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Tighten Your Belt America

I have pretty much quit watching the news due to extreme idiocy from our governing body. A general theme I have been hearing lately is tighten your belt America coming from the Obama Administration. Everyone needs to do their share, etc, etc. I do not know too many that can afford a two week trip to Hawaii like the Obama family. Are they setting the example of tighten your belts or what? I can see they lead by example on how to thrive with a budget.

Maybe you don’t care too much, but I personally hate being preached to like that when the preacher himself is doing the opposite of what he is saying. Would you follow your pastor if he was known to frequent the houses of ill repute in your community?

I didn’t think so.

– Me


Quite Possibly the Dumbest Question Ever

Have you ever been shopping and at the checkout counter you get asked the dumbest question ever? Do you not know what that is? Let me explain.

You have been in the mega-whatever store for hours spending a week’s salary on food for another week and after hearing that you owe them 32 hours of pay, the idiot checking you out says this: “Would you like to donate $1.50 to literacy”? Are you f#@$ing kidding me? Why in all that is glorious would I double tax myself for a cause that the public schools should be taking care of? Also, out of that $1.50 donated, how much actually gets to a program that assists in reading? I pay taxes on money made, money invested, products purchased, car tags, garbage pick up, sewer services, city, county, state, and federal taxes to fund programs just like the one mentioned, and you expect me to come out of pocket to help people read? Who are these people who do not know how to read? Where are these people? Notice the store does not disclose that information so your money may be filtered to numerous corporate entities (Maybe ACORN who knows?) all skimming the top for profits before the money eventually ends up in an Al-Qaeda training camp in Yemen to assist the rag heads read the instruction manual for an explosive device. This really gets under my skin, look, I am already spending $300 in your business. If the Yemenis reading their anti-American propaganda is so important, then take the money out of your profits instead of asking me to donate to this idiotic cause. Donate to Literacy – what a concept, what’s next? Donate to cracked butts?

– Me

Wal Mart Santa

I came across the most depressed looking, non-motivated bell jangler yesterday at my local Wal-Mart. This guy is supposed to be there taking donations for the Salvation Army in the form of what I can only assume would be leftover change in your hand. This guy was not the motivated bell ringer you think of who speaks to people and is in a generally good mood. No, this guy had not shaved in well over a week, stank, and was just standing there. I even spoke to him on my way past, saying hey buddy, how are you doing? He did not even look at me, which I was surprised at.

Did the Salvation Army replace the merry jingle bell ringer volunteers with the needy who are just too hungry to acknowledge people? That would make sense I guess. Go stand in from of the store and collect your own handout. Well, to make a long story short, I did not give the guy my 7cent in my pocket due to his lack of acknowledging a friendly gesture, and partly due to his appearance and lack of general motivation. This does not bug me or anything, but I feel that if you are going to stand in front of a business in an attempt to collect donations, maybe, just maybe, you should try not acting like a purple-headed yogurt slinger (male genitalia for those who missed that one). Cheer up fake Santa, or clock out and stop making yourself miserable.

– Me

Bacon Bra

I wonder if six year old Aisha ever dressed up like this for the false Prophet Muhammad?

– Me

Douchebags (P. 9)

It is the time of Santa Clause and fake Christian anger for getting rid of the “Christ” in Christmas! First of all let us all admit that Christ has been out of Christmas for quite some time. Now that we have disclosed that, here come the second coming of the douchebag-rich season of retardation.

Today we will discuss the guy who drives around town in an apparent festive-rich SUV. This giant car looks like Rudolph threw up all over it. Wreaths on the grill with lights, jingle bells hanging all over it, and the cherry on the cake? Rudolph the Reindeer antlers sticking off the back windows! I contracted diabetes just looking at this overly festive sleigh. Now seriously, Christmas is a fun time for children as they receive a ton of gifts they would normally NOT be receiving during the year. Children know this; they even understand if they are in trouble they still get gifts – amazing how this Claus fellow operates. Notice I said nothing about Jesus here, Christmas has nothing to do with that anymore. Back on target: You are a Douchebag my friend for decorating your vehicle like a Mexican with money. There is no sane reason to purchase Reindeer stuff for your car – Reindeer are not real! Santa Claus is not real, I know this because every year I get up at the coal miners crack of dawn to place unwrapped presents throughout the house.

Why in creation would a person poorly decorate their vehicle with miscellaneous Christmas crap? I rarely see someone placing giant teddy bears or hearts all over their fly whip during Valentines Day or witness any sort of patriotism during Veterans Day. Nobody ever puts pillows around their car to signify Martin Luther King having his “dream”, so why the over-retardation during this holiday that ultimately results in people getting butt-hurt when cities take Jesus out of the holiday? Well of course they are going to take Jesus out of Christmas – just look at the douchebag in the Expedition who has the reindeer antler window treatments, the wreath on the grill, and the jingle bells all over their sweet sled that cost as much as an African village. I would almost understand if he had a nativity scene on his hood with newborn baby Jesus sitting in his manger crib, but no, he goes all out with Pagan b/s to show how Christmas-y he really is. Well Congrats Douchebag! You have truly made me take note of your compulsive personality and I truly understand how “Christ”mas-y you really are.

Now seriously, go take that shit off your car; you look like a friggen idiot riding around like that.

– Me

Islam Issues

I had discussions over the past couple of days with Muslims who apparently do not like what I am saying about Muhammad. I find it quite interesting that they seem to think I have no right to say what I wish about Muhammad, but also seem to think they can say whatever they wish about any topic they wish. I feel as though I have been debating an important topic with a small child here, in as much that I should NEVER say anything about what they believe, but should allow them to say whatever they wish about me and my beliefs. Interesting to say the least, however very childish. I repeatedly asked for proof or at a minimum legitimate arguments to justify their position on why Muhammad was not a pedophile, but got nothing.

Facts are simple: Muhammad married a six year old (Aisha) and convinced her father to allow it by making him a Caliph of the “religion”. Aisha’s father sold her to Muhammad for political power – those are not debatable, they are facts. When my Islamic friend came to me with his disagreement, he could only say that I was speaking about myself, but also did not attempt to justify why Muhammad would marry such a young child. Truth be told, this person did not attempt to argue the main points because he knew I was telling the truth. Muhammad was a pedophile. Members of any religion of the world have the capacity to utilize free thought to question their respective beliefs and prove the existence or non-existence as they choose. Cults on the other hand utilize fear and violence to ensure followers stay in line. Using that mentality alone, Islam is not a religion, but a cult started by a gross pedophile who demanded those around him do as he says. Sound a little like a violent dictator yet? Does it sound like the Branch Davidian leader David Koresh?  If you are going to legitimize Islam, then you have to also legitimize the Branch Davidian as a religion, since the similarities are so parallel. Both leaders of these cults (David Koresh and Muhammad) demanded total obedience by brainwashing tactics. Both leaders had multiple wives, many of whom were minor children not old enough to conceive children themselves.

So Islam, there you have it: You are no different than The Branch Davidians of Waco, TX. You are a cult that was started by a pedophile who convinced and bribed those around him by giving them what they wanted – violence and thievery. Take what you want was Muhammad’s motto, which ultimately resulted in many followers who were common criminals cashing in on the “it” thing. I wrote a book about this if you care to ready it.

Islam Eternal: The world’s largest Cult

Go buy it and become informed about these idiots and what they believe.

– Me

Freedom of Speech

Here is some freedom of speech for you:

Islam’s leader Muhammad masturbated with miscellaneous pig parts. He spewed his nasty, self indulgent seed all over the insides of so many shit eating pigs. Gross, but now go get over it.

– Me

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