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9/11 and the burning of the Qu’ran

9/11 was tragic. That is plain and simple. It was a cowardly attack from men who were not brave enough to fight face to face.

Now there is a Mosque controversy and a FL minister who wants to burn the Qu’ran. Oddly enough our President (Barrack Hussein Obama – a Muslim name) condemns anything against (or opposing) the mosque being built in the shadows of the WTC attacks, stating that is religious freedom; however turns around and condemns the preacher who wants to burn the Qu’ran.

Burn that bullshit book already. How dare he claim religious freedom in hand and condemn it on the other? Burn the violent Qu’ran, I will join you and so will my family. Have a problem with it? Go to Hell; I just do not care. Know a Muslim? Kill them where you find them as the Qu’ran states against any nonbelievers.

Burning the Qu’ran will no more place our troops in danger than them being nonbelievers – and that is according to the holy Qu’ran.

It is plain and simple: Die or join Islam; Well I say fuck Islam. If you disagree with this; then fuck you, too. At least have the balls to stand for what you believe in.

–  Me


MS State v. Auburn

#21 Auburn defeated MS State last night 17-14.

What a game. Auburn’s QB had a stellar game basically doing what he wanted to the Dawgs in the first half. Auburn had this crazy looking around the RB back that was confusing me and I was watching it; I could only imagine how difficult it was to defend. Auburn played a good game and won, however I believe they may have either underestimated the bulldogs or the knee injury to left tackle Lee Ziemba hurt the team greatly.

MS State had every chance to win or at least tie the game on the final drive when butterfingers Leon Berry dropped a perfect pass on Auburn’s 40 yard line. This was the Bulldog’s final drive. Five dropped passes that were not catch-able – but hit the hands of receivers and not caught plagued MS and ultimately seems responsible for the loss.

Either way, the game was great! Neither team repeated the blowout score seen in the opener, keeping the score to minimal and close; meaning it is gonna be a great year for SEC Football!

Congrats on the W Auburn (2-0) (1-0 SEC), you played a great game.

– Me

Oh yea, by the way, tomorrow is 9/11 – Obama

Obama just gave a smoldering speech about how Republicans are the enemy of the US basically. George Bush and the Republicans are the only problem this nation has, blah, blah, etc. Then somebody quit on his financial team, so he replaced him with one of his close friends – again. Then wrapped it up by stating that tomorrow is 9/11. Does anyone else believe he is a propaganda machine spitting anti-Republican hate when he should have addressed 9/11 first, and then gone on his Republican hate speech afterward? This guy is a child blaming everyone but his own teams and policies for what is going on, claiming Republicans are holding tax relief hostage for the middle class. C’mon Prez, the Dems are in majority on both sides of the Congressional fence. I am sure like the health care bill they could find the votes to pass anything they want.

The blame game has gotta stop; nobody believes it anymore and nobody wants to keep hearing about it. Obama has not owned up to anything, to include not talking about the health care bill that HAD to be passed. Or how about that huge “stimulus” with shovel ready jobs? Nothing he has done has worked, so he blames G. Bush for his failures. Its’ really amazing to hear this blame game, but more so that people are actually buying this manure when they simply don’t need it. Take responsibility for crying out loud, and stop putting the real issues on the shoulders of those who are not involved.

– Me

SEC Football

Starting today

– Me

Milton Friedman (P. 2)

Milton Friedman on GM Bailout (Chrysler) in 1980! History repeats itself.

Amazing how Liberals do not get it…

– Me

Milton Friedman (P. 1)

Watch this two minute video…

It appears the greatest economist of our history knew a thing or two. More to come from Mr. Friedman.

– Me

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