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Obama and BP Oil Spill Part 2

I just got done praising Obama for basically taking the brunt of this oil spill and attempting to make common sense remarks on the entire situation down there in Gulf surrounding it. I now have to take them all back without deleting my previous post. Obama went off the reservation ONCE again and blamed misuse of government funds and corruption that began “about 4 years ago” according to him. Are we really going to sit here a year and a half after he took office and allow him to continue blaming George W Bush? What a crock

Thank God the savior is in the White House to root out ugly politics like threatening Senators and Congressman for votes, or completely turning your back on a pivotal Congressional vote and personality for health care (I am talking about the way Obama turned his back on Arlen Specter of course), or how a person could get a Senate seat because his opponent was thrown in State Prison for breaking ethics laws (Now I am talking about how Obama obtained the US Senate seat for Illinois to begin with – he literally ran against a Republican from New York who came to Illinois 3 months before the election just to give him some opposition!) Did you know that? I bet you also did not know you can actually SEE what your elected officials are voting for or against – and even better see the total outcome for the votes on that topic, which Obama, when he actually did cast a vote, was predominately voting against the popular vote on ALL issues on the state level. No, seriously go here and see for yourself This is against the grain with fellow (D) mind you, not against Rep’s like he would have you believe.

His own Governor (Who was governor while he was a Senator) is going to prison, the man who took his place on the Senate is quitting due to the scandal left behind from the Chicago political system and we are supposed to once again believe Obama was the one squeaky clean bar of soap floating in the cesspool? C’mon people open your eyes and stop letting this man blame everything around him in an attempt to craw-fish his way out of trouble. Everyone knows politicians are as corrupt as they come, so why pretend the President is the non-squeeky door?

Blame Bush, blame Bush; I am flat out tired of this mentality and his smug, arrogant behavior. I never blamed Obama – until now. Obama arrogantly acts like he has never done wrong while all those he is connected to or had a past with are obvious Liberal extremists, many of whom have served time in Federal Prisons. There is an old saying – you act like a duck and quack like a duck…

“A land of levity is a land of guilt” – Edward Young (This is very true due to the simple fact sometimes you step on a lot of toes to get what you want, and sometimes those toes never heal)

– Me

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