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Douchebags (P. 7)

Another douche-inspired bag of a person you may ask yourself? Yes, it seems this little piece of pie in AL where I live possesses every type of douche known to man, and here is yet another… Enjoy

Crotch Rockets, the suicidal animal of the motorcycle world is a super fast, sleek machine capable of hitting extreme speeds. Residential areas are completely tormented by idiots who drive these machines over regular motorcycle riders for this simple fact: Crotch rocket pilots do not understand you can actually let these motors IDLE while sitting still or with the clutch in. These people for whatever reason (And they all do it) continuously rev their motors at high RPMs for no apparent reason.

Well there is nothing more soothing than to be lying in bed at 2 AM when your neighbor two doors down decides to go for a ride. This would normally not bother me, but even at this early hour of the morning, this asshead thinks it is completely awesome to – you guessed it – rev his POS motorcycle up making it literally scream at the entire neighborhood. Now there is a huge difference between riding your bike and being a neighborhood terror on it, and unfortunately his parents either skipped manners and respect when raising him or he literally thinks it is the coolest thing to hear his motor almost explode every time he sits on this two wheeled toy.

This guy qualifies for the coveted douche of bag award for being maybe the biggest one so far. Enjoy your award as you have done all in your power to win it

– Me


BP Oil Spill and Obama reaction

As much as I personally disagree with the majority of the Obama administration’s policies and views on the world, I would like to take time today to point that I am in agreement with today’s press conference regarding BP and the oil spill in the Gulf. Some people are saying Obama and his administration are not doing enough to stop the leak, put enough regulations on oil companies, etc. Well I believe the leak being a mile beneath the surface is an issue that may not have been thought about until it happened, and if it were the solutions to this problem were all theory until tried. The government is not the experts on drilling or plugging an out of control well, BP is however. That being said, BP should not (and I truly believe do not) have full reign to just do whatever they want, and with no oversight or accountability.

Now meat and potatoes time. This is really no different than the hurricane debacle that hit New Orleans during George W Bush’s administration where foul play was screamed by the major Liberal Networks. A natural disaster came through and basically filled the bowl known as New Orleans with water (ironic huh?) and Bush got blamed for the reaction time. I think this should be no different, and see the situation being exactly the same. There has been another disaster out of control of man, with no apparent immediate solution. Well fair is fair, I thought Bush did a decent job and I think Obama is doing what he can here, but with fair being fair – it HAS to be Obama’s administration who is sitting on their hands just like the media blamed Bush (Remember fair IS fair). I say that only because the situation is almost identical, huge disaster with government involvement, so where are the hounds against Obama with the personal attacks and blame for the disaster?

Keep in mind saying that I honestly do not think he is doing badly for the simple fact there is really nothing they can do about it until the great minds of the oil industry figure something out. At least this time there are not people shooting at the rescue crews. BP will be held accountable and will have to pay billions in relief and assistance dollars to the people this disaster affected no doubt. The funny part of that is BP can adjust prices by a couple of pennies and pass that very cost down to the people getting the settlements they rightly deserved.

– Me

Islam is a Joke at best

Islam seems to be a pretty touchy subject as of late. For some reason, Muslims are able to say anything they would like about any religion, but then get mad when someone talks about theirs. Well, I am about to go all out on Islam. Care to stick around?

Cartoonists have been threatened by death for merely drawing the prophet Mohammed, South Park took a hit drawing this mythically peaceful person as well, but their rendition was actually a giant censored block (They were tip toeing around it before the threats even started piling up),our President who is oddly named Hussein seems to have some sort of love affair with them, and I have simply had enough of it.

The prophet Mohammed is a joke. He was a dirty, greedy man (Just like every nasty ass non bathing Arab is) who “created” the Islamic faith based on violence and self profits. According to him, Christians were acceptable until they lost their usefulness to HIM, then they had to be converted or killed. So let me get this straight… You provide for me until I no longer have a use for you, then join me or die? That does not seem too peaceful to me. This is the entire Muslim population, not just the lately coined extremist or radical. They are all radicals, and the proof is in the treatment of women and children, but don’t forget the honor killings. These are actual things a MAN can do in this crazy religion – and not just get away with it – be praised by his peers for it!

This religion as I said before is a joke at best. This is a bunch of men who have inferiority complexes or small penis syndromes who take out their aggression against really anyone they want. It does make sense to a certain extent though when the average education level of well over 80% of these religious zealots is equal to our Kindergartner. This religion requires its lowest level members be loyal with no question, it requires you not understand what is going on or to ask questions, but to do what you are told and understand only what is preached to you. There is no wiggle room on any issue, a Muslim will only do and understand what his religious leader says, or he WILL face serious consequences.

So let us recap the information above. Uneducated, poor, unhealthy, deprived, sexually abused, and brainwashed basically make up the world’s population of Muslims. No wonder these people are so fucked up, I just find it really hard to believe nobody else is talking about it. Stop being scared of these jacks-offs and speak your mind. Christians sit back and for the most part allow Muslims to have their way due to political correctness and fear – which I believe will ultimately lead to exactly what Mohammed wanted – join us or die…

I will not join, how about you? Oh and per MY freedom of speech I am placing a hilarious comedic cartoon just below this text for your enjoyment – and mine. I truly find this rings more and more true as our political correctness gets out of control. You want my political correctness on this topic? This is just too damn funny lol

– Me

Miss Lebenon – I mean USA

Go to the provided link and check out Miss USA. How proud it makes me to know once again political correctness and personal opinion has overpowered common sense. I do not recognize my own country any longer. Miss USA has become more non-prevalent than ever with this latest in your face anti American action. Let me explain…

Rima Fakih is the newest Miss USA. Does the name alone spark any interest? Why is our country leaning so pro-Muslim these days?  This is a Lebanese woman who moved here in 1993. Dearborn, Michigan is where she calls home, which oddly enough is the US’s largest community of Muslims. It’s starting to come together, now isn’t it? Ok, so we have a Lebanese Miss USA now, who lives in the nation’s highest populated Islamic faith area, who just happened to beat the runner up on political viewpoints, which oddly enough mirror Obama’s twisted views such as community organizing and doing free work.

Miss USA runner up Morgan Woolard (Miss Oklahoma) a natural US citizen came in second to the above mentioned Lebanese woman. How did this happen I wonder? Simply put: she was asked about the AZ immigration law to which she basically responded people should come to this country the legal way, and that law enforcement should be allowed the tools to complete their mission. Well this was a loaded question in that no matter how she answered; the judges wanted the Lebanese to win in order to prove America’s diversity and understanding toward the Muslim community. The Lebanese who won was not asked anything even close to this type of question that is politically charged and inappropriate for a glamour contest. This is very similar to what happened to Carrie PreJean the year before when a blatant homosexual (Perez Hilton) asked her about gay marriage. Why is there a homosexual on a female beauty contest show to begin with? Why was he allowed to ask a question like that, and then judge her beauty on the answer?

This contest is becoming more and more a joke of pretty girls in dresses and nothing more really. Political ideology and Liberal talking points is becoming the staple for winning one of these programs. If a person disagrees, well, you lose plain and simple. You better support fags getting married, and immigrants with no papers, or you are not an enlightened mind, and will therefore suffer the Liberal thought processes of the judges on these shows. Political correctness is running amuck in our society, the proof is in every aspect of our lives, and starting to show its ugly head in our programming.

My personal opinion is this: If fags wanna get married, who really cares? Non-US citizen Miss USA does not make sense to me, but once again, who cares when the sun goes down? I do find it mentally offensive that programs like Miss USA put political agendas in front of doing the right thing (proof of this is the last 2 Miss USA pageants) for ratings or political stage, voice, agenda, and gain.

AZ Liberal Spew Hole

The University of Arizona is on the map today with their Liberal viewpoints front and center through Professor Sandra Soto and her ridiculous comments during their latest graduation. This professor takes her time to congratulate the graduating class, and uses it to further her political view points. Professor Soto (who teaches such prevalent classes as Queer Theory, Latino Theory, you see where I am going with this) uses this inappropriate stage to blast Liberal thoughts across a broad array of listeners. Liberal thought seems to be the way of the university these days for some reason, and I do not for one second believe this is some form of enlightened thinking. I can understand different mindsets and debates sparking deep thought, but this was not a lecture to incite thought or bring healthy debate, this was a pissed off woman speaking her political mind at a graduation ceremony. Just wrong.

Come to find out the mainstream media is condemning the graduates who booed this woman. These are graduates that live and schooled in Arizona who have every right to have opinion on this immigration topic. Why would CNN or MSNBC give a hoot if the very students this lady is attempting to sway boo her? Well it is very simply put; this is right in line with the Obama administration’s views on the AZ law and immigration in general. Non Americans who live in the US have more rights than US citizens… More misguided political correctness (don’t ask an immigrant for ID, but if I get pulled over, I have to show mine).

Soto said “The new Arizona law generally known as SB 1070 is considered the strictest anti-immigrant legislation in the country and is explicitly intended to drive undocumented immigrants out of the state. One reason it has instigated a boycott is because to a whole lot of people, myself included, it appears to not only invite but require the police to engage in racial profiling.” This is a college professor who apparently refuses to read what she is so passionately against, which is basically a mirror copy of what is on the books for Federal Law – its just not enforced until now. Ask yourself why this would anger this woman, then ask yourself why the President of our country would get involved in this and further allow the Mexican President (The very problem) to speak his misguided truths to our lawmakers.

Just food for thought.

–          Me

Korean War (Pt. 2)

Well, well; North Korea torpedoed a South Korean naval ship…

This is really no surprise to me. Every since the weak Obama administration has come into office, all of our overseas allies we have supported for years are getting less and less from us as a nation. Israel is for some reason getting blasted by the administration for building settlements in their own capital, Mexico has come to our house talking shit, Iran has upped the ante on their nuclear program, Russia is basically telling us what to do now when it comes to missile defense, and lo and behold North Korea goes into action.

China has always supported North Korea, and now that China has bought up all of the US debt in the last year and a half from the Obama administration, the North now has their excuse to persecute the South again. Don’t believe me? Look at history and see how many Chinese there were during the Korean War… Why do you think the South did not win that war, but was only able to sustain their livelihood? China is the card holder here, and North Korea will profit from this attack being backed indirectly by the Chinese knowing full well the US will do nothing when China owns half of our country.

Question is this: What will the Obama administration do against this blatant treaty violation and act of war against our ally? My guess is talk really big about sustainability, peace, human rights, etc. in the region, but ultimately do nothing, we will see.

– Me

Mexican Illegals no longer illegal?

Mexico’s president Calderon has an issue with the way AZ is handling the influx of ILLEGAL Mexicans coming into that state. The issue he has is this is a proponent of racial profiling in some form. Well lets talk about a Mexican having an issue with our border being closed. First of all, this man has an issue with us as a nation arresting people for being in our country illegally. Second of all, the law itself does not state that police can randomly pick people out of a crowd due to their skin tone or ethnicity with the predisposition of asking for citizenship. As far as I know, you must provide proof of who you are if you are stopped for a traffic violation, so what exactly changed here?

Liberals of course are up in arms over the new law, which oddly enough is basically a derivative of the Federal Law on immigration that is not enforced by superior law enforcement agencies such as ICE. If ICE and the Feds would actually allow law enforcement to do their jobs, AZ would have never made the law to begin with, once again mirrors the federal law.

Now the real reason Calderon is upset is not due to civil rights violations or some sort of twisted racial equality issue. The real reason Calderon is upset is due to AZ clamping down on illegal’s the way they should be which directly results in loss of US dollar in Mexico. This comes down to money plain and simple; the Mexicans who come across the border illegally selling drugs and bringing violence are not in jeopardy of having their civil liberties  violated (Like an American in Mexico) and Calderon knows this. So why the big stink? Calderon knows that Obama and his administration are weak when it comes to foreign policy, and they share this one world community attitude. Like a piranha in a river, he has sat back and waited for blood to hit the water, Obama getting in office is that blood, and Calderon is the piranha beginning to feast on our new Liberal mindset where there is no person that means harm to the US. This was very smart on the Mexican president, dumb on our politicians to entertain this man and his talking points on HIS citizens coming here illegally.

Take a look at the pic, then ask yourself did they talk about illegal drug smuggling? Sure – Obama talked about how Americans are the problem b/c WE are the ones buying the drugs. Did they talk about illegal immigration? Sure they did – Obama talked about how the new AZ law is illegal toward the illegals somehow. Sorry Mexico, well until Obama finally gets voted out – then back to f$*^ off third world country…

– Me

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