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Token Black Kid

Did anyone notice the little black kid standing next to the President when he signed the Health Care Bill? Now I did not see any sort of communication between the two, or any sort of back story until after the fact. Now we find out this was none other than 11 year old Marcelas Owens, who the administration claims lost his mother to a tragic story of not finding insurance and being denied medical coverage. The mainstream Liberal media just ate this up like a yummy piece of their favorite food, no questions asked, but why?

“Three years ago, Marcelas lost his 27-year-old mother, Tiffany Owens, to pulmonary hypertension. She became too sick to work and, when she lost her job, she lost her health insurance.” . While I do feel for this young man who lost his mother to an apparently unfair situation, reading up on pulmonary hypertension shows the real demon behind the scenes. Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) from the American Heart Association itself explains this is like having super high blood pressure in the artery supplying the lungs resulting in a sort of kinked garden hose scenario. There is no known cure for this disease and doctors appear to find an underlying cause for it such as a genetic defect or something that they can treat to make the PH less pronounced or stop it completely due to fixing whatever was inflaming it to begin with (Not fixing the PH at all but something that causes it is the big bird explanation for those of you not coloring in the lines).

First of all, how are we suppose to believe this actually happened when we have been lied to so much from the administration, and second, who paid for this now orphan to fly from Seattle, Washington to Washington, DC to be a “Critical Part” of the new Health Care Bill? Numerous people have died over the years and I am quite sure those people had families and probably children, so why was the little chubby black kid from all the way on the other side of the country chosen? Maybe we should think out loud about this…

Well, I believe he was chosen in an attempt to play the race card by the administration. Put a little black boy next to the president while he does his political bidding showing the caring side of what he is attempting to accomplish. This also shows the “black community” that he is giving a strong signal to them they will be taken care of by him and his Socialist Government. The President needed a face to his takeover plans, and this resulted in exploiting a little boy and his sad story for political games and potential gain. The administration will never tell the entire story of what happened with this child and his mother because they simply do not know. They know he lost his mother and it was due to PH; the fact he was black was just icing on the cake. No amount of insurance or free health care would have changed the end result – which she was going to pass due to this anomaly called PH. America needs to wake up and start doing research on these claims made by the administration. We are being given half stories and fictionalized embellishments to sell things from DC. The current administration is using children now to sell his politics. Do you know who else did that? Adolph Hitler

You may notice the similarities as well.

– Me


Sarah Palin – A Political Joke? I Think Not

Is Sara Palin a political joke? MSNBC claims this each and every day. They make claims like Sarah Palin is washed up, she is a political hack job, or my favorite – she is anti-American. Well if she is such a joke, why is “The Ed Show” , The Rachel Maddow Show , or Countdown with Keith Olbermann of MSNBC “fame” giving her so much attention? I have heard these very people this weekend giving “political analysis” on the Palin speech in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s hometown of Searchlight, NV. These left wingers claim Sarah Palin is “inciting violence among her followers” and she is basically causing a serious and potentially life threatening scenario for lawmakers in DC.

So you mean to tell me that her giving a political speech to anyone wanting to attend – free country stuff here – is inciting violence against (D)? Well how can you justify saying that she is a political joke in one sentence and a dangerous activist in the next? Truth of the matter is this: (D) FEAR Sarah Palin. They do not fear her because they think she will actually kill them or that someone listening to her speech will go pick up a gun and hunt a politician down and kill them; oh no, that is not reality. They do not believe this at all. The (D) television hosts on MSNBC know good and well that anyone who picks up arms against a politician or makes personal threats toward one is not in the right mindset and was more than likely headed down that path to begin with. They fear her due to her voice, and they hate her for the same reason. Let’s just see how that works…

These political analysts like Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, and other Liberal thinkers with a voice on a public stage make no real fact based arguments as to why they are blaming everything on Sarah Palin. They do not make legitimate arguments because they KNOW she is a threat and she  needs to be silenced, so they do what anyone who grasps for something, anything, does – they make up things and attempt to appeal to their own base of left field thinkers by stating she is inciting violence. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi have been on record stating the “Tea Partiers” (everyday people just tired of being lied to) were Un-American! Wow, so you mean to tell me that protesting against something is now against what this country was founded on? These ARE the TOP (D) in office right now [period].

Anyone who speaks out against the White House and their political views are immediately personally attacked by the (D) and their media biased political programs on MSNBC, CNN, and NBC news channels. It is Sarah Palin’s RIGHT AS AN AMERICAN to speak at any civil gathering political or not. It is also her right to disagree with the current administration’s policies and make claims like (D) days is numbered on the Hill. The very programs I mentioned above have segments such as GOP in Exile, GOP self-destruction imminent, the World’s Best Persons, Fired Up, and Psycho Talk. The World’s Best Person (As with all the programs mentioned, just on different shows with different analysts) is actually a parody where Keith Olbermann makes personal attacks against people and uses his on screen presence to talk propaganda against Conservative ideals and personalities.

I could continue but most people will not read all of this so I will wrap it up now. This all ties together by Sarah Palin not exactly being the violence-provoking, white supremacist, bigot, warmonger these Liberals attempt to make her out to be. She speaks out against what they strongly want – social justice and redistribution of wealth by government takeovers or regulations on every industry which DOES appear to be slicing soon into personal life. She scares these people because she says what everyone thinks, and that is not a threat. They try to discredit her by claiming she is a political joke, but honestly if she were, would these political “powerhouses” be giving her any attention? I think not, but then again, they did try to destroy an average guy, me or you, a plumber with no political future or stakes a while back for merely disagreeing with then Sen. and Presidential Candidate Obama.

– Me

California Legalizing Marijuana

Californians will have the opportunity to vote on legalizing Marijuana this November in an attempt by their state government to increase revenues. This may be a good idea; time will tell that. One thing is for sure; the hippies and Liberals out there will vote it into law. This will allow each individual to possess one ounce (1oz.) each of the substance. This is not for medicinal use, but for recreational purposes only. CA has the idea that they will be able to tax this substance similar to tobacco or alcohol and crawl their way out of the fiscal nightmare they are in presently. The only real way to tax this type of activity would be having businesses growing and selling commercially similar to the tobacco and alcohol industries. Well there is small problem in itself whereas the state would now be able to issue licenses to companies or farmers in this particular trade who favor certain political parties. Don’t think this could happen? Wake up and smell the pot; the state government will control every aspect of this industry if possible and WILL allow only certain few (if even made a public option) to profit from this. Do you have to be a CA citizen to enjoy the new legality of the situation?

Well the reason CA is in such a fiscal nightmare is the overwhelming Liberal population they have there to begin with. These are the same people that fight daily for rights of anyone to come to their state and be in a legal sanctuary, and further receive social programs they are not and should not be entitled to. Raising taxes will not solve CA’s problems with Social programs – the real reason the state is broke. There is just flat out more money going out than coming in due to the fact that everyone there is entitled a handout even if they do not really deserve it. So the answer to these people is making a drug legal. How is the state of CA going to enforce this once made legal? Are they going to have Marijuana enforcement agencies (That will essentially remove any profits from sales and taxes to pay for the law enforcement wing of the new legalization) checking private residences to ensure they are not growing an illegal plant for a legal substance? I know that probably sounded weird, but think about it.

Now let’s explore my mentality on this; or you could go read something else: I personally do not give one horse dropping if you smoke Marijuana or Crack Cocaine. I do care greatly that if they make these substances legal; there may be a spike in violent crimes and true substance abuse. Now there are those out there that say Marijuana never hurt anyone, but let’s face it – they are dead wrong. This is really no different than alcohol in many ways in that a personal choice could result in a fatal accident or an incoherent act by someone utilizing either of these substances. No law or amount of brain altering substances, legal or not, will replace the personal decisions of those who use them.

No amount of drug can be an excuse for the decision to actually use it to begin with. Making this legal could also result in numerous lawsuits against the state for unlawful incarceration for past “crimes” against Marijuana users. This could be a slippery slope for the state especially on a legal aspect. This would basically be like overturning a law (saying it was not illegal after all) giving reason to sue for false arrest and incarceration. Look at this situation: If you live in AL and fly to CA, and do something completely legal (Smoke reefer) then try to get a job in AL when you return; what would the implication be that you failed a drug test? This may not seem legitimate to a normal thinker, but look at who we are talking about here. CA is not really known for its common sense or normality, and I see many issues with the decision over the common sense approach of reducing the social programs. Just check this out . . . The future of CA – the proud, the enlightened, who vote for gay marriages, illegal hideouts like sanctuary cities, extreme inflation, massive social programs, and drug abusers, why again are they broke?

– Me

Adoption Woes

Adopting a US born child in the United States has become an oxymoron or a sort of faux pas (social blunder according to the Merriam Webster online Dictionary) . This means simply that it has become somehow un-cool to adopt an American natural born from the Red, White, and Blue child with no parents. Angelina Jolie, Madonna, and other radically rich stars have started the trend to adopt children from war torn areas and nations across the world apart from adopting local children. They want to be seen as saviors for these helpless kids from bad regions and a sort of saint it appears. They are doing this for all the wrong reasons – popularity.

Who knows how many kids from earthquake torn Haiti were adopted and brought to our country after the disaster on the island nation? I do agree that it is a good cause to bring them here, but why would a person chose one of these fly on the eyeball kids from another nation over on that needs help here at home? Why send money to nations across oceans and not help your brothers here in the US? This makes no sense to me whatsoever and I personally feel like while they ARE doing a good thing, they should be attending to their backyards instead of their neighbors across town.

– Me

Congressional Threats

Democratic Representatives and Senators have been threatened recently by their own constituents. I believe this is the absolute wrong way to go about impacting notification of disapproval toward elected officials. There is no reason to threaten violence toward these people even if they are voting against their representation’s wants and needs. This is an interesting turn of events however that really proves the American people are very, very disgruntled with the politicians who voted for the recent social program dubbed Health Care. Normal people are not as dumb as politicians for some reason think. Everyday people understand their voice in DC is not doing what they are elected to do and simply said – speak FOR the people they represent.

I hate to beat a dead horse, but Bart Stupak is one of these politicians. His flip flop views and votes are directly against what he claimed to be for. An executive order against abortion funding has no teeth and Americans know this. We know this for the simple fact if an executive order could override or create law, the Congress would not be needed. The executive order will do nothing and WE The People know this. We know this from common sense and our own investigating, not from FOX News Channel. We are able to think on our own accord and see the problems with forcing through a bill that (D) say has holes in it and needs adjustments. Why were these adjustments not done by voting NO, then going back and making the appropriate corrections, then voting YES? This is the way to get your issues in a bill like Stupak’s abortion language. You DO NOT vote yes hoping an executive order will somehow insert the language you want at a later time. This thing is law now, and Rep Stupak and all his anti-abortion so called Pro Life (D) buddies are left HOPING somehow people would not notice that he voted against what he said he would do.

What cowardice this man shows by taking such a strong stand as a pro life advocate which his constituency wants, then at the last moment when HE holds the key to fix the issue HE stand for, he completely caves and does the will of the (D) party, NOT his constituents’. This is a direct slap and spit in the face of all who voted for him and others like him, and this should result in him and his fellow conspirators understanding what the people think. While I do not personally agree with the threats, I more than understand the frustration of the American people who have a Rep or Sen. in the (D) party “representing” them. They represent themselves and their social agendas only, and as the good Congressman Stupak has clearly shown, even at their own political demise. Want to know why you were threatened? Just look what you say, then how you vote. These are two totally different animals and should really be called just that. As for the threats – stop misrepresenting what you stand for and the threats will stop. Make a stand for what you believe in and actually stand for it. Be a good person who is not afraid to stand in the water during the tide knowing it will try to pull you in. Do these things and you will not receive threats as people will see you for what you are then – true to your word, the way you are supposed to be when you represent something or someone. It is time these elected officials in DC understand that Obama and his cronies’ attempts to bully mean nothing when the cronies do have any voting powers.

“Vote my way or else” Well what is the what else? What exactly happens if the elected officials go against the grain? Once again, how are our voices suppose to have a voice when our representatives can no longer speak or vote the way they actually want?

– Me

White House Bribes

The current administration is the most sleazy back room dealing bunch I have seen since used car dealers. These people use intimidation, bribes, and any other method to get votes and the end result they are looking for. The latest “scandal” from the O admin is the attempted bribe of Rep Joe Sestak (D-PA). This bribe was allegedly from a member of the White House to Rep Sestak offering a high position Federal Employment opportunity for exchange of Sestak dropping out of the race against Sen. Arlen Specter (an extreme Liberal mind with an approval rating as high as a home foundation). I am quite sure everyone in daily life world sees the issue here, but is this really any different than the other deals being cut around DC?

OK so this gets interesting due to this man: House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) says the White House may have broken a federal law by attempting to sway a federal election with bribery thus creating the outcome the administration wanted instead of utilizing the voting system. This type of action is unethical and is nowhere close to being transparent or forthcoming. I am not too sure how the new administration justifies the things they are doing on the sides with smoke and mirrors while keeping a straight face talking to us – the people THEY work for.

This is just a scratch on the surface of the political games coming from the Chicago political front. What a bunch of gangsters and cheats we have running our country now. What else can you really say about that? I will put my chips on the table that nothing will come from this accusation and it will be swept under the rug like every other scandal the Obama administration has been a part of.

How many bribes have come from the White House since Obama took office?

– Me

Douchebags (P. 6)

They strike again! The in your face douche running ramped in general population. Part 6 is here with an installment of always politically correct personal observations.

You are sitting in your house, riding down the road, or just playing with the kids in the yard when you hear that loud, obnoxious busted speaker, horrible sounding, blaring, curse word filled rap music coming from a vehicle cruising down the road with all their windows down. This is aggravating enough when you hear the person with the huge bass lines emitting from their trunks with that ominous rattle sound from their POS falling apart, but this is something else, something even more douchebaggy than that… This is factory speaker maximum volume sharing. Nothing says you have the newest CD like allowing every house you pass to listen with you.

I find that it is always the ones chock full of douche-baggery that are in violation of the noise etiquette and ordinances of the local governments put in place to retain order. We (The normal people) do not want to hear what you are listening to no matter what it is. If we did want to listen in, it would NOT be through your busted ass factory 6x9s and 3s in your dash. We do not want to hear a rumble coming from what sounds to be a paint shaker in your trunk either, it just sounds horrible, almost like your crappy vehicle is actually farting or something. Let’s turn it down douche, cranking it up does not make you cool or somehow make you any less douche filled. Listen to your radio with regular volume especially if you are listening to some sort of rap induced violent curse word filled bullcrap that never even says anything and moreover has no general point or theme. Get it together fella, your compensation for inadequacies does not have to involve bothering everyone else.

As I sit and finish this text, a 1980s car just drove by cranking it up for everyone to hear… Good job, idiot, you are proving my argument daily!

– Me

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