of some sort as Ed suggests. This has to do with saving money by forcing government workers to actually pay into their retirement accounts like the civilian population do. This really levels the playing field, which appears to be something the left does not like. At this point in the debate, I am seriously wondering what reality these people are living in.

I would love to have free stuff, too, so where is my free retirement account through the state? Where is my free health care? I think the part that seems so unfair are the liberal pundits and even the White House are acting as if the Tea Party was doing something especially heinous when protesting the Health Care liberal agenda, but when unions get angry, they become heroes somehow “standing up for their rights”. Ed was the topic of this blog because he actually compared the protestors in Egypt and WI, as well as the Governor of WI with Mubarak – which any child with understanding can see are two very different scenarios. These protestors are receiving more than I ever have from an employer – even after their benefit packages begin to cost them. I say get back to work – or look for new employment… Good luck finding the free benefits you have grown accustomed, though.

– Me

Douchebags (P. 12)

The ever-elusive and sought after douche comes tearing into our daily lives again with their inability to conform to standard traffic practices. This driving thing seems to bring the real douche out of the real douches. How many times has a car passed you almost doubling the speed limit, only to get in front of you – and turn. Really? REALLY? You could not wait for six seconds to make your right hand turn? No, the answer is no. This bag of douche is in a hurry, and you poor souls who are in this douche’s way will be cut off so they get to their destination two seconds earlier. This is a fairly risky proposition pulling in front of people like this and immediately slamming your fat pedal on the left.

Look, everyone who has a DL has the right to drive, but that does not mean they should. This is similar to saying everyone has an opinion and a voice and should be heard – simply not true. These idiots earn my number twelve spot for generally pissing on everyone else on the road. Good job, douche, you made the list.

– Me

Teacher Suspended for Telling it Like it is

This teacher in PA called her students lazy, disrespectful, and whiny. She then gets suspended for saying those things about the children. Well, I do not see what the problem is. If children are those things – and I am sure parents know which ones are, then what is the harm in saying so? I wish more people were like this and not afraid to call it like it is. Political Correctness has run rampant again with this issue in my view. Put your big boy pants on, teach your children manners and how to act, and quit acting as if YOUR child’s problems should somehow be placated by others – especially those in leadership or supervisory roles. This teacher did nothing wrong in stating a fact, even more so, an ongoing problem that seems to be growing as children understand THEY are the ones in charge! Does the Bible warn about that? Make a long story short – She called attention to a problem, and because everyone has on their sensitive panties these days, she gets punished for that. Unbelievably stupid to punish this lady for stating what she considers facts. Put her back to work for crying out loud, and STOP WHINING already! Wait – isn’t that what she just got in trouble for?

– Me

Presidential Medal of Freedom

I was honestly thinking I would find nothing to write about today. It happens to be a slow, fair weathered day with birds chirping and calm breezes – the type of day you want to be outside. Then BAM! Like a pie to the face, the President is honoring deserving Americans like Maya Angelou, Warren Buffett, George H. W. Bush, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Merkel openly opposed the open society of multiculturalism in Germany). Then we come to the talking point – John J. Sweeney.

John J. Sweeney
John J. Sweeney is the current President Emeritus of the AFL-CIO, and served as President of the AFL-CIO from 1995 to 2009.  The son of Irish immigrants, a domestic worker and a bus driver in the Bronx, he worked his way up in the labor movement to become President of the Service Employees International Union, growing the union to serve as a strong voice for working people.  As President of the AFL-CIO, he revitalized the American labor movement, emphasizing union organizing and social justice, and was a powerful advocate for America’s workers.

I wonder how Labor Unions wound up in this group? Sometimes people get intertwined with greatness, which ultimately diminishes their respective greatness. For this, thank you Mr. President – you missed a Medal of Honor presentation, but you somehow find time honor Unions – again.

– Me

This deserves its own posting

Read following comment from Kevin:

I have been trying to find a person or group of people to define a certain title the best way that it could possibly be defined. Luckily, i have stumbled onto your blog and it seems as if my dream goal for this semester has been fulfilled. I’m in my last year of Law school at Princeton U. Thank you, anonymous blogger, you might have granted my final paper with a A+. The certain title i have been searching to define, as you may have already guessed, is the perfect educated idiot. Someone who has absorbed a large quantity of knowledge through the educational system in society, but has the common sense and IQ of a paper airplane. Through your grammar and vocabulary (which oddly resemble the first options available on, you make arguments which implement ignorance and idiocracy to its most profound limits. I am leaving this message to inform you that your blog will be written in my finals paper, in an attempt to prove the existence of educated idiots, who online pose no threat to society other then insulting those of lower education, but offline endanger our future by breeding. It is clear that you found no pleasure in your life, accepted a job paying less then 30,000 a year, and a significant other who has left you in her/his dust. In order to cope with these things, you have looked at the online gateway for amusement by spreading false facts about a religion in order to vent hatred. Though you have close to zero views on your blogs, it will still be a decent enough example; but do not fear, for you are not the only educated dummy i found online, just the dumbest.

Anyone? Anyone? Yes Kevin, I posted your comment under the “Just Plain Stupid” tab. I welcome any future debate on this or any topic – as well as comments directed to myself or Kevin (from Princeton)

– Me

New Budget Smokescreen (Look Over There – While I do Something Over Here)

Jack Lew, the White House Budget Guru and OMB Director (Office of Management and Budget) was touting the great job the new budget will do for the country by saving a $T over the course of ten years. He was specifically asked a pointed question: “Will the government with this new budget save more than it spends?” to which he replied with the cookie cutter answers of the Obama administration… Sustainability, investing in the future, we have to get our fiscal house in order, budget cuts, etc. He basically refused to answer the question although it was asked more than once. He also conveniently ignored the question about upcoming spending programs (One in particular was this high speed rail idea – Amtrak anyone?) to the extent he did no even acknowledge the question was asked. Amazing how he tries a school yard tactic to get the American people to walk like sheep and stay in line. Look over there… Stop worrying about what I am doing over here.

Why does the current administration act as if we are complete idiots? A $T cut over ten years is nothing compared to what they spent over the past 3 years. What happened to this accountability and transparency we the people were promised? Why is it every time an Obama administration personnel is asked a question – they simply do not answer it. The talking points are one thing, but to randomly throw out adjectives in order to throw a facade that you are doing something is another. This administration tantalizes the general population by speaking in circles about nothing, well I am not fooled – you said nothing and I know it. Look, I know the smell of a dog turd in my yard, and no matter the amount of sustainability comments you say about it, I know it is a smelly dog turd.

– Me

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