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CA (D) Maxine Waters – 35th District

Democrat = Liberal. This is not a new concept, but this lady takes it one step further by threatening a private company with a government takeover. According to her & in her own words “This Liberal will be all about Socializing . . . The Government taking over your companies”. Now this remark is highly controversial if you believe in the free trade idea that America proudly boasts. Look at the body language of those sitting near Mrs. Waters. They not only agree with what she said, they think it is funny. They are actually snickering as if in some secret club that just let the master plan out of the bag.

This comment shows the true Liberal agenda of socializing the nation. Government takeovers do not really seem that far off when Congress is openly talking about doing just that. The context of this comment includes (D) Waters attacking the oil company for rising prices, to which the oil company responded quite simply – prices will continue to rise if Congress continues to stop future drilling or searching for new supplies. Basically it was a lesson in supply and demand, a sort of elementary business concept that Waters apparently does not get. She wants the government to take over this private company because demand is high for their product (gas), and supply is low which drives prices up. They ask Congress for help to find more supply to meet demand, and her response is that the Government should take over the company and that she actually leans towards the Socializing of private companies? go to the Socialist website and compare the agendas to what the (D) party has actually done since Obama has come into office.

This is not a Capitalist mindset whatsoever. Pure Socialism from her very own mouth. I guess that is what we should expect from Inglewood, CA. Handouts and dependency on the government is what her entire district is about, so I guess its not without reason that she would see the government being the solution for any issue bigger than herself. That appears how L.A. has always been. Sanctuary city, Socialist Congresswoman, man what a disturbing place. High crime rates and above average government debts, (D) Maxine Waters is doing this country a service when she lets the cat out of the bag; are you listening when it happens? While many will protest this is an isolated comment or mindset, I suggest opening your eyes and merely looking at those surrounding the new administration and Congress. Start listening people, they are telling us more than most want to admit right now; and “This Liberal will be all about Socializing . . . The Government taking over your companies”

– Me


Obama has visited all 57 States!

This is for all you Obama lovers. Maybe someone out there in fantasy-land can explain what their savior is talking about here. I smell a double standard coming… I know you got nothing, but try anyway! And do not try territories on me, those are not states.

– Me


I seriously laughed out loud when I saw this. This is classic Engrish.

– Me

Jewish Ear?

Yes, Jewish Ear. What is going on in these Asian countries? How dare they sell Jew’ ear? While this sounds and appears to be quite the tasty treat; I think I will hold off on eating the Jew’s ear for now.

– Me

Damn those Rs

Now we begin with the funniest of the funny, the newest edition to the Dummy’s Blog – Engrish.

Apparently they won the fight. Enjoy.

– Me

Fence Riders and Islam

It is somewhat amazing to me to observe mannerisms at times, whether it be physical, verbal, or written. There are so many out there these days that get all riled up over certain topics, and yell from the rooftops their point of views, only to disagree with themselves eventually. I like to call these people fence riders. Fence riders are exactly what they sound like; they ride the fence. On the left hand they will be passionate about a certain topic, and make disparaging remarks to those who disagree, then on the right hand they completely contradict their own passionate cries by agreeing with the sentiment of those they are disagreeing with. Confused? Me too!

Some want it both ways, whether this is due to inability to make a decision or simply scared to actually pick sides, they just flat out refuse to do it. Pick a side people, based on your personal beliefs, then stick to your guns. Make your arguments based on the facts as you see them. This will surely garnish you respect. Do not be a fence rider, do not be the person who devoutly screams in opposition, then quietly agrees with the main thesis. This really makes no sense to those of us who can articulate arguments or debate. I see a pattern with Liberals and far Right “conservatives” alike; they want you to believe what they believe. They will argue until they are blue in the face about a topic – then turn around and unintentionally agree with the very thing being argued.

Study up on the topic at hand, whatever that may be, and then articulate your arguments. Stick to your own fundamental beliefs and what you deem to be true. Stop riding the fence, pick a side (Your own side) and ride that sled down the hill. I know some of you are reading this thinking I am speaking of political parties; however I am speaking of more than that. I am speaking of you and your opinion, and the fact that you can think without being politically correct like a politician. If you do not agree with some of what is on this very Blog, guess what? Go read something you do agree with! Or you can attempt to articulate an adult response – without riding the fence…

Islam seems to be the most politically correct topic these days, and I stand firm on my beliefs that Islam is NOT a peaceful religion, they are NOT here to practice the “moderate” factions of this religion, and they ARE slowly picking away our society using our laws and political correctness as their weapon. Deal with it, because it IS reality. The change is coming to us all, and because it does not personally affect us – yet – does not mean it won’t soon enough. Speaking out against Islam does not make me a bigot, racist, hatemonger, or Islamaphobe; it makes me a realist, and it makes me one of the few that is not afraid to speak out against the religion. I will never apologize for my opinions or beliefs, and I will not ride the fence [Period]. Riding the fence on this topic is adding to the slow decay of everything we hold sacred as Americans. The American dream has already been replaced by fear and conformity. Fear to stand against Islam and fear to merely say anything not politically correct about it is leading to conformity. That is my opinion, now stop riding the fence and tell me what you think.

– Me


What a great piece of legislation that Obama Health Care was! Since it got voted in, my health care costs have gone up around $200 a month. Thanks for the great legislation, Dems! I though this was supposed to lower costs and ensure every American was insured. What it really did was give the Government the ability to tax you for not being covered, and force you to buy health insurance – which oddly enough, has gone up in price. Any Liberal justification as to why this has happened? Is this George W Bush’s fault as well? C’mon Dems, break it down for me Big Bird style so I know how the great Nanci Pelosi is actually helping us when she said “We have to pass the bill so we can find out what’s in it”.

How does that even make sense? Let’s pass a bill, then tell you what is in it? Higher prices apparently, I thought the selling point was every American having health care. How did that turn into higher prices for those who already had it, and taxing those who can’t afford it? By the way those who could not afford it to begin with, certainly can’t now that prices have risen. The Fundamental Change of America – the first piece of the pie.

On a serious note, did anyone else have an increase in their health care costs lately?

– Me

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