Nuclear Iran

Does Iran have nukes? Why not? We may never know as our current administration is a little more hugs, kisses, and finger pointing than anything else. It almost appears our Islam loving president whose name happens to be Hussein (what a coincidence) warns against weapons grade nuclear elements with toothless dribbles. You had better not Iran, or we will do nothing about it. This sounds eerily close to Bill Clinton dealing with Saddam Hussein in Iraq during the 1990’s doesn’t it?

I wonder why they would not care too much about this? Maybe his views on Israel show the light at the end of the tunnel. Obama and all his new cabinet members to include Robert Gibbs have blamed Israel for being the aggressor in Palestine and the West Bank and for creating the violence there for the past couple of years. Well anyone who actually watches this arena would know that Israel actually pulled out of the settlements it had established and handed it over to the Palestinians essentially evicting their own people in order to establish some functionality of peace. Well when they did this, the Palestinians began to bomb Israeli cities again, forcing Israel to respond, which then brought international political complaints towards Israel for some reason.

We will tie this together by knowing that Hamas is an Iranian funded and backed militant wing of the Iranian Guard, an underground fighting element for the Grand Ayatollah (The religious leader). Why is Iran being paid millions of US “aid” dollars through Hamas with the premise they were elected in a democratic process and they are a peaceful Islamic entity. Are you stupid? These are the same people who dress young boys from ages 3-10 in mock suicide vests and parade them around town in massive celebrations of martyrdom. Not a lot peaceful about that really now is there?

This is not a photo of some crazy right wing imagination. This is a photo of the Iranian based Hamas group at their best (isn’t he just cute?). Get ready to see Allah little boy, b/c this is the real Islamic community – violence without remorse, and unquestioned loyalty to religion no matter the cost. Well that applies to those who are not in key positions anyway, I am still waiting on the day a leader commits a suicide bombing (I think they should practice what they preach). This photo above is essentially what the new administration defends against one our long time allies, and they know full well the funding comes from a now nuclear Iran. Make your own decisions.

– Me


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