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Two weeks ago I could not get my liberal thinking friends to shut up about how great the government was doing and how the Republicans were completely finished in America, now I can’t find them to talk about anything. Amazing, simply amazing how that works.

– Me


False Massiah

Ok, I will talk about the pile of steamy fresh in the room if nobody else will.

Barack Obama has won a Nobel Peace Prize and two Grammy awards!

You can’t sit there and think about this objectionably and not conclude these were given to him b/c he is black. The Nobel prize award was for being elected! The Grammy awards were for the recorded versions of BOTH of his books. Really?

Affirmative Action at its worst. I mean worst b/c this is not 1800, blacks are afforded more opportunities now than any other race, and this merely furthers the proof. Well congrats on the awards, Hussein; Congrats on making them completely joke-able and worthless to those who actually earned them for being great. This is a dis-service to any form of public acknowledgment for greatness, and a flat out travesty. On a brighter note, he did join the elite Grammy winning circle of exceptional readers such as Hillary Clinton and Mikhail Gorbachev, and nominee Jimmy Carter.

Real artists like Alicia Keys must really feel like they were given an erroneous award now for their HARD work. I have an idea, why don’t we GIVE President Hussein the Medal of Honor and a Purple Heart while we are at it, and completely diminish the value and purpose of those awards as well?

– Me

Denial Anyone?

President Obama is now saying we should work together when just a little over a week ago he was making remarks about “punishing enemies” and ” putting the Republicans at the back of the bus”. Now he wants to work together all the sudden? When asked about HIS very comments about elections having consequences, Obama made light of the new political atmosphere by ignoring the situation completely and stating that it is time to work together to get things done. What happened to the rhetoric about enemies and punishments? What happened to the partisan attitudes of the Democratic Party? Why is Nancy Pelosi (Former Speaker of the House) and President Obama stating now that everything done was emergency based? Oddly enough, the emergencies were nothing more than policy agendas before this election cycle. These excuses are nothing short of lip service from the elitist Left administration. These people are so out of touch with reality, they are completely unable to concede anything, much less a telling election.

I find it amazing the President made remarks the way he did, which proved he had no interest in working with anyone not interested in HIS social justice programs. I find it more amazing he gets on television after the election landslide that just occurred (referendum anyone?) and preaches this now it is time the Republicans start working with HIM? What a joke! What a twisted sense of accomplishment and arrogance coming from the administration acting as if they were bipartisan this entire time. People are not dumb, and they do realize what happened no matter the spin the president tries to put on the situation. Need proof of that? I wrote about it in an earlier blog posting – look at the results from the elections. Republicans won! I stole that line from someone you may have heard of when a bipartisan effort was underway during the massive spending bills – that person was Obama, and for those who tend to forget what happened, Republicans were attempting to place their argument against the bill, at which time Obama said “I won” ending the argument and forcing the partisan issue. So Democrats out there in Liberal land, if you don’t like it, if I may steal your idol’s words again, WE WON. Now YOU can get over it.

Cry, complain, and make excuses, WE WON this time. No amount of denial on your part will change that. That is Change we can believe in!

– Me

Hey! Biden, “This is a BIG F@#%ing DEAL!”

Republicans picked up a huge section of the House of Representatives last night (around 60) to give them the majority in that section of Congress, great strides in the Senate, and numerous Governors races won. What I do not understand is how the Liberals can make excuses like voters are uninformed, there is no negative sentiment toward Obama, etc.

Well how can that be when these Republicans were voted into office by the very people who elected the Democrats last time? That’s right, the Democrats voted out their own party due to various reasons. Bottom line is the Democrats have been forcing massive legislation that the majority of Americans do not want – that is fact now with the midterms over with. This election was proof that the Change promised was a change not needed or wanted. Do the Liberals not see that Democratic candidates were distancing themselves from the Democratic leadership in Washington? There was a reason for that.

Like Biden said to Obama when the health care bill was forced on America: “This is a big f$*#ing deal” I am only wondering why John Stewart and Stephen Colbert will not admit it since they are powerhouses of political thinking – oh wait, no, never-mind, they are comedians.

If you listen to Rachel Maddow – The GOP was in exile with no chance of recovering. Good job Rachel, this shows exactly how extreme and out of touch she is with her views, and to tell the truth, those who watch her are out of touch with reality, too. I guess welcome to the new exiled, in majority GOP! Now that is Change I can believe in…

And for the record, Biden is correct: This is a big F@#$ing Deal! Enjoy

– Me

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